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The Best Collagen for Postpartum for Breastfeeding Moms

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Collagen Powder for Breastfeeding Moms Postpartum

Have you heard of collagen powder and wondered if it is something that is safe to take while breastfeeding? Spoiler alert, there is one amazing collagen powder for postpartum moms specially formulated for those who are breastfeeding. (But it can still help you along your postpartum recovery journey if not as well!)

In this article we will detail whether or not collagen is safe to take postpartum and while breastfeeding as well as the benefits associated with taking a collagen supplement.

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the best collagen powder for postpartum recovery

Is it Safe to Take Collagen While Breastfeeding?

Collagen is all the rage lately for replenishing your body. It helps to replenish your cells and is touted as a beauty product that can work from the inside out.

But what about it’s safety for new moms postpartum? Is collagen safe to take while breastfeeding? I’m happy to tell you that, yes, taking collagen peptides as a supplement is absolutely safe to take during breastfeeding according to registered dietician Janel at Tinyhood.

After all, some foods you may eat on a regular basis are full of collagen already. As long as you are sure that your supplement is high quality and pure, it is safe to take while breastfeeding.

What Are the Benefits to Taking Collagen Powder Postpartum?

The benefits of taking collagen during your postpartum recovery period are copious!

Which as a mom of 3 and health trainer specializing in pregnant and postpartum women, I can say with certainty that what is considered your postpartum recovery period is not only the first six weeks postpartum. It really is closer to a year that your body will be recovering from carrying that sweet little bundle of joy inside it.

A great collagen supplement can help you throughout your entire postpartum recovery journey.

majka nourishing postpartum collagen protein powder

Collagen Helps Firm and Brighten Skin

The most well known benefit of taking a collagen supplement is that it helps rejuvenate your skin. Helping it to become tighter, firmer, and smoother.

A lot of facial creams are loaded with toxic chemicals and should be avoided while breastfeeding. Collagen is a completely healthy way to make your skin appear more youthful that is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

In addition, new motherhood is exhausting. You will see lines deepen and dark circles appear that first year or two from exhaustion. Using a nourishing supplement with collagen will help you feel and appear more bright and fresh through those tough baby and toddler years.

the milky mama's postpartum plan

Collagen Helps Build Healthier Hair

In the postpartum period many women experience hair loss (and if you’re like me a lot of it!). Your hair begins growing more quickly postpartum, but it also can get pretty sparse.

You can combat this by taking a high quality collagen supplement postpartum. Including collagen in your diet can help your hair to grow back healthier, thicker, and shinier.

Collagen can Help Increase Muscle Mass

We naturally lose a lot of muscle mass during pregnancy. Even if you continue to exercise throughout your entire pregnancy, you will still most likely be losing muscle mass.

This needs to be rebuilt in the months postpartum to help your body support itself as things return to closer to their prepregnancy state. It has been proven that taking collagen while exercising, helps to increase muscle mass.

You need to rebuild your strength postpartum to keep up with carrying that baby, breastfeeding, and constant diaper changes and cleaning. A great collagen supplement can help!

Taking collagen can have some other wonderful benefits as well such as:

  • improved heart health
  • balancing of hormones
  • better gut health
  • healthier nails

majka replenishing collagen powder for breastfeeding

Which is the Best Collagen for Breastfeeding Moms and Why?

While there are many collagen products on the market, the best one to take postpartum is one specially formulated for breastfeeding mothers.

Majka’s Postpartum Replenishing Powder is specifically designed for postpartum recovery and breastfeeding mothers. This high quality and super clean collagen powder has a wonderful blend of ingredients to best benefit a new mom postpartum.

Not only will you reap all of the aforementioned benefits of protein powder, but you will have so many other supplements you need for a healthy postpartum period all in one scoop.

Majka’s Postpartum Replenishing Powder contains:

  • a replenishing beauty blend of collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • a digestive enzyme blend (because we all need a digestion boost after childbirth)
  • a probiotic blend (to enhance gut health and give you an immunity boost)
  • adaptogens to help boost your energy and help you better deal with stress (I’m looking at you sleepless nights!)
  • a full postnatal vitamin complex

This product is your secret unicorn for postpartum recovery. Everything you need is in one scoop. All those supplements, all those pills, that you should be remembering to take to help your body heal and build better breastmilk postpartum:

are now all in one simple scoop. One easy peasy smoothie a day can help you function optimally while giving you more energy, better hair, better nails, brighter skin, and help you to build more muscle! And you can use Majka’s postpartum Replenishing Powder in any of these delicious lactation smoothie recipes too!

  1. Lactation Smoothie Recipes
  2. Morning Blueberry Lactation Smoothie
  3. Raspberry Mandarin Lactation Smoothie
  4. Mango Madness Lactation Smoothie
  5. Tropical Lactation Smoothie

Want to save 20% on your first order to give this awesome collagen powder a try? Enter code ALLISEN20 at checkout when you pick up your own Majka Postpartum Replenishing Powder.

postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding diet and exercise plan

Wrapping Up Collagen for Breastfeeding Moms Postpartum

Collagen powder is safe for postpartum and while breastfeeding. Collagen has huge benefits to mothers postpartum such as healthier hair, nails, and skin. Collagen’s benefits go even beyond that for postpartum recovery too!

I would definitely try adding a high quality collagen powder for breastfeeding mothers like Majka’s Postpartum Replenishing Powder (don’t forget… you can save 20% on your first order with code ALLISEN20!) to your days. It can take the place of so many beneficial but hard to remember supplements that you should be taking for optimal postnatal health.

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Collagen Powder for Breastfeeding Moms Postpartum

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