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I’m absolutely psyched to have received the Blogger Recognition Award!

blogger recognition award

I was nominated by the lovely, helpful, and very supportive Clare Tully from The Tully Tales! She’s a great gal who blogs about parenting, style, and travel. She has a wonderful blog and an equally awesome facebook group to support her fellow bloggers. The Blogger Recognition Award is given by fellow bloggers to recognize others within the blogging community. It’s a great way to recognize each other for the hard work we put in as well as share some love for blogs and bloggers we know and love ourselves.

When you receive this award you are encouraged to make a post giving a bit of background of yourself and your blogging journey. As well as advice for new bloggers.



I’m a stay at home mother of two little angels (I love the title domestic engineer), home school teacher, personal fitness trainer, and wife to THE BEST man! We started this blog just recently as a way to share our amazing tips, tricks, and hacks with the world with the goal of eventually making at least a side income from it.

I’m very passionate about parenting, playing, and motherhood. It’s my absolute favorite things to spend my days with my little girls. Guiding them, teaching them, and helping them grow. I love that I’m super crafty. I adore everything DIY. From beauty, to household cleaners, to decor, to kids activities, to things for the home.

In addition to those things I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in training mothers on how to exercise with their kids. I spent a great deal of my life very sick and now only minimally, so I care very deeply about health and fitness. It is one of my main goals in life to continually stay fit and healthy and teach my family and others to do so as well. I wanted to combine these passions of mine to share with and help out others!

I love writing, creating, and learning new things so creating a blog with my family was the next step. I’d love to go viral and make a great income doing things I love! Time will tell.




1. Don’t believe everything you read about making money blogging! Sure, a select few are making six figure salaries from blogging… SOME. That’s not realistic to think the millions of bloggers out there will achieve that. HOWEVER with a lot of time, learning, and hard work you can definitely make some income from it.

2. Anyone who tells you starting a blog is easy and they can help you do it is lying! Yes, you can totally shell out some dough and buy a site in minutes. However building a webpage, taking photos, learning networking and social media (oh did I mention I began this journey with ZERO social media accounts! Try that learning curve on for size), cranking out a bunch of posts… it takes time. Do the work beforehand and launch when you’re really ready!

3. Start NOW! A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today. Get researching, start the writing, and buy a site from Bluehost (yes that’s an a affiliate link, I’d completely love to be your nudge into the influencer world. After all, everybody’s doing it! Bluehost has been great to me so far, wonderful pricing, awesome customer service and tech support, and great extra deals and add ons I was able to take advantage of. )

4. There is A LOT of support out there! As in the world, not everyone is a peach but there are soooo many lovely and supportive bloggers out there who are more than happy to offer you help along the way. Network, ask the questions, and sometimes buy the book!

5. You don’t have to pick a niche right away or at all! Tons of blogs cover lots of topics. I MAINLY write about kids activities and exercise but dabble in many things as most bloggers do these days. Write about something you love and are passionate about though, or you’ll never keep doing it.



I nominate these wonderful ladies for the Bloggers Recognition Award:


1. Joyful Messes
2. Mommy on Purpose
3. Surviving Life’s Hurdles
4. The Mom Grind
5. Mommy Home Manager
6. Blended Life Happy Wife
7. Kidsivity
8. Discovering Whimsy
9. Meg O On The Go
10. JustKISF
11. Motherhood On A Dime
12. “Cents”able Mama
13. 80% Clean
14. Creative & Healthy Fun Food
15. The Balanced Mama

If you’ve been nominated, your next steps are;
Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
-Write a post to show your award
-Give a brief story of how your blog started
-Give pieces of advice to new bloggers
-Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
-Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

Thanks so much Clare for this nomination! It’s awesome and I REALLY appreciate it!


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