Best Winter Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

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Best Diffuser Blends with Essential Oils for the Winter

Essential oils are wonderful for aromatherapy as well as for having healing properties. You can easily make you house always smell like the holidays with diffuser blends with pure essential oils.

Beyond having your house smell ah-mazing at all times, you can also create perfect winter diffuser blends to help you sleep and ward off colds and the flu.

**This post may contain affiliate links to items I own and love and am confident will benefit you immensely! You can read the full disclosure here.**

essential oil diffuser blends for winter and fall

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that retain the essential scent and medicinal properties of that plant. 

Essential oils are typically created by steam distillation and sometimes by cold pressing. Through these methods, the oils and scents of the plant are preserved and concentrated.

Essential oils have come far from being thought of as a woo-woo health trend. Using essential oils in one’s home for medicinal, aromatic, and cleaning benefits has become quite mainstream!

People all over the world are heading back to our roots and looking for more natural and less toxic ways to live, opening up a huge market for essential oils.

100% pure essential oils can aid a myriad of everyday dilemmas such as:

  • insomnia 
  • toothache
  • infections
  • cold and flu
  • restlessness
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • nausea
  • and so much more!


Do Essential Oils have to Cost an Arm and a Leg to be Pure?

Essential oils have become more and more popular as the world begins to recognize their powerful healing and cleaning properties and some popular essential oil companies have risen to the top as the most mainstream.

Think Young Living and DoTerra. I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

While both of these companies sell wonderful and very pure essential oils, there are quite a few lesser-known and equally as great companies that have completely pure and strong essential oils too. And these companies have ridiculously more affordable prices for the same quality of oils!

Personally I use Simply Earth essential oils for a number of reasons. There are a lot of pretty good oil companies out there that I’ve used with great results, but none compares to the low price and high quality of Simply Earth.

What Makes Simply Earth Essential Oils the Best

  1. They have a 365-day guarantee. Have you ever heard of anything like that? I’m serious! Talk about standing behind your product. But I’ve never been dissatisfied with anything I’ve bought from them.
  2. Every batch is tested to guarantee 100% purity.
  3. The oils come in amber glass bottles. (A fast way to spot a fake or compromised oil is that it will arrive in a plastic or clear container. Which does not preserve the oil even if it happens to be real.)
  4. Simply Earth donates 13% of its proceeds to end human trafficking. It doesn’t change the pureness of the oils, however, I do love helping out companies that contribute to great causes.
  5. The oils are very concentrated! There are a few other oil companies that I like quite a bit and have had success keeping my house fresh and clean as well as aiding my family medicinally. However, their aromas do not compare to Simply Earth! I love how every oil I’ve gotten from them smells.
  6. They also offer a subscription box which is pretty darn cool. For only $40 a month you can get 4 full-sized essential oil bottles and tons of recipes and goodies to go with them to use in your home (A $150 value). Think beeswax to make soaps and body butter or wool balls for your dryer. (Check out the subscription box here! They sell out almost every month!)
  7. I can get you a $20 off coupon sent to your email the day after you start any subscription box as well as a free “big box” of an insane amount of bottles, diffusers, rollers, etc. Basically everything you need to get using essential oils and become more toxin-free! Just enter code VIGORITOUTFREE at checkout.

simply earth essential oils coupon banner


The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Winter

I love trying out new blends in my diffusers (I have 2!) I have a plastic one that works really well and is a bit more cost-effective, and I have a lovely glass diffuser that has beautiful calming LED lights that change colors!



The first sets of winter diffuser blends are all kinds of holiday deliciousness!

nutmeg diffuser blends for the holidays

1. Citrus Spice Diffuser Blend


2. Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend


3. Eggnog Diffuser Blend


4. Peppermint Paradise Diffuser Blend


5. Winter Fireside Diffuser Blend


The rest of the perfect winter diffuser blends are great for killing germs, helping ward off and alleviate colds and getting better rest!


5. DIY Thieves Oil Diffuser Blend

(Create your own version of the famous effective but pricey DoTerra oil.)


6. Breathe Easy Diffuser Blend


7. Cough and Cold Diffuser Blend


8. Clean Air Diffuser Blend


9. Deep Sleep Diffuser Blend

breath easy cough and cold diffuser blends for winter

Wrapping Up the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Winter

With this huge list of essential oil blends, your holidays will be more healthy and merrier! And who isn’t happier with better sleep and fewer germs anyways?

Keep in mind while these blends are all wonderful smelling and highly beneficial, some oils are not for everyone. Always be sure to check if the oils you are using are safe for children, pets, and pregnant mamas if you have any in your home! 

What is your favorite essential oil blend for winter or fall? I always love trying new scents so let me know in the comments below!


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Best Diffuser Blends with Essential Oils for the Winter





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  1. Thank you for sharing that detail. It was fascinating and insightful. Continue to share useful resources over these blogs…

    1. You are very welcome! I hope you find an essential oil blend for winter that you absolutely adore here!

    1. Great question. These essential oil blends were designed for a 200ml diffuser. If you have a smaller more common 100ml diffuser just halve the recipe.

  2. Is that company subscription box only? I’m looking to get specific oils I don’t have but it doesn’t look like i can get them “ a la carte” or customize my box.

    1. Natalie, yes you can absolutely buy items “a la cart!” Let me know if it still isn’t working through you clicking from my site, just email me at vigoritout@gmail.com You can customize the subscription box but there is a fee for swapping oils… just not your first month I believe. And you can also just order what you want. I do quite often.

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