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how to start healthy habits with nature made gummies at walgreens


How to Get Your Health Back on Track Fast

Mom life gets busy and crazy, especially during the fall when school is back in and extracurriculars and holidays abound! This is a high-stress time of year for all moms. It seems every weekend is already accounted for with birthday parties and holidays, shopping and housework. As a Mom, my plate is absolutely full of school activities and mom life. For many of us, our typical health and wellness routine slides to the back burner in this busy time of year. This is the time when diets and routines slip because you have so much on your plate. The catch-22 is that THIS is the time of year when getting your health and wellness routine on track is of vital importance!  You need to take command of your health! And it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. With 3 simple changes in your days, you will be well on your way to a healthy routine this fall.


How I Took Command of my Health This Fall

how to start healthy habits with nature made gummies at walgreens

As soon as the weather gets colder and the holidays approach, I start to think about supplements. My #1 secret trick for keeping myself and the family healthy each year through the fall and winter months is by including some great supplements into our daily routine. I know that Walgreens offers a stellar selection of Nature Made® supplements in-store and online, so I immediately headed down the street to my local Walgreens to pick up my favorites for the fall and winter months. Nature Made® is a brand you can trust. Nature Made® has been around for over 45 years and offers a variety of gummy products at Walgreens. I love gummies. Even as an adult, taking your supplements is so much easier to remember and more fun when they are gummy! 

shopping for nature made gummies this fall at walgreens

And imagine my delight when I learned of the absolutely amazing sale of buy 1 get 1 free on any Nature Made® supplements at Walgreens, between 11/01/19 and 11/30/19. Right now is the time to head down to your neighborhood Walgreens and stock up on supplements for the family!


3 Simple Steps to Get on a Healthy Routine Now

1. Begin Taking Some Nature Made® Supplements to Help Support Your Overall Health

shopping for nature made gummies at walgreens

When I head to Walgreens to pick up my seasonal supplements I always begin by grabbing Nature Made® Vitamin C 250 mg Gummies to help support my immune system. It’s simple, delicious, and effective. Nature Made® is such an awesome brand they have tons of different supplements available at Walgreens! I was looking alphabetically for my supplements in the Nature Made® section as I usually do. Then I finally realized they’ve now created a shelf exclusively for all the Nature Made® gummies directly to the left of most of their alphabetized supplements! So don’t get confused if your Walgreens organizes the same way.  This time of year, I am sure to also take Nature Made® Fish Oil Gummies which provide 57 mg of the heart-healthy omega-3s EPA and DHA per serving. I was really excited to find that between 11/01/19 and 11/30/19 Nature Made® supplements are on BOGO at Walgreens, making it only half the cost to stock up on my supplements for the entire family for the whole season! I find it easiest to take my supplements at the same time every day. Personally, I take them right after breakfast. If you take your supplements at the same time every day, it is a lot easier to build a new healthy habit.


2. Schedule in Your Workouts So They Actually Happen

start a healthy routine with nature made supplements scheduling your workouts and self care time

When it comes to this really busy and stressful time of year, I find it helpful to schedule in my workouts. Exercising is so important to your health and fitness and yet we often treat it as something of minimal importance that is nice to have the time to fit in when we can. Exercise can improve your overall fitness which in turn can improve your immune system. So make it a priority. If you put your workouts in your calendar like any other event, you are much less likely to pass them by and make excuses. Workouts do not have to be long or take place in a gym. I try to fit in 20-minute workouts 5 days a week at home. Maybe it works better for you to schedule long workouts on only a few days. Or maybe you find it helpful to go to the gym where it’s easier to shut everything else out. That is just as good! The point is there are lots of options for how to get in a fast amazing workout to benefit your health this season. You can even easily learn to exercise with your kids in tow. Do what works for you and schedule it in. 

3. Find 5 Minutes of Personal Time a Day

how to start a healthy routine this fall

Whenever I have very little ones I have the habit of letting my “me time” slip to a total of zero minutes a day.  It is easy to do. Keep so busy taking care of everyone and “all the things” that you do not make one moment to relax, reconnect with yourself, and recharge. I’m having a baby in 3 weeks and will be sure to not let it happen this time. Because I now know the importance of self-care in relation to your health. Taking a bit of personal time, even if it is only for 5 minutes a day, can work wonders to recharge you. Your happiness and health depend on it. There are lots of great ways to self care in only 5 minutes. You can even find ways to recharge and find me-time with the kids in tow.  


Wrapping Up How to Get Started Back on a Healthy Routine

It doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time to begin healthy habits and form a daily healthy routine.  When you apply these 3 tips you will see and feel a difference in your overall health. 3 super simple tips that can make a world of difference and really get you started back onto a healthy routine. Feel free to reach out in the comments below and let me know which Nature Made® supplements you just can’t do without in this time of year!   


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