50 Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes: Spooky and Sweet

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Halloween is a time when we all get to embrace our wild side and show off our spookiest, most creative, or sexiest costumes. But now that you’re a mom, the holiday has taken a whole new meaning! Instead of being out with friends until the witching hour, you’re probably looking for new ways to enjoy Halloween with your little ones. From cute and charming costumes to creating new traditions, here are some unforgettable mommy and me Halloween costumes… 50 ideas to be exact!

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cute memorable fun mommy and me halloween costumes

Enjoying Halloween as a Mom

Halloween is a day for late nights, parties, wild times, and sexy costumes. Err… it WAS. I mean all those things can still have a place but they definitely change once you are a mom.

Halloween may hold some good and wild memories for you… or maybe as a night of drinking as it is for many the memories are more vague. Either way, there were some great times had!

Now that you have a little one or two at your side constantly, Halloween shifts entirely.

But that doesn’t make post-mom Halloweens bad at all!

Instead, you get to shift back to all the amazing Halloween memories that you hold from your own childhood. And you get to help create those memories for a brand new generation!

But let’s be real, it’s probably been a while since you enjoyed all the wonders of your childhood Halloween (since most of us shift away from that stuff in our tween years as we are trying too hard to grow up too fast!). But I’ll refresh your memory of some great Halloween traditions that you can start with your kiddos.

5 Great Halloween Traditions to Start with Your Children:

Carving pumpkins:

It’s a classic activity for a reason! Get your creative juices flowing and let your little ones help with the carving. Pumpkin carving has gotten so extravagant over the years.

But know there is nothing wrong with using a regular knife and creating some classic Jack-o-lanterns with different expressions. It is equally as fun as using a fancy shmancy carving kit!

Decorate the House:

Creating a spooky and fun environment for your family is a great way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Make some DIY porch decorations, hang those annoying but kid-pleasing cobwebs, and print out some Halloween-themed crafts and have your kids help you put them up.

Halloween Movie Night:

After trick-or-treating (or just sometime during the week of Halloween) have a Halloween movie night with the family!

There are tons of family-friendly Halloween movies out there that you can tailor to your kids’ age and their preference for creepy things. Spookly the Square Pumpkin, Frankenweenie, and Hotel Transylvania are good choices for little ones.

Bake Halloween Treats:

Get baking with your kids and make some Halloween-themed treats! You can make pumpkin-shaped cookies, Mummy cupcakes, or candy corn-colored Rice Krispie treats. Bonus points if you do it while dressed up in your mommy and me costumes!

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Of course, one of the best Halloween traditions is going trick-or-treating with your kids. Dress up in matching costumes and head out to collect candy from the neighbors. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up in your favorite mommy and me Halloween costumes!

If you’re not sure what to dress up as, here are some ideas for mommy and me Halloween costumes, whether you have a daughter, son, or baby.

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Changing These into Family Halloween Costumes

While doing a mommy and me Halloween costume with your little one is a sweet idea you might want to expand that to your partner or even your other kids. So many of these costumes are sure easy to adapt to more family members too.

So I’ll be including ideas for your partner or entire family in brackets after each costume idea if it can be a super-easy fit for the family as well and how to make that work.

Plus some are really self explanatory so I won’t be adding on ideas for all of those… like a Minion and Gru, of course you can just add more of the minions you know?

50 Mommy and Me Halloween Costume Ideas (+ Family)

15 Mother and Daughter Halloween costumes:

mommy and me halloween costumes mother and daughter mother and son and mommy and baby halloween costume ideas
  • Matching witches
  • Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck (Minnie and Daffy to bring in the partner and other kiddo.)
  • Superheroes like Wonder Woman and Supergirl (Can be matched with Superman and Batgirl or Robin.)
  • Aurora and Malificent
  • Rapunzel and Gothel (Finn Rider)
  • Ariel and Ursula (Eric or Skuttle or Flounder or Sabastian)
  • Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother
  • Morticia and Wednesday (Gomez and Pugsley)
  • Betty and Wilma (Fred and Barney)
  • Wilma and Pebbles (Barney or Fred and BamBam)
  • Anna and Elsa (Christoph and Olaf and Sven)
  • Madeline and Miss. Clavel
  • Matilda and the Trunchbull
  • Coraline and the Other Mother (The other Father)
  • Merida and her mother (King Fergus and the boys)

15 Mother and Son Halloween costumes:

mommy and me halloween costumes mother and daughter mother and son and mommy and baby halloween costume ideas
  • Dorothy and either the Lion, Tinman, or Scarecrow
  • Betty and Bam Bam (see above)
  • Lilo and Stich
  • Princess and the dragon (Prince Charming)
  • Matching Pirates (More pirates of course)
  • Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros
  • Batman and Robin
  • Harry Potter and Hermione Granger (Ron)
  • Matching dinosaurs (More dinosaurs)
  • Alice and the Mad Hatter (The cheshire cat, or other characters)
  • Woody and Jessie (Buzz)
  • Hook and Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
  • Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (Hook and Smee)
  • Princess Leia and Luke or Hans
  • Beauty and the Beast (Cogsworth or Lumiere)

20 Mom and Baby (or gender neutral) Halloween costumes:

mommy and me halloween costumes mother and daughter mother and son and mommy and baby halloween costume ideas
  • Coffee and barista
  • Snow White and a Dwarf (Prince charming or more dwarfs)
  • Nemo and Dory (Hank or Marlin or a shark)
  • Princess Leia and R2D2 or Chewy (Luke or Hans)
  • Chip and Mrs. Potts (The Beast or Cogsworth or Lumiere)
  • Cruella and a Dalmation (More dalmations… you can add up to 101 after all)
  • Woody and Buzz (Ham or Slinky)
  • Harry Potter and Gothel (Hogwarts staff)
  • Police Office and a Donut (Another officer or coffee)
  • Matching scarecrows or scarecrow and a crow
  • Bee and the honey pot
  • Pooh and a honey pot (Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, etc.)
  • A chef and a lobster
  • A ghost and a ghostbuster
  • A minion and Gru from Despicable Me
  • Alice and Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat
  • Police Office and a bandit
  • Little bo peep and her sheep
  • Mike and Sully
  • Picasso and a painting

Wrapping Up Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes

When you become a mom, Halloween takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of partying all night, you’re looking for ways to make the holiday special for your little ones.

Whether it’s carving pumpkins, baking Halloween treats, or going out trick-or-treating in your mommy and me Halloween costumes, there are so many new traditions to enjoy with your family.

So let your spooky side out and have some fun this Halloween!

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