Pregnant Halloween Costume for Women and Couples

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Are you going to be featuring a baby bump this Halloween? Don’t hide it, flaunt it! There are so many creative pregnant Halloween costume ideas for woman or couples. As a mom of three I was only able to enjoy one Halloween pregnant and you betcha I dressed up that bump! I’m excited to share my pregnancy Halloween costume as well as 20 more Halloween costumes for pregnant women for you to pick from.

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pregnancy halloween costume ideas for women and couples

What is a Pregnant Halloween Costume?

A pregnant woman’s Halloween should be just as fun and creative as anyone else’s! Pregnant women don’t need to miss out on the spooky festivities – there are plenty of Halloween costume ideas that provide comfort and style. From classic characters to modern takes, here are some clever suggestions for pregnant women who want to dress up this October.

This Halloween, don’t let your pregnancy get in the way of having a good time! After all, you’re only going to be super pregnant for one or MAYBE a few Halloweens in your life – so why not make it special?

A pregnancy Halloween costume is going to feature your bump instead of hiding it. Some of the costumes will be bearing the bump and actually painting it!

I did that last time. I’ve never been pregnant for Halloween before (even though this was my third kiddo) and being our last kid I knew I wouldn’t ever be again so paint the bump I did!

She was a jack-o-lantern. It was fitting because her sisters were both Jack-o-lanterns for their first Halloweens at 2 and 5 weeks old respectively.

If it’s too cold where you live or dangling out a painted bare belly is just too much for you I get that! Most of these ideas involve dressing up your bumps like a basketball or a gumball machine or something cute and clever like that.

What are Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples?

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress up with your partner! There are plenty of costume ideas that include both of you. In fact, some of those are the cutest of all.

This list has individual and couple pregnancy Halloween costume ideas and ideas of how to add your partner into many of the individual costumes as well so be sure to read the descriptions.

It’s easy to dress up your bump and still do a couples costume with your partner.

For example, go as a kangaroo family – the pregnant mommy kangaroo with baby in her pouch and daddy kangaroo. Or how about a redneck roll reversal costume where you are the dude sporting a beer belly and he’s the chick?

With the right costume and some creative planning, you can still rock an amazing look that will make everyone do double takes. Here are some ideas to inspire your unique look this year.

31 Memory-Worthy Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Prego Pregnancy Halloween Costume: A Spooky Italian Take!

Bring out your inner Italian this Halloween with a Prego pregnancy costume. Prego is an iconic Italian sauce brand that is sure to bring a unique and classic spooky twist to any pregnant woman’s costume.

The Grinch

The Grinch is a great Halloween costume for a pregnant woman. It’s funny and creative, and you can dress up your bump to look like the Grinch’s round belly! You can even dress up with your partner or whole family if you want.

Fortune Teller

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To make a fortune teller pregnancy Halloween costume, you need to put on clothes that look like a mystic. Then paint your bump to look like a glass ball OR paint or pin a white circle on a black shirt. You can add some sparkles or glitter for extra effect. You can also dress up with your partner if you want to make it more special as a pair of fortune tellers or a Warlock!

Avocado Pregnant Halloween Costume

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For a creative and tasty pregnancy Halloween costume, dress as an avocado with your baby bump serving as the pit! Want to make it a pregnant couples Halloween costume? He can go as the toast!

Pregnant skeleton

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This is a super popular pregnancy costume idea. There are all kinds of t-shirts, jumpsuits, everything that can make this ready made costume super simple and cute. You can paint your face if you have the time and energy and are super into Halloween, or not, it’s cute either way. This is really easy to get your partner into as a skeleton too.

Winnie the Pooh

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Winnie the Pooh makes a perfect pregnancy Halloween costume because it’s cute and fun! You can dress up your bump to look like Pooh’s round tummy full of honey. It’s easy to make this costume with some clothes that look like Winnie the Pooh at your local thrift shop, Walmart, or Amazon. If you want a couples costume he can be any character from the story he likes! Cristopher Robbin, Eyore, Rabbit… there are so many options!


Pregnant Housewife and the Milkman

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This is a perfect couple’s costume for pregnant women! The pregnant woman can dress up as a housewife carrying a milk jar, a frying pan, or just wearing her super-cute apron and the partner can dress up as the milkman. This is a super easy costume to make at home with some 1950s-style clothes and some props. It’s sure to be a hit at any Halloween party!

Bubblegum Machine

A bubblegum machine makes a great Halloween costume for pregnant women. You can dress up your bump like the gumball dispenser for a really fun DIY. It’s an easy costume to make at home with some clothes that look like a bubblegum machine and some big rainbow pompoms.


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Juno is a great movie to draw inspiration from for your pregnancy Halloween costume. You can dress up like Juno and Paulie Bleaker with your significant other This is one of my favorite pregnancy Halloween costumes. It’s not even my favorite movie or anything, I just think it’s such a cute pregnant Halloween costume for couples!


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For a super-cute and sporty pregnancy Halloween costume that mentions your current state, dress up like a basketball. It’s easy to make at home with a basketball jersey, sweatbands, and in this costume you get to paint that bump! Bonus points if you have someone to dress up as the referee for a couples costume!


pregnant halloween costume jackolantern

This is the pregnancy Halloween costume I picked! We lived in Southern California at the time so it was super warm and I boldly painted my belly like a pumpkin! You can wear green clothes or simply black like I did to make that belly stand out.

Fat Thor

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I had never heard of this costume idea until I started writing this post but it seems to be pretty darn popular. I mean, the fat man beer belly idea yes but not the fat Thor! What a fun and creative idea. You can get your partner involved and turn this into a pregnant Halloween costume for couples by having him go as another Marvel superhero… fat version or not.

Wrecking Ball Pregnancy Halloween Costume

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Love this pregnancy costume idea, it’s very DIY and can turn out so cute! I’ve seen lots of people use a Barbie as Miley and design their own blinding wrecking ball shirt.

Mother Earth

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Mother Earth is a perfect pregnancy Halloween costume for those looking to celebrate motherhood and nature. Start by gathering earth-toned clothes that easily fit over your baby bump. Add some green leafy accessories such as a head wreath and top the look off with a pair of sandals or moccasins. This is a creative and simple DIY costume that is totally to your interpretation.

Redneck/Hillbilly Costume

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This costume is super easy to throw together from either your hubby’s closet or your local Goodwill. Grab an old flannel, tight white shirt or tank that lets your belly show a little or a lot, some jeans, and boots. Perfect for last minute costumes. You can even turn it into a couples costume and have your partner be the hillbilly girl.

17 More Pregnant Woman or Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

I don’t have image rights for the rest of these amazing pregnant Halloween costume ideas but you can quickly google for inspiration! Here are 17 more super creative pregnant costume ideas for Halloween.

    • Castaway (You be Wilson and your partner is Chuck.)

    • The Kool-Aid Man

    • Mike and Sully (Another great pregnant Halloween costume for couples… your belly is Mike.)

    • Violet from Willy Wonka

    • a troll

    • Smee from Peter Pan

    • Kangaroo

    • Baseball (Think of the basketball above but switch it up if you prefer baseball.)

    • Soccerball

    • Bump or Bump ahead sign and construction worker

    • Cow

    • Bun in the Oven

    • Pregnant Nun

    • Sunny-side-up Egg (bump is the yolk.)

    • Disco Ball

    • Magic 8 Ball

    • a Carebear

Wrapping Up the 31 Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Ok now I’ve got to ask… what was your fave? Let me know in the comments below!

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