103 Keto Diet Fat Bomb Recipes: Sweet and Savory

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100+ Fat Bomb Recipes for Your Keto Diet

When you are on a Ketogenic Diet there are two very important things to keep on hand at all times: Keto approved snacks and fat bombs. The Ketogenic Diet is a tough one to stay on and you will need lots of fat bomb recipes to have a successful Keto Diet. 

There are a lot of foods you cannot eat, and a very specific amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates you need to consume each day to remain in Ketosis.

over 100 keto fat bomb recipes

What is Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet has risen to fame in recent years. It’s not one of those diets that fades in and out of popularity after only a few months either. The popularity of the Keto Diet has only been growing year after year.

And it should! The Ketogenic Diet is highly successful for helping people of any body type and fitness level lose weight fast with diet alone. In addition, it has also been found helpful in managing many diseases.

I’ve tried the Keto Diet two different times with starkly different results! Both times I lost weight, but how I felt each time was drastically different. 

Want to read the story of my 30 day Keto Diet that had to continue 2 more weeks. Then almost a year later I gave the Keto Diet one more try and had awesome results that you should really check out if you are ready to give the Ketogenic Diet a try! I completely avoided the dreaded Keto flu by preparing properly.

All in all, in the Keto Diet you omit almost ALL carbohydrates from your diet. Which means going far beyond passing on the sugar, breads, and beers. That means knowing the exact carbohydrate count of any vegetable you consume (and even most of those are off-limits), measuring each scoop of peanut butter, and staying away from almost all fruit!

You replace our typical energy source with healthy fats in the forms of mostly meats, cheeses, and oils.

Your body then will learn how to burn fat as fuel as opposed to glucose, actually burning the fat right off your body. Check out a detailed beginners guide to keto if you want to learn more!


Why should you eat fat bombs on your Ketogenic Diet?

As I mentioned before, the Keto Diet is STRICT! You will feel deprived. Especially in the beginning while you find the recipes that you really love that keep you from feeling left out.

You will be turning a lot of food down. But there are TONS of Keto friendly alternatives that you will learn to make and love! Keto breads, Keto cakes, and more! You will eventually learn to replace all your typical foods with high-fat alternatives.

If you don’t consume enough fat in a day while in Ketosis, your energy levels can drastically suffer. A fast way to:

  1. Kick any sweet craving to the curb
  2. Bump up your fat count for the day quickly
  3. End any feeling of Keto deprivation

Is to always keep some delicious fat bombs on hand!


Over 100 Sweet ad Savory Fat Boms for Your Ketogenic Diet

1. 3 Ingredient Almond Butter Fat Bombs from Chocolate Covered Katiealmond butter fat bombs

It is so important to have simple fat bombs that you love in your Keto Diet aresenal. Why you might ask? Because sticking to such a strick diet is HARD. If you do not have things on hand to satiate your cravings it is far too easy to cheat on your diet. Especially when on a Ketogenic Diet because there is so much you can’t have. This 3 ingredient fat bomb is exactly what you need!


2. Chocolate Dipped Keto Coconut Fat Bombs from Keto Pots

coconut chocolate fat bombs

When you think of this fat bomb recipe think of a guilt-free Almond Joy bar. Or at least think of their dark chocolate counterpart, what is that Candybar called? I’ve never been a huge fan of all the sugar in candy, but with this sugar-free alternative and all the flavor, you can enjoy this treat even on your Keto Diet!


3. 25 CRAZY EASY SWEET KETO FAT BOMBS from All Nutritious

easy sweet fat bom roundup

This huge fat bomb roundup is one you are not going to want to miss. Hit all you Keto cravings in one post! With copycat Ferrero Roche fat boms and my favorite: #12 cookie dough fat bombs, you will definitely find a handful you’ll love!


4. Chocolate Peppermint Fat Bombs from Vigor it Out

LCHF Keto Diet dark chocoalte cheesecake peppermint fat bombs

More candy-flavored fat bombs? Yes please! This mint chocolate fat bomb is what it would taste like if cheesecake and a peppermint patty had a baby!


5. The 5 Minute Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bomb from Vigor it Out

dark chocolate reeses peanut butter cup fat bombs with no sugar

As previously touched on. You will get cravings and have moments of feeling very deprived on the Ketogenic Diet. Combat those feelings with fast, delicious fat bombs! These Keto peanut butter cups take less than 5 minutes to make and are so satisfying!


6. Keto Cookies N Cream Fat Bombs from Healthline

cookies and cream fat bombs


7. 29 KETO FAT BOMB RECIPES from Kim and Kalee

sweet and savory fat bomb rrecipes

There are so many delicious options here to try out! They break the fat bombs into 3 categories for you on this website: chocolate, cheesecake, and other. I’m most ready to try the peanut butter cream cheese and those lemon and blueberry ones pictured above!


8. Coconut Cheesecake Fat Bombs from Vigor it Out



ice cube tray keto cheesecake fat bombs with raspberries and coconut

These were the first cheesecake fat bombs I’d ever tried. I typically ALWAYS want chocolate in my fat bombs, but these are a different and more rich sort of treat! Very reminiscent of cheesecake, the tart raspberries are the perfect complement to the rich filling.


9. Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Fat Blombs from Vigor it Out

dark chocolate blueberry cheesecake fat bombs recipe with cream cheese fat bom

This is my all-time favorite fat bombs. They are so darn good that I will eat them even before they harden! Though, using frozen blueberries almost automatically gives it a nice chocolatey crunch. This fat bomb truly blends together all the flavors that you’ll want in a sweet fat bomb all in one bite!


10. Blackberry Coconut Fat Bombs from Low Carb Yum

blackberry coconut fat bombs

This fat bomb has a very summery flavor, made with blackberry and coconut it’s quite a treat!


11. Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs from Kimspired DIY

keto lemon cheesecake fat bombs

Maybe because we have more lemons falling off our tree than I can even keep up with, or maybe because we just made our first try at lemon bars, and they were absolutely AMAZING, but these look divine! There’s just something about blending the tartness of a lemon with the sweetness of stevia in a low carb, no-calorie, guilt-free snack that is wonderful!


12. Jalepeno Popper Fat Bombs from Stylish Cravings

jalepeno popper fat bombs

Most of the time fat bombs are sweet. They are important for hitting that sweet tooth craving that you will undoubtedly get while on a Keto Diet. But they can be savory too! Give these irresistible jalapeno poppers a try today!


13. Keto Butter Burgers from Forget Sugar Friday

keto fat bomb butter burgers

Let’s give another really easy savory Keto fat bomb a try. Warning, while it is tough to consume too many sweet fat boms, eh not so much with the savory! These are so good you just might find yourself eating bite after bite until the whole batch is gone!


14. 33 Keto Fat Bomb Recipes You Have to Try from Forget Sugar Friday

33 low carb fat bombs recipes

Oh this roundup is all kinds of yes! From caffeine loaded coffee fat bombs to Neopolitan fat bombs, this roundup has almost got it all!


15. Chocolate Coconut Keto Fat Bombs from Powered by Mom

chocolate coconut keto fat bomb recipe

The picture says enough, these fat bombs are gorgeous and taste just as good!



16. Chocolate Cheesecake Fat Bomb from Oh My Sugar High

chocolate cheese cake fat bombs

While the blog’s name may deter you from thinking these are Keto-friendly, let me assure you that they are! It is amazing how blending the same flavors in different ways (such as layering as opposed to mixing) can bring an entirely different experience to a recipe!


17. Anti Inflmatory Turmeric Ginger Lemonade Fat Boms from Keen for Keto

Anti Inflmatory Turmeric Ginger Lemonade Fat Boms

This title is a mouthful and these fat bombs are a mouthful of intrigue! Absolutely perfect for the cold winter months, these fat bombs are begging to be tried!


18. Peanut Butter Whips from Low Carb Yum

peanut butter chocolate whipped fat bombs

Most fat bombs are dense and creamy, so this whip is truly unique! You still get to enjoy the typical rich flavors of a fat bomb with an entirely different texture. You will feel even less deprived on your Ketogenic Diet when incorporating new ideas like this fat bom!


19. Cookies n’ Cream Fat Bomb from Saving Dollars and Cents

coockies n cream fat bombs

And our final fat bomb for the day brings in a satisfying crunch that is reminiscent of a real cookie! This fat bomb will bring oreo’s to mind but is so rich and delicious you will never want an Oreo again!


Wrapping Up 100+ Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

I hope you found handfuls of your new favorite fat bom recipes here! I know I have enough new rich and creamy recipes to last me the entire year.

I tried to be all-inclusive in this roundup. It is mostly sweet, with a few savory fat bombs too! Lots of chocolate, peanut butter, fruit flavors, cheesecake, really everything you could hope to find when choosing a dessert.

So which fat bomb recipe are you the most eager to try? Let me know in the comments below! Oh and a question for the ages… is it fat bomb or fat bom? Tell me your take!

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