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Pregnancy Safe Kettlebell Workout for Any Trimester

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Pregnancy is an amazing journey for every woman, but it can be challenging at times. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay fit and active throughout your entire pregnancy. One great option for staying in shape is through a pregnancy safe kettlebell workout! This kettlebell workout was specially designed by a pregnant certified personal fitness trainer.

**There may be affiliate links in this post. Please read full disclosure here. Always check with your trusted physician or midwife prior to beginning a new exercise regime while pregnant.**

prenatal kettlebell workout routine

Are Kettlebell Workouts Pregnancy Safe?

When it comes to pregnancy and exercise, many people have misconceptions or rely on outdated advice. However, we now know that exercise is highly beneficial for women during all three trimesters of their pregnancies.

Not only is it beneficial to the pregnant woman but it is hugely beneficial to the baby! Exercising throughout your pregnancy will actually change the genetic expression of your baby’s genes for the better.

  • They will be less prone to heart disease throughout their entire lives.
  • They will be less likely to suffer from diabetes.
  • And they will have a healthier metabolism.

That’s powerful stuff isn’t it?

Just by getting off your butt (which believe me, IS NOT usually easy during pregnancy, I know! Motivation tips to exercise can be a HUGE help!… These I wrote for postpartum but still are just as valid for pregnancy) regularly throughout your pregnancy to exercise will have lifelong effects on your baby.

It is important to know how to exercise safely during pregnancy and the benefits of it (there are far more than I mentioned) but many types of workouts can be designed for or adapted to pregnancy.

The best prenatal workout plan that is designed by trimester to strengthen your body in specific ways so that you can have the most comfortable pregnancy possible is called The Perfect Pregnancy Plan, because it really is that, perfect. Plus it can be coupled with the most revolutionary and up to date prenatal nutrition plan so that you can have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible.

Kettlebell workouts are no different, in that they can absolutely be designed to be safe during pregnancy, like this one is.

Kettlebell workouts are especially useful due to the fact that they offer a full-body workout in no time! This one is butt and thigh focused but is still an effective full-body workout too!

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Which Kettlebells Should I Use for my Prenatal Workouts?

The weight of your kettlebell will be dictated by a number of things but the most important are your personal physical fitness level and the trimester you are in.

Remember I am a personal fitness trainer, but am not your personal fitness trainer, I do not know your medical history or physical abilities. Any advice that I give in this blog is generalized so you should check with your doctor before following any advice given here.

If you have been exercising regularly prior to conception a 20 lb kettlebell would be just fine to use through the first trimester and possibly the second for most exercises. A 10 lb kettlebell would be good to use for the smaller muscle groups. This is a heavy weight, do not feel obligated to lift this heavy!

If you are just now adding weight lifting into your routine or are already past the first trimester using a 10 lb kettlebell is a great place to be. In fact, if you are only adding one kettlebell into your home gym, a 10 lb is the most versatile even after your pregnancy.

If lifting weights is brand new to you or you are trying this in your final trimester, don’t be afraid to step down even to a 5 lb kettlebell. When you are far along in your pregnancy your body is doing a ton of work just to function each day.

Creating and growing detailed parts of your baby of course, but also just pumping all your extra blood, keeping you balanced, keeping you oxygenated… it’s all extra work at that point for your body. If you are lifting light and still exercising regularly, you will still be benefiting your baby for their entire lifetime just like you learn about in The Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan.

Which Trimester Can You Do This Kettlebell Workout In?

The first, second, and third trimesters all offer unique challenges when it comes to exercising. The exercises you do will change as your body changes but this full body workout can be adapted for any trimester.

You can always modify the weight you choose to use, the number of reps you do, the number of sets you do, or the rest time between sets. What is great about this workout is that the moves are designed to be safe in any trimester of pregnancy. Remember, learning how to safely exercise in each trimester is key.

The most important thing to remember to do during a prenatal workout is to listen to your body. If something hurts just stop. Modify that exercise or skip it and do something else.

Also, remember to always tighten your core before doing each exercise to support yourself. That’s important always, but abdominal bracing becomes even more vital during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Safe Kettlebell Workout for Any Trimester

Sumo Squats

pregnancy safe kettlebell workout sumo squats

Start in a standing position with legs wider than shoulder width and toes pointing outward. Squat down low, keeping your feet flat on the ground. Keep your back straight and core tight throughout the move.

Make sure to move your butt back like you are sitting in a chair so that your knees do not move forward past your toes. Your butt should be going back and as a result down, not into a downward motion alone. Squeeze your glutes tight as you use them to raise back to starting position. Repeat 16x.

Kettlebell Swings

prenatal workout kettlebell swings

Start in the same wide-legged standing position, holding a kettlebell with both hands with your arms around your belly or in one hand only. Bend at the hips by pushing them straight back and let the weight swing back between your legs as if grabbing something behind you.

Quickly swing the weight up to eye level while pulling your hips forward to starting position at the same time. Do not stop at the standing position, just go right into the next rep. Repeat 16x.

Single Arm Reverse Bicep Curls

single arm bicep curls with a kettlebell while pregnant

Start with feet slightly wider than hips and your knees loose, holding a kettlebell with one hand hanging at your side with palm facing downward. Keeping your core tight and back straight, bend at the elbow to lift the weight up without moving your elbow from your side. Grip the kettlebell loosly and allow it to rotate in your hand. Slowly lower it to starting position and repeat 12x.


pregnanct workout routine weighted squats

This will be very similar to your sumo squats but at a different angle. (This workout is great for strengthening the booty and thighs and calorie burning!) Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointed forward. Sit your booty straight back as if sitting in a chair. Do not let your knees go forward past your feet to get into this position. Squeeze your glutes and use them to pull yourself back up to starting position. Repeat 20x.

Stationary Lunges

prenatal workout weighted lunges

While holding the kettlebell in one hand step the opposite foot forward with both sets of toes pointing forward. Lower your back knee to the ground but don’t let it touch. Hover above the ground momentarily before returning to starting position. If your front knee is passing in front of your front toes when completing this move you need to step your legs further apart. Repeat 16x on each side.

Leg Raises

pregnancy safe kettlebell workout for any trimester

Time to take this workout to the floor! Lay on your side and prop your torso up with your elbow. Bring your upper leg straight up to a 45 degree angle and straight down. Repeat 20x. Really not the best photo for this shot!

Consider this what NOT to do, my leg is up too high, this actually makes the exercise easier because it gives you an extra break. And ignore my hand holding the kettlebell up oddly in the photo, I was trying weird things for a sponsored shoot lol. You can set the kettlebell down for this one or place it on your thigh just below your hip for this move.

Single Leg Bridges

single leg bridges prenatal workout

Stay on the floor but roll over onto your back. Place your feet flat on the floor and raise your hips off the floor into a bridge. From here point one foot straight in the air. Lower your booty down toward the floor and raise back into starting position. You can either set the kettlebell down for this move or place it below your belly on your pelvis. This move is HARD! You can keep both feet on the ground if it better suits you (if you want to use the weight it’s better this way). Repeat on each side 8x.

Now do the entire routine one or two more times!

Wrapping Up Prenatal Kettlebell Workout Routine

So there you have it, a pregnancy-safe kettlebell workout routine that can be done in any trimester. Just be sure to listen to your body and modify as needed. And don’t forget to always tighten your core before doing each exercise!

If you want a full 40 week workout plan designed specifically for pregnancy, check out the Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan.

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