Top 10 Gifts to Give a New Mom Postpartum

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The Best Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas

Postpartum is a tough time for moms. The best gifts for postpartum moms are ones that will help them heal and take care of their babies. Transitioning to a family of three (or four, or five…) can be difficult. This can be made even more difficult when you may have limited resources and are overwhelmed by emotions, physical changes, and lack of sleep. These gifts will help make this transitional period easier on the whole family!

The 10 items listed in this blog post are all great choices, so be sure to take a look at them all before you decide so you can give the new mom friend a perfect postpartum gift basket.

**This post contains affiliate links to items that I use and love and am confident will benefit you immensely. Please read full disclosure here.**

the best gifts to give moms postpartum that they really need

The Importance of a Postpartum Gift Basket

A postpartum gift basket for the new mom is the perfect present. Everyone is so excited for the new baby and immediately thinks of things to give them. Another outfit, a cute stuffed animal, maybe the perfect swaddle blanket.

But chances are that new baby has already been showered with gifts and it’s really the new mom who could use some help. After all she’s the one who just popped a watermelon out of her hoo-ha.

Putting together a postpartum care package for the new mom will show that you really know what’s up. It will help her heal and have the things she needs to really take care of the baby.


What You Probably Don’t Need to Add into Your Postpartum Gift Basket

Sure there are a ton of things that the new parents need to take care of that baby. That’s really why we have baby showers right?

More than likely, the mom has already contemplated everything that she will need for her new baby, asked all her trusted female relatives, reached out to her friends who already have babies, and spent plenty of time searching Pinterest and Google to be sure she wasn’t missing a single thing to put on her registry.

After the shower and under most circumstances, the new parents won’t need things like:

  • Blankets
  • Diaper Bag
  • Car Seat
  • Bouncy Chair
  • Burp Cloths
  • Baby Shampoo & Lotion
  • Crib Mattress Protector and Sheets
  • and not even Newborn Size Clothing/Hat, Booties, Mittens… though it may be REALLY hard not to pick up another adorable set!

So what does a mom need in a postpartum gift basket?


Who Even Thinks of Postpartum Aftercare Gifts?

In all honestly… probably not the new mom herself! Especially if this is her first baby. For my first, I completely prepared for the pregnancy and the baby… but postpartum aftercare? I didn’t think a thing about!


You know for baby #2 that was not the case, and by baby #3?!! I had everything so lined up the entire experience was a breeze. So I want to share everything I’ve learned that I needed the hard way so you can swoop in like the knight on the white horse and help this new mom in ways that she had no idea she was going to need:

but vitally does.

So Let’s Rewire How We Think of “Congrats for New Baby” Gift Giving

After the new baby arrives, the postpartum mom is the focus of the gift-giving!

Not everyone realizes this. But it makes sense! After all she just pushed a watermelon out her hoo-ha and everyone should show their appreciation for that monumental event in the best way they know how.

Lots of thoughtful friends and family will send over a nice dinner. But what about other than that? Are there other things that a new mom will need in her postpartum period? You betcha! So so many things that are completely overlooked.

But you can bet your bottom that they are things that she will wish she had in the upcoming months of healing, recovery, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, getting back into activity, and more!

This is where it’s important to continue giving gifts. Not only should you give them something for helping during this immediate postpartum time but things that will also continue to be helpful on into weeks two through six or eight depending on your friend/family member’s healing process.

Postpartum recovery to where you are cleared to start moving around again is typically six weeks. But for your body to fully recover and for many aspects to get “back to normal” can take more like 8 months to a year more realistically.

That’s why finding an idea for a perfect postpartum care package will provide the new mom great support throughout this postpartum period.


What Kind of Things Should I Include in My Postpartum Gift Basket?

There are a few ways you could think about putting together a postpartum care package for a new mom.

First you could go through this list and piece together you own amazing package. You could either focus on one part of her recovery or postpartum healing and get everything she will need for that. Think, everything she’ll need for soothing her hoo-ha that she had no idea that she’d need. Or everything that will best support her new breastfeeding journey.

Another angle to take would be to get a couple things from each category you think she definitely did not think of when planning her baby shower gifts and postpartum aftercare purchases to help her out with a little bit of everything!

Lastly, I have found some amazing package deals already absolutely perfect for new moms postpartum to take all the shopping pressure off you! Just pick up a gift set and you are ready to go! Coming to meet the new baby with the ultimate postpartum gifts. The things that will be deeply appreciated and remembered.


The Best Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas for Mom

1. The Ultimate Postpartum Aftercare Kit

This is from a post that I made a while ago that includes the traditional things that new moms will need for postpartum recovery and some more natural versions of things you might not be aware of. This is an extensive and detailed list and probably only things that you want to get if the new mama is someone you are close to.

I didn’t buy myself a single one of these things for my first postpartum period and had my mom runnning to the store to buy them all as I was in a painful panic quickly running out of the 3 extra large liners and soothing spray that the hospital gave me.

Piecing together some of these amazing presents from the ultimate postpartum aftercare kit (mot of which are totally natural) are things that the new mama will REALLY need postpartum.

Or simplify your shopping and pick up a premade postpartum aftercare kit from frida that contains a lot of the same goodies!


2. The Cozy Gift Box

ora organic cozy gift box

I absolutely love this gift box for a new mom postpartum. It is perfect for some much needed self care, health, and pampering. Plus it comes from OraOrganic who carry some amazing products that are all super clean, high quality, and affordable. I’ve been using them for my postpartum recovery for years!

The cozy giftbox contains:

The items included in this kit specifically will help the new mom with inflammation, better handling stress (hello sleepless nights) and so many baby tears, and replenishing her skin to help combat lack of sleep and stress too!


2. Majka’s Replenishing Bundle

replenishing bundle to increase breastmilk for postpartum gift basket

Have you heard of Majka yet? They are an amazing company for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with high quality nourishing products mainly (but not exclusively) aimed at increasing breast milk supply and filling nutritional gaps for breastfeeding moms.

A great way to start your new mama friend on the right foot is with helping her to boost her breastmilk supply! Majka’s Replenishing Bundle gives her some of their most popular products great for increasing breastmilk supply!

Or you can up the ante and get the larger Replenishing Bundle that includes:

Use code VIGORITOUT20 for 20% off! 


4. Nourishing and Healing Postpartum Freezer Meals for Breastfeeding

Ok remember how I mentioned that for my first time postpartum I did NOTHING to prepare?! I didn’t even know what Benzocaine was. But by the third time around had it all down pat?

Well THIS super affordable eBook was something that got me there. I was able to take the time in my last trimester to make over a month of freezer meals from this book and stick them in my deep freezer. All my hubby had to do was pick one, defrost it, and pop it in the slow cooker. 

Life saving! And even though she won’t have the time and energy to make a month and  a half of freezer meals now she can STILL make great use of this ebook! You learn all about what kinds of foods you want to avoid while breastfeeding and what you want to eat to increase your milk supply, plus how to nourish your body to repair.

The meals are easy and are great choices to make and even prep ahead a few batches on naptime in those weeks that turn into months postpartum when you are in a sleepless blur. She’ll know exactly what she needs to make for postpartum healing and it will be so easy with the Nourishing and Healing Postpartum Freezer Meals for Breastfeeding on hand.


postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding diet and exercise plan


5. Breastfeeding Accessories


Transitioning into breastfeeding can be really hard. In fact, it’s tough for most people. Cracked nipples, milk leaking everywhere, engorgement, and more.

So while there is a good chance the new mom got some breastfeeding supplies already, there a a few she might not have though of.

One product that I had no idea about but was an absolute lifesaver for my third baby is called a haaka. It’s a silicone milk catcher/breast pump I used daily! Basically it sat by me constantly and when it wasn’t I was yelling for someone to get it off the counter for me.

Some other ideas are:


6. Lactation Boosting Protein Powders

My favorite  secret weapon to conquering postpartum is drinking a high quality protein powder daily. And what is better is that these days they have started making protein powders designed specifically for moms postpartum. They are all very clean with all natural ingredients and made specifically to increase breast milk supply.

Why is a lactation protein powder the perfect gift for your psotpartum gift basket?

  1. Most moms struggle with getting in enough nutrition in the months postpartum. It’s hard to keep a helpless tiny human alive and properly care for yourself. With a high quality postpartum protein powder on hand you can make healthy eals in seconds with one hand every day.
  2. Including protein powders in your diet can help you shed the uncomfortable baby weight more quickly so you feel better and have more energy.
  3. Eating enough protein is important to keep a high milk supply, but tough to do.
  4. Almost everyone needs a boost in milk supply at times. It really makes breastfeeding go more smoothly.

The 3 lactation protein powders on the market designed specifically to increase breastmilk supply are Majka, Milk Dust, and Boobie Body. Find out about each one (as I’ve tried them all) and pick the best for your new mom gift basket!


7. Hydration Boosters

gifts for mom postpartum hydration boosters

In the postpartum period most of the weight you are losing is actually liquid. Not to mention breastfeeding requires a whole bunch of additional liquid! So a cute giant bpa free water bottle is a great choice to put in your postpartum gift basket.

But let’s go a step further shall we?

A hydration booster is a drink that helps your water to work more efficiently for you. By helping your cells to better absorb and utilize the liquid you drink.

It in turn typically increases milk supply as well. It is actually pretty tough to stay properly hydrated in the early postpartum period, you typically feel so thirsty, which is aa early sign of dehydration.

The best two hydration boosters on the market are Majka’s hydration booster (which often sells out and tastes like the lightest hint of coconut but is amazing and super low sugar) and Beachbody’s hydrate (which is a tad sweeter and lemony).

I highly recommend trying either or both! I found both products super refreshing and so helpful during my breastfeeding journey. The determining factors on which to try would be price, flavor, and sugar content.


8. Energy Boosters

New mom life is exhausting. Some moms choose to forego consuming caffeine because it can pass through breastmilk, but most moms are up for a bit for survival! I absolutely consume coffee and natural energy boosts during breastfeeding, just not in the evenings. After long nights with baby, an energy boost is a welcome relief!

But much like protein powders, most energy (sometimes called preworkout drinks) include a ton of horrible for you ingredients. So you want to be sure that you are using clean products during your postpartum journey. (And always actually.)

I consider my clean “preworkout” energy drinks that only thing that gets me through these long mom days!

  • Energize is my mom life blood and comes in my favorite wild berry, but also in lemon and fruit punch!
  • Renewable Energy is a wonderful clean choice as well and my favorite flavor is Raspberry Lemonade. But it also comes in


9. The Active Gift Box

oraorganic gift box for postpartum gift ideas

Though it might not be on her mind in the first six weeks (or maybe it is) there is a great chance that your new mama friend is pretty eager to start feeling like herself again. While you shouldn’t be in a rush to drop the baby weight, dropping those excess pounds as your body heals and reorganizes it’s organs can really help you feel better more quickly.

Once cleared by your doctor (usually at your 6 week checkup) your new mom friend will probably be eager to start moving, exercising, and being active again! The active box is a perfect done for you gift for the mom earger to get moving again with baby!

What’s inside?

(Those are both my favorite flavors of these products and I’ve got them in my cabinet right now!) And even though this is sold as the “active box” it could just as aptly been named the new mom box! A nourishing meal I can mix with one hand and a healthy energy drink to keep me going plus a bpa free cut cup for it all? That is EXACTLY what I got myself postpartum.

Bonus: 10. Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan

The Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan is designed to help breastfeeding moms increase their milk supply, while nourishing their body, and dropping the baby weight in a healthy way.

While it isn’t recommended to start working out or changing your diet until after the 6 week recovery period, the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan is focused on learning how to eat a healthy whole food diet without restriction or calorie counting that increases milk supply by including galactogogues!

Maybe it’s not something you can slip into a basket, but it sure is a resource that is super helpful to have postpartum. This program is more than a “diet program.” In the Milky Mama’s Postpartum  Plan:

  • you learn about how to use galactogogues to increase you milk supply
  • you get over 50 whole food nutritious recipes for your breastfeeding diet (desserts included)
  • and you get a workout plan aimed at strengthening your body after having baby gently and effectively created by a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in prenatal through postpartum.

Sharing The Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan can be super helpful for postpartum healing and recovery.

the milky mama's postpartum plan


Wrapping Up the Best Gift Basket Ideas for Postpartum Moms

The postpartum period can be a time of intense change for women. It is important to take care of your body, mind, and spirit during this time so that you are ready for the next phase in your life as both a mom and woman.

Even if it’s just one gift, what do you wish someone had gotten you? Let us know down below!

We have compiled our favorite items for any new mother on her journey with breastfeeding or caring for herself after childbirth. What would make up YOUR perfect gift basket? Share yours by commenting below- we’d love to hear from you!


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The Best Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas

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