Homeschool PE Ideas for Social Distancing

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How to Get Kids Exercise at Home.

Your kids are home and they need exercise! Learn fun workouts that kids can do at home during social distancing.

Learn how to bring your PE class home and get the kids some great workouts at home!

how to do homeschool PE classes

Why You Need Homeschool PE

Right now everyone’s’ lives are a bit upside down with Coronavirus spreading quickly throughout the world. While so far children are typically fine after contracting the disease, it doesn’t stop them from spreading it.

As a precaution to slow the spread of COVID-19 in an attempt to keep our hospitals from reaching max capacity, all public schools have been shut down. For some they have claimed they will be closed at least 2 weeks (which would just be a fine long spring break) and for others the closure has already extended through the rest of the school year.

While taking a week off to lounge around and do nothing can actually be a nice healthy reset time, beyond that you need to keep moving!

I am a Certified Personal Fitness trainer and mom of 3 so I know how vital it is that we ALL get our exercise in!

You know what is important for the immune system and hard to do right now? Exercise, getting outdoors, and happiness. And they are all intertwined.

Try to get the kids outside each day for fresh air, a hike, or a jog. Then try out some of these apps and YouTube channels/videos for PE too.

Remember, at least 1 hr of activity each day for kiddos!



How to Get Kids to Exercise at Home

It can be tough to motivate kids to move around indoors especially when right now they have so much going on in their little minds.

But exercise and fresh air are 2 of the best things you can incorporate into their days to keep them healthy and happy!

Tips to make kid home workouts happen:

  • Do it with them! Be their motivator! Plus kids love seeing mommy be silly with them!
  • Give the exercises silly names! It’s a lot more fun when it’s called a squatting panda.
  • Never underestimate the power of bubbles. When your little workout buddies enthusiasm or focus has dwindled told bust out some bubbles.
  • Try a dance party, if nothing else is working… dance!
  • Sing songs when doing lots of reps! Kid songs like abcs (Or whatever your personal preference is)
  • Associate each exercise with an animal and make funny animal noises together!

Get an app with Thousands of Workouts

UPDATE: It is now back to school time! Err… for some it is. For most it’s still virtual school time. So as a way to continue to keep my kids active (as we kind of used up all the great youTube workouts on this list) I picked up the most amazing workout app!

My kids and myself now use Beachbody on Demand workouts every day and are loving it!

They have a huge kids section and thousands of other workouts that my 9 year old loves to follow along with me just fine and even my 4 year old participates! 

Best thing, you can get it free for 2 weeks right here: and then if you fall in love like we did, continue with 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year subscriptions for the best deal!

We are enjoying it so much I started a weekly Virtual Fit Kids club for homeschool or virtual school kids using the BOD workouts and streaming through Zoom.

Basically an online PE class so our kids can connect and get moving in a fun and safe environment. If that’s something you want more information on just reach out to Allie at 


Great YouTube Exercise Videos for Kids

This list includes everything! Yoga, Pilates, cardio, dance and more! Have fun and try them together!

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel

2. Mommy and Me Yoga

3. PopSugar Fitness Kids Cardio Routine

4. Learn a Dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

5. “Shake it off” Zumba Kids jr. Choreography

6. Kids and Adults Workout Video

7. KIDS WORKOUT ! Full 25 min exercise routine

8. Kids 7 Minute Animal HIIT Workout

9. Music for Children on Just Dance Kids!

10. The Bradley Girls Home Workout

11. 34 Minutes of KidsBop Dances

12. Give BOD a try for 2 weeks free!


Have fun During Social Distancing with Kids Workouts for Homeschool

This quarantine doesn’t have to keep you down or keep you immobile! Have fun with these home workouts with your kids, staying active, boosting your immune system, and flooding your body with endorphins!

These are some of the best you tube videos for kids that I know your kiddos will love! I tried to include as many different types of exercise as possible. Which ones did your kids enjoy the most?


More Ways to Workout with Your Kids at Home


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