Succeed At Pinterest With Glitches and Algorithm Changes

Is Pinterest sneaky? Is Pinterest deceptive? Do you sometime just wonder what the heck is going on with your Pinterest account? I’m going to touch on common Pinterest glitches or temporary algorithm changes that drive bloggers absolutely bonkers.

What is happening with Pinterest?!?

succeed at pinterest

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Pinterest is the number one way, hands down, to drive blog traffic at this point at the end of 2017.

Pinterest is a visual search engine more than anything else. It is a social media outlet of course. It is a way to find and share everything you think is amazeballs quickly in one place.

Pinterest is so much more than that, as a  blogger.

So you know, this post contains a few affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here.

I know so many people who adore Pinterest on a purely personal extent.

The one hour of calming yourself before bed after a ten hour workday and motherhood to boot. The best search engine to collect unique photographs and ideas to make a brilliantly beautiful crocheted wedding gown.

Pinterest may be this purely useful and fun for a blogger.

Or it can be an oh so daunting task each day (or each week if you utilize Boardbooster or Tailwind).  Or it could be a combination of both.

Maybe it’s your newfound love you are trying oh so hard to figure out.

On that note please check out how I’ve gotten multiple viral pins after only two months of blogging. There you will find all the tips you need to set up your own successful account on Pinterest. When I wrote the post last week I had two viral pins… And I have two more only one week later. You need to read the post now if Pinterest is in your main marketing strategy.

And if you’re just looking to launch your successful blog check out ‘how to launch a successful blog from day 1’ for hand and foot fulls of great tips to start with success.

Let’s get to what’s driving this post. How to succeed at Pinterest.

Pinterest had changed lately and it’s frustrating us all.

Is Pinterest being a bizznitch?

No, I don’t believe so at all. I love how Carly at a mommy on purpose views Pinterest. As more than a program, as an entity. It is so helpful and realistic to view it in that way to be successful with Pinterest.

Why can’t I see how many times things have been repinned?

Pinterest has either changed its algorithm as a test or is suffering a glitch.

Has this happened before?

YES! I started pinning about six months ago and launched my blog 3 months ago so got serious with pinning then. It’s happened twice before in the last 3 months.

How can I know which pins are doing well?

You really can’t. There is a way to check how each specific pin that you placed is doing, but for knowing beyond that which pin of your ABC test is doing the best, your kind of screwed for now. (If you don’t understand the importance of ABCD testing yet, I fully explain it in how to start a blog with success from day one).

How can I know if a pin has gone viral?

Check your site stats every night before bed. If a page you have not repinned that day is sending you 50-100 visitors there is a high chance it’s on its way to becoming viral, if it hasn’t reached that point already.

You can use Google analytics but I really prefer the plug-in Yoast details through the Jetpack tab in WordPress. It’s free, has amazingly accurate and up to the minute site stats, and it’s very user friendly.

Google analytics is necessary and very detailed, to be honest I haven’t even gotten it all figured out yet. Studying my Yoast/Jetpack stats keeps me up to date on what is going viral.

What can I learn about my pins through Pinterest now?

You should definitely have a Pinterest business account set up already as a blogger. If not I explain why is beneficial in how I got my first viral pin.

Pinterest analytics are yours free with a business account and so useful. Click on every tab within them weekly or at least bi-weekly to see what’s going on with your account.

How can I find out NOW which new pin is doing well?

It is so helpful when Pinterest tells us the repin amount for each specific pin. Every month or two you can’t see that! Super frustrating.

Pinterest does us the honor of letting us know exactly what is repinned from where and to where each day. When the algorithm changes or glitches occur reviewing those stats each day is the best way to stay up to date with what’s going on.

Can I still methodically create a viral pin?

Yes you most definitely can! It’s vital to succeed at Pinterest. I utilize the Pinterest strategy book from Carly at a mommy on purpose to drive traffic to my brand new blog by creating viral pins. It is amazingly affordable at about $30 currently and will change the way you view Pinterest.

Will this last forever?!

I highly doubt it. In the last half a year, these struggles with Pinterest have never lasted over half a month.

Pinterest, and it’s algorithms are forever changing. They will continue to.

Your best best to succeed at Pinterest is to be prepared with a solid Pinterest strategy, great posts, and quality pins.

I hope I was able to help and guide you through this trying time with Pinterest promotion.

Don’t become discouraged. You can succeed at Pinterest.

Continue doing what you’re doing. Take time to learn and invest in your strategy. Even with glitches, algorithm changes, and a bunch of frustration Pinterest will continue to be a valuable source of traffic to your blog.

You will succeed at Pinterest, I promise!

succeed at pinterest

If you have any further questions about Pinterest, it’s uses or changes, or blogging please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi, Please tell me how I can promote my Blog on Pinterest. Is this not just for Pictures ??? I have a Helpline Blog that I now actively want to push. Please visit my site and give your advice. I will greatly appreciate it and will return the favour as per your needs.

    1. Hi Em! Pinterest is so much more than posting pictures! Almost every picture these days is linked to a blog post and can drive viral amounts of traffic if utilized properly. Please read this post I bet it will answer a lot of your questions. I’ll email you too.

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