Hygge In Fall: Perfect ways to relax, enjoy, and appreciate more

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How to hygge in fall:

So what the heck is this “hygge” thing we keep hearing about? Hygge comes from Denmark and is a lifestyle more than anything else.  Hygge focuses on what really matters in life and hygge in fall is easier to implement than any other time!  It is a focus on relaxing, enjoyment of the simple things, and family.

hygge in fall

Hygge is Taking America By Storm

We are all so driven in this country (America). Driven to have more, more, more. The biggest, the best. To outdo one another in our social achievements and items that reflect our social standing.

And then something happened. The recession. We either began to feel utter defeat in our finances, in our jobs, and in our belongings:


We decided to find something better.

We Decided to Find Hygge.

Without even realizing it we learned to use less, save more, and appreciate what we have.


What Is HYGGE?!

Let’s start with how to pronounce this foreign word.  If you’re saying “hi-ghee” you’re doing it wrong.  First off, there are multiple correct pronunciations of the trending word.  The most popular is “hoo-gah.”  There are also other acceptable pronunciations such as “hyue-gar” and “hoog-jar” as well.

Ok, so now we can say it.

So what IS hygge (hoo-gah) and why should you implement it into your life?

Well, put most simply it’s the Danish word for “cozy.”  It’s really a broad term that was described by author Helen Russell as “complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming” and “a focus on togetherness and prioritizing the people in your life.”  Some refer to it as “the art of creating intimacy.”

Danish people and children are ranked happiest in the world.  There isn’t record of them being plagued by depression, mental disorders, and frequent school shootings as our beautiful America has become.  So, many are proposing that the way most choose to live their lives and raise their children, implementing hygge as part of their culture is what this can be attributed to!



1. A huge part of learning to practice hygge  is setting the scene.  Lighting is important and a simple way to set the mood.  Candles especially, and other forms of dim lighting are perfect.  I

2.  Make some warm drinks and use special cupsTea, cocoa, cider, coffee… warm it up and enjoy every sip. Whether that means

3.  Get cozy.  Wear comfy clothes.  Slippers, p.j.s, yoga pants, soft fabrics, or nothing.  You want to feel good and focus on the pleasure these simple positive feelings bring you during this time.

4. Turn off the gadgets!  Meaning the social media, the job, anything that draws you away from those actually surrounding you. Electronics can completely be incorporated into a hygge evening, but TOGETHER is the key


hygge in fall


Fall is the PERFECT Time To Hygge!

…and to prove it here are 25 fun, free, perfect hygge activities to do with your family this season!

  1. Play scrabble (even  if the kids are too young it’s a great letter learning experience)
  2. Time for charades!
  3. Play cards (the options are absolutely endless with a simple deck of playing cards)
  4. Give Pictionary a try
  5. Learn a new recipe together
  6. Set up the slow cooker together for an evening hygge soup
  7. Bake cookies
  8. Make a cake from scratch
  9. Make a Thanksgiving favorite : just because
  10. Read a book. A real book where you can turn the pages, and smell the spine.
  11. Write a book. Either tell a story, compose a book, or use story stones to create your own timeless tale.
  12. Watch home movies to hygge in fall.

  13. Look through old photos and reminisce
  14. Light as many candles as you can find and turn off all electronics. ENJOY.
  15. Pull out sheets and blankets to build a tent to cuddle in
  16. Roast seeds: not just pumpkin, any squash will do wonderfully and can be incorporated into a healthy meal
  17. Make a brand new chicken recipe  together. Sauce included because its so easy and fun for littles.
  18. Make homemade applesauce. (Peel and core 8 apples, steam with 1 c. apple juice. Add 1 tsp cinnamon and mash. I totally had this for breakfast today.)
  19. Find the 3 most cozy blankets in the house and cuddle on the couch under them.
  20. Watch a brand new movie together.
  21. Make up a brand new holiday recipe together. Write it down, and try making it tomorrow.
  22. Snack on something ridiculous and yummy while singing songs of your favorite genre (marshmallows, candy corn, etc.)
  23. Turn on music from your past and enjoy knowing way too many words of the songs.
  24. Set up the table for no other reason than tonight. No holiday, just a special time.
  25. Make a ‘I’m thankful for’ OR “I love” list through the alphabet (I love: apples, baking, crafts, dogs…etc.)


I just love that hygge is becoming a “thing” in America.

hygge in fallI love that there is a term that I can give this lifestyle I’ve been learning to create over the past couple of years with my family.  Remember to make everything cozy and comfy.  Don’t forget to be present.  Remember to enjoy the experience,  what you have, the NOW.

Let me know how you decide to incorporate hygge into your nights below!  Is it something you regularly do, or something your excited to implement into your lifestyle?  I can’t wait to hear from you.


If you’re planning on giving this a try make sure you read my Guide To Healthy Living.  It’s packed full of great lifestyle tips and really gives you a wonderful feel for what this blog is all about.  You DEFINATELY have to check out “How To Hygge” for a few great extra ideas of how to hygge with family as well as heartwarming ways to hygge through Christmas!


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