Everyday Workouts When You Have NO TIME: Your Priceless Guide

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We all know that working out and leading an active life is a cornerstone to our health. But many people in America (and I’m sure equally as much in the rest of the world too) literally don’t even have a free hour in the day. I’m going to give you the tips, knowledge, tricks, and time to workout every day even when you have NO extra time.

I Have NO Free Time, How Can I Work Out?

Our lives are busy. They aren’t looking at becoming any more slow paced in the near future. Many people work multiple jobs, side jobs, side hustles, have a family, homeschool, and so on! One of those things can be a full time job, let alone having a handful on your plate!

Exercise is not going to happen if you don’t make it a priority. It needs to be a priority. I’m not saying you need to strive to diet or even be skinny. But it’s so important for you and your family that you respect yourself enough to be healthy.

Exercise is a form of self respect.

I want to help you learn to squeeze in fitness to feel your best! To be able to chase after that two year old. To have the energy to help the eight year old with homework right at bedtime. I want you to feel refreshed in the morning even after a long night with the baby.

It is proven that regular exercise (about 120 minutes a week, that’s less than 15 minutes a day) helps you sleep better, have more energy, and have increased endurance. Regular exercise will strengthen your muscles, reduce joint pain and stiffness, flood you with endorphins, strengthen your heart, increase your metabolism, and keep many diseases at bay.

exercise every day

So what do I do when I really want to exercise but have no extra time?

I love getting in a solid 30-45 minute workout. Focused, keeping my heart rate high, getting in exactly as many sets and reps as I set as my goal. But c’mon man. I’m a mother of two who works out with kids in tow. Which by the way there are soooo many ways to do and you can check some awesome ideas out here. It doesn’t always or even usually happen that way. I end up getting half of what I want done and then the other half either has to be done in a super creative way like adapting this awesome full body stroller workout to becoming my new anti-stroller workout (a full body workout at a toddler’s pace. For how to STILL work it out when your kiddo refuses to!) Or has to be completed at naptime, or evening playtime, or after their bedtime.


I’ve also been a full time working mom working two jobs and had to be beyond creative to get it in. My body just doesn’t feel well if I don’t get in a regular workout.

AFPA standards as of my re-schooling there last year, suggest only 120 minutes of working out to maintain optimal health. More than that is great of course, but not necessary. That’s less than 15 minutes if you workout every day.

I’m going to give you a handful of ways to get in five minute workouts while doing things you already will be doing. They will take no more than five extra minutes of your time and you can workout every day for that healthy energy and endorphin boost

Did you know that two ten minute workouts is still a effective workout?

You don’t HAVE to go to the gym. Nor do you HAVE to carve out a solid 30 minutes a day. Realistically that can’t happen for a lot of us. By incorporating a few 5-7 minute solid sets of body weight exercises into your day creatively while doing your work or chores you can easily squeeze in 120 minutes of exercise a week.

Maybe it’s not the tough but relaxing yoga class, or hardcore spin class you dream of but it’s going to keep you feeling energized, vibrant, and less achy every day!


Ways To Squeeze In Workouts Every Day!

  1. Exercise at your desk.

workout every day

Got a desk job? Got you covered! Sitting all day is so bad for your body! Humans are meant to be active, traveling, hunting, gathering. And yet in our advanced society many of us find ourselves parked at a desk all day working.

For your five minutes at the desk or sitting anywhere workout:

Chair squats: stand up and sit ALMOST back into your chair but just hover above it for a couple seconds. Squeeze your glutes as you return to standing position. Repeat slowly 20 times.

Tricep dips: Hold your hands at the edge of your seat, move your feet flat on the floor in front of you with your butt hovering away from the chair. Bend your arms back with elbows sliding along your sides as you lower your butt. Use your arms to pull your body back up 20x.

Repeat 2x.


2. Morning Wake Up Workout

Get up 7 minutes early. That’s all give me 7 minutes to start your day off feeling more energized and less achy. I know easier said than done. Many of us aren’t early birds… I sit here writing this at 1:05AM. But roll out of bed a few minutes early and get in a quick mini workout while the coffee is brewing.

Start with a forward fold with straight legs and let your body hang for 10 seconds before moving forward into downward dog.

In downward dog pump your legs to stretch out the morning stiffness for 20 seconds.

Downward Dog Abs: While in downward dog lift your left leg up behind you as high as you can while keeping the right leg straight (referred to as Downward Dog Split.) Then bring your left leg to your nose before lifting it behind you again. Repeat 15x before switching legs.

15 Pushups.

20 Squats.

Repeat 2x… now go get that piping hot cup of joe.


3. Exercise While Vacuuming

exercise every day

We all vacuum, probably a lot. I love vacuuming, because of how clean the floor feels after. I spend so much time on the floor, probably MOST of my time. Whether I’m playing, crafting, homeschooling, working out, or even sleeping… I’m usually on the floor. I have two little kids, I vacuum almost every day!

Stationary Lunges: Get in the middle of the room and while vacuuming. Lunge forward with your left leg and lower your right knee as low to the floor without touching it as you can. Come back to starting position and repeat on the same leg 20x. Rotate slowly around the room while doing it so you’re effectively vacuuming too!

Repeat in sets of 20 until you’re done!


4. Exercise While Doing Dishes

exercise every day

Just because you’re stuck in one place doesn’t mean you can’t get in a great mini workout! This can easily be done in other situations too. While the kids play in the bath. While staring at the shelf in the grocery aisle.

Calf Raises: Place all of your weight on your left foot and touch the toe of your right foot lightly on the ground just to keep your balance. Slowly lift up onto the toes of your left foot (digging in with your big toe) as high as you can. Then slowly lower your heel back to the ground. Repeat 20x then switch legs.

Standing Reverse Leg Lift: Balance all of your weight on your left leg. Lift your right leg behind you until your glutes activate. Hold it for a second and then lower the leg and tap your toe on the ground before lifting it back up 20x. Repeat on the other side.

Do each set of exercises 2x. (Unless there’s more dirty dishes and you just can’t help yourself!)


5. Exercise While Watching TV/Playing With the Kids


Get off the couch during commercials for a quick plank challenge. OR perfect to do while sitting on the floor with the baby. Or playing a board game with the school kids.

1 minute elbow plank: Place weight on your toes and your elbows. Keep your body in a straight line for 1 minute.

45 second side plank: Place your weight on one hand and stacked feet. Raise the other hand straight into the air and hold for 45s. Repeat on the other side.

Plank with shoulder touches: Get into a standard plank position placing weight on toes and hands. Touch one hand to the opposite shoulder and place it back on the ground. Touch the other shoulder with the opposite hand. Do this for 30s.

Plank with leg lifts: Get into the first elbow plank position. While in this position lift one leg up into the air behind you while keeping it straight. (You won’t be lifting it far, don’t worry it’s still a killer exercise.) Replace it on the ground and immediately lift the other leg behind you the same way. Do 30 lifts.


You can squeeze in your workout anywhere! There are so many creative ways to exercise every day even when you have NO time! I hope these make it fun and easy for you to squeeze in a mini workout to start or stay feeling your best every day!

I’d love to hear any creative ways you workout when you have no time! Let me know in the comment section below! Sign up for our mailing list below to join in getting special tips and tricks right to your inbox. For a few more creative ways to workout check out an exercise ball with baby workout or a Pilates routine you can even do while breastfeeding! Perfect for any floor or laying time you’ve got spending time with those special kiddos! I can help you learn to workout anywhere, I promise!

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