How To Grow Pinterest Page Views to Increase Pinterest Traffic

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How to organically grow Pinterest page views and increase Pinterest traffic quickly! The exact steps I took to increase my Pinterest page views by over 1,000,000 in only 30 days. I want to help you increase Pinterest page views quickly to learn how to get traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

How I grew my Pinterest Page Views by over 1 Million in 30 Days!

If you have a blog chances are that you already know Pinterest is the single most useful social media tool for a blogger. Pinterest literally has over 10-100 million users currently depending on where you find your information. No matter where it’s reach actually is within that spectrum Pinterest is not a social media that you can chose to neglect to gain page views!


Pinterest is the main way I drive page views to my new blog.

Pinterest was the first social media outlet that I chose to learn after realizing the extreme power it had for bloggers. I invested my time and money into really making that social media channel work for me. And it does. Over 85% of my page views come from Pinterest alone! I’m working on branching out into google SEO and growing my Instagram in this year to extend my reach actually. It’s not wise to put all your eggs into one basket.

Pinterest Has Frequent Algorithm Changes.

Big huge algorithm changes that can alter your page views by thousands! Every social media outlet (as well as Google) is subject to algorithm changes that bloggers cannot control. Our best bet is to roll with the changes, analyze our statistics, and invest in courses of those who are ahead of us in the game.

(But  be extremely wary. Almost everyone will offer a course at astronomical prices. It does take some research to find the true gems within the mix. I’ve found a few and am always on the search for more. The internet, algorithms, and blogging is constantly changing and you need to keep up!)

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Why is Pinterest The Best Platform to Promote your Blog Despite Frequent Changes?

increase pinterest page views

However, though my page views took a nosedive with this last algorithm change, I was able to gain even more page views from Pinterest than I ever have before last month! Settling my Pinterest page views at 1.8 million currently.

It was rattling to see my Pinterest page views going down every day while I had changed nothing, the amount of my pins being repinned remained the same. They finally leveled off at 600,000k.

It may sound like a large number but as far as your Pinterest reach is concerned, it isn’t. Not everyone that you reach is logging on every day or every time that you pin and many of those people won’t even see your great content! Some other boogers and I speculate that the large drop in Pinterest page views that many endured simultaneously was really a leveling out or what was truly an inflated number. However that is just speculation.

I knew I had to buckle down and make some wise decision with my Pinterest strategy.

And they worked! I was able to grow my Pinterest page views by 1.1 million last month. I’m completely psyched. So I wanted to share the steps I took so that hopefully you may be able to recreate success.

pinterest page views
That is a huge reach for me as a new blogger with zero social media presence prior to blogging. (Seriously I lived under a rock as far as the internet goes and even had no idea what a hashtag was a year ago.)

Haven’t started your own epic blogging journey yet?

Why not? What’s holding you back? You should finally take that leap and do it! I currently host through Bluehost which I absolutely love. They offer a phenomenal startup package price and have a great tech team that has happily helped me out (with virtually no wait time I might add) along the way.


If you’ve been mulling over the idea of starting your own money making blog but still don’t know how to start with success check out How To Start a Money Making Blog From Day One for all the tips and tools you’ll need.

How Do You Organically Grow Your Pinterest Pageviews?

After the latest algorithm change and a huge nosedive in my views I knew I had to alter my approach. What I was doing before was working for me. I was able to gain my first viral pin after only one month of blogging utilizing Carly Campbell’s extremely successful manual pinning method detailed in her Pinteresting Strategies ebook.

As a new blogger I had zero extra dollars to spend on a pinning program such as tailwind. While Tailwind is a great timesaver that offer phenomenal analytics they weren’t in my budget to maintain and I’m so glad now that they weren’t at that time! It gave me the opportunity to truly learn the value of manually pinning and how it can quickly create viral pins that drive massive traffic to your site.

However if you do have a few extra dollars to spend to save hours a week Tailwind has superior analytics that cannot compare to pinning without a subscription. When you are ready to really analyze your analytics to know the best time to pin manually (because it is extremely more powerful at driving page views… and that’s what this post is all about isn’t it?) and what to keep on a scheduler, Tailwind has you beyond covered.


The Best Affordable Resource That Grew My Pinterest Page Views

I picked up Pinteresting Strategies, my favorite ebook thus far, for only $32 (The book was recently completely updated and the rate in creased to $47. However it is still a complete steal at that price!)
If you are looking to learn the basics of Pinterest, how to set up your page for SEO (search engine optimization= utilizing keywords specific to the platform you are using to be more easily found in search engines), plus an extremely powerful pinning method that will cost you nothing monthly but your time, THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL. Seriously, it’s an absolute steal.


To Grow My Pinterest Page Views Over 1 Million in 30 Days:


pinterest page views

  1. I buckled down on the manual pinning method.

This method details how to use Google Analytics to locate and repin your most popular pins to gain additional traction. When my baby got a little older and I was able to perfect the manual pinning method I really saw an increase in repins. (When I had newborn I did what I had to. I used this powerful method on the days I could but only recently can commit to utilizing it daily.)

  1. I Joined More Group Boards

If you are new to Pinterest or blogging that term may be completely foreign to you. Your typical Pinterest board is a specific location where you pin amazing content you find on a certain subject to create a cohesive and interesting feed.

Now imagine inviting all of your friends who have similar interests to add great content there with you. Ending in an epic collaboration of ideas. That’s exactly what Pinterest Group boards are. So find them, join them, and share your content there daily.

If you have been having trouble being added to group boards (and believe me, it’s really tricky to nail in the beginning) then head on over to How To Join Pinterest Group Boards With Ease. Seriously, I spent countless hours searching PinGroupie (BTW don’t do that, the site is no longer updated and is a huge waste of your time), emailing and messaging numerous group board owners and spending countless hours of time before I finally learned how to join Pinterest group boards with ease!


Check out my Pinterest profile to see how many boards I’m on… Near 200 Id say.

So to save you the HOURS I wasted I created a perfect post detailing exactly how to get added to lots of group boards like a boss!

Group Boards Open To Contributors!

Plus if you’re interested, I run quite a few group boards myself these days that are currently open for collaborators that Id be more than happy to add you to.

Just follow all of my boards at Vigor It Out so I can find you to add you. Then send me an email at letting me know which board you’re interested in joining.


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3. I Improved My Pin Quality

Doing this takes some time and you only get better with practice. You can use either Picmonkey or Canva to create amazing graphics for free!

Each also offers paid subscriptions as well. Picmonkey wins in the department of best annual subscription as it far outweighs Canva’s. The affordable annual subscription to Picmonkey will allow you full access to their image library and much more.

However if you are not looking to spend any money and plan on using your own images or those offered free online, then I recommend Canva. Decades ago I fell in love with the photo imaging program “Picture It” and I find Canva to be similar. So I love me some Canva.

Both will give you beautiful and pinnable graphics with hard work and dedication.


4. Found My Audience

Blogging can be a lot of trial and error. This past month I paid very close attention to my Google Analytics and weighed what performed well over the past 6 months (how long Vigor It Out has been live) in order to craft similar posts. This reflected positively in my repin and bounce rate as the majority of my page views come through Pinterest.


5. I Committed Extra Time to Manual Pinning

I analyzed which boards were sending me the most traffic and at which times. As a full time homeschooling mom of 2 my pinning times are partially chosen by statistics, and partially dictated by my schedule.

Because I chose to pin manually (because I’ve learned the power in being hands on with my brand) I found the best balance between the two and pinned away using the manual pinning method detailed in the Pinteresting Strategies Ebook with great results.


Growing 1.1 Million Pinterest Viewers in only one month was directly related to these steps.

I am so passionate about Pinterest for blogging and have had such success with it:

  • a reach of 4.4 million on Pinterest
  • 170,000 page views from Pinterest last month

that I created a book series to share my knowledge. I was sharing tips with blog friends, selling services on fivver, and doing Pinterest coaching so I combined all that into a 3 part book series.

Pinterest Strategy Book how to pin and where

You can check it out now for s solid step-by-step guide to a successful pinning strategy!

Get The Pin Cycle Strategy NOW!


Pinterest Can Drive Your Blog Viral Traffic!


Be diligent, learn the platform, and invest your time. What is your biggest struggle with Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks for the great article. So many good things to try out. I’m very excited to put some of these things into practice. I’ve recently crossed the 1000 followers on my Pinterest account which was a huge milestone for me but now it’s marching onwards and forwards!

    1. You’re so welcome Celeste! Congratulations on passing 1000k followers! That is a HUGE milestone for all of us and you’ll be so happy to see with a solid Pinterest strategy it will continue to grow at a steady rate from there.

  2. Great tips! I will definitely be implementing some of these to ty and grow my Pinterest and blog!

    I am sending you an email to ask to get in one of your boards 👍🏻😊


    1. Thank you Anna. I hope what worked for me is a huge help for you too! I look forward to reading your email.

  3. I used to put 10 hashtags but today I use 5 to 7 hashtags on Pinterest to increase my traffic to the blog. Thanks, for the tips!

    1. I actually don’t use hashtags anymore on Pinterest as it isn’t in their “best practices”… you can however still rank for them, so not a complete waste of time if a user happens to search for them

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