How To Conquer Exhaustion in Motherhood

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Motherhood can be exhausting and frustrating. It is physically, mentally, and at times emotionally draining. Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught in the slump of exhaustion. My best tips and tricks to conquer exhaustion in motherhood are to follow. Whether you’re a new mom, stay at home mom, homeschool mom, working mom, work at home mom, or somewhere in between:

these tips are for you!

exhaustion in motherhood

Motherhood is the BEST!

There is nothing more gratifying than looking at that sweet gurgling baby face that loves you without end. The feeling of a small toddler hand finding yours on it’s own accord, just to be close. When your child who is way too big wants to curl in your lap and let you hug them just because they love you. Motherhood is worth every single second.

But more times than not motherhood is exhausting.

Sleepless nights, breastfeeding on demand, endless piles of laundry, diapers, endless hours of picking up toys, sleepless nights (oh wait, did I already say that?), utter exhaustion. Then THOSE first mom days are followed by more sleepless nights, tantrums, arguments, power battles, so many messes, and some straight up bad behavior.

You can conquer exhaustion in motherhood.

When any handful of these things that no doubt go along with being a mom day in and day out combine it’s easy to simply get drained. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes when life is happening I find myself to be edgy, cranky, or absentminded. Which only I have the power to change.

I often appoogize to my kids for bing short with them and ask for a few minutes to let mommy reset. Alter my mind, my attitude, and take on the day again.

When those days are upon you:

when you haven’t slept for a week or ALL the kids are convinced every single thing you say is wrong that day, it can be really hard to break out of that funk.

I’ve been having a cranky week so I wanted to share my best tips to conquer exhaustion in motherhood with you. Whether the exhaustion and frustration be physical or mental I want you to find some perfect ways to “reset” here. It will make you a better mom. You will feel better and everyone around you will feel it, and they might even start to feel better too.

How to conquer exhaustion in motherhood

  1. Deep Breathing:

is really helpful for anyone (even your kids) to slow your heartrate and your mind. With each breath out imagine letting go of the frustration, the exhaustion, the tantrums, everything driving you to the edge.

2. Exercise:

is a perfect way to get out some aggression by channeling it in a healthy avenue. It’s also a great pick me up when you are drained. That may sound counter intuitive. However, if you are exhausted, anything stationary will amplify those feelings.

Chances are you have way more to take care of in the day and passing out isn’t really an option. Exercising quickly and hard will flood you with just enough endorphins to give you a way better pick me up than coffee ever could. At least for a few hours. Try taking the kids out for an active stroll or try an awesome hiit routine. (You can get in a full workout in only 14 minutes!)

3. Get outside.

Whenever I’m feeling drab, frustrated, or tired; getting outside seems to reset everything. It works that way for my kids too. Just a walk around the neighborhood or nature walk can do wonders to conquer exhaustion in motherhood. If you are having trouble getting the kids on board at all, why not have them collect their favorite pieces of nature and make some super easy and beautiful sun catchers with them when you get home?

4. Make your favorite hot drink and enjoy every sip.

Set the kids up with a game they can play for 5 or 10 minutes and enjoy that drink. Taste every flavor. Breath deeply over the cup and let the steam refresh your face. Notice and savor it’s smell. Let one simple act in your busy, exhausting, and/or frustrating life go for a few minutes.

(My favorites are coffee with almond milk and stevia, green tea with honey, and hot cocoa from scratch: almond milk, cocoa powder, stevia, and vanilla.)

5. Stretch or do yoga.

(I don’t have a yoga post up yet but later this month I’ll get one posted for you.) Yoga is amazing for so many aspects of your mind and body. It can also be very easy to involve your kids in easy yoga exercises.

My favorite YouTube channel if I’m doing an entire routine is Boho Beautiful. They are usually about 10-15 minutes which is just perfect for me. The best YouTube channel to get the kids into is called Cosmic Kids Yoga. This gal incorporates active stretching and yoga into all your favorite kids movies and stories.

If you don’t have time to pull out YouTube, my favorites to regain energy and composure are: Warrior to triangle to standing, and downward dog to chaturanga to upward dog. I repeat them in a flow.

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6. Self care.

One tiny thing. Something to focus on you and what YOU want to do for five minutes. Here’s a great list of 25 unbelievably simple self care ideas that make a world of difference. And if the kids will be in tow for your self care there are really fun ways to involve them in your self care too! It will leave EVERONE feeling refreshed and reset.

7. Have a drink.

It may not be the best advice but it’s also not the worst. Sometimes mommy needs to sit down and relax a little. Sometimes it’ll kick that snippy edge you just can’t toss away after all of today that you might drag into tonight. Let your muscles and mind relax because goodness knows you need it!

8. Ask for help when you need it.

From anyone: your husband, your mom, your older kids, your friend. Maybe you can’t even swallow the thought of cleaning up the dishes and entertaining the kids and cleaning the table. Maybe tonight it’s NOT going to happen without you losing your mind… or recruiting help. More often than not those in your life are happy you even asked and maybe wish you did more often.


These are my best ideas and tips to totally washing away the frustrations of those exhausting days. When life and kids try every inch of your patience. The good will always outweigh the bad… but sometimes; strike that; all of the time, we have be conscientious of recognizing it as such.

You’re the mom and you’re in charge!

You have this super-awesome and completely draining job every day of creating a wonderful atmosphere and growing experience for your little ones. Healthy living and self care is your secret weapon, so rock it! When the arguments ensue, breath deep and redirect. When the night is more draining than the day,  realize their night is probably even more exhausting and handle with care. Ask for help and never forget to care for you too.

You will be the stronger and more refreshed mommy for it!

For a fun read check out 10 things to let go of in motherhood to be happier today! Pin this for those tough days and subscribe to our email list to follow along with fitness, healthy food, and motherhood tips and fun ideas!

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