Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

valentine's day crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts for kids are so fun and festive. I’ve found amazingly cute, simple, and frugal crafts that even little ones can make to give as gifts or decorate your home! These homemade Valentine’s Day crafts are perfect for preschoolers on up!

Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts

valentine's day crafts

January is half way over. It is unbelievable. As always now time just seems to fly by! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there’s nothing better than homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts for the holiday!

There are so many things to make for gifts, to decorate, and not to mention randomly heart shaped food. Toddlers on up can have a wonderful time making beautiful homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts for everyone in their lives.

Why Homemade?

Valentine’s Day is a special day signifying love and those that you care about in your life. Sure, we can all go to the store and pick up a bag of candy and some Valentine’s day cards and décor but it is so much more fun and meaningful when you make it yourself!

Not to mention when it’s made by the precious hands of your little people.

So I scoured Pinterest and found 10 unbelievably cute, frugal, and very simple Valentine’s Day crafts that you will have an absolute ball creating with your kids!


Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts Roundup


1. Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts

From: Easy Peasy and Fun

I adore all kids crafts created with finger, hand, and footprints. They are just so special. There are so many different ways to use those adorable prints but I thought the finished product on this handprint tree was so classy and high quality it is my absolute favorite!


2. Valentine’s Day Love Bugs

valentines crafts


From: Mom Luck

These “love bugs” have got to be the absolute cutest homemade Valentine’s Day craft I found! I love them. I want to create 100 and stick them everywhere! I’m sure when I show my 7 year old this post that is EXACTLY what she’s going to do!


3. Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

valentine's day crafts

From: I Heart Crafty Things

This sewing heart is not only impressive when completed but also amazing for honing dexterity of little ones. Kids of any age will adore making and decorating with these little beauties.


4. Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts

From: The Resourceful Mama

This is a completely simple (once you cut out all the hearts of course) and yet stunning homemade Valentine’s Day craft! I remember making these in school as a kid. In fact it’s crafts like this that taught me how to easily cut a heart out! I love this cute little home decoration.


5. DIY Hatchimals Valentine

valentines day crafts

From: Vigor It Out

This year Hatchimals CollEGGtibles is a total craze and they are wiped off the shelves. How amazing would it be to create your own Hatchimals CollEGGtibles to give as Valentine’s? Instantly the coolest kid in the class. The full tutorial has directions to make Hatchimals and eggs in multiple ways with supplies from the Dollar Store for any crafting ability!


6. Heart Windsocks

valentine's day crafts

From: Non Toy Gifts

I am an obsessive upcycler and this is right up my “Allie.” You can create your own adorable Valentine’s Day windsock easily with an old soup can! In fact now I’m considering making one for every single holiday.


7. Valentine Popsicle Stick Craft

valentine's day craft

From: Craft Create Cook

If you’re looking for a simple Valentine’s Day gift idea this is it! Using only popsicle sticks and buttons you can create a crafty frame for a special note or photo! Last year my girls made Daddy a similar craft for Valentine’s out of popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces that held an adorable photo and read “I love you to pieces.” (Just in case you need one more precious idea.)


8. Coffee Filter Hearts

valentine's day crafts

From: Simple Fun For Kids

Coffee filters have this amazing ability to bleed colors that can make all sorts of cute little crafts! In this heart craft they use stamp pens to add color but washable markers will work just as well if you don’t have the stamp pens on hand.


9. Rainbow Heart Sun Catchers

valentine's day crafts

From: Fireflies and Mud Pies 

Seasonal sun catchers are some of my favorite crafts to do with my kids. Sun catchers are simple and turn out so impressive looking! This tissue paper heart is a perfect homemade Valentine’s Day craft that children of literally any age can participate in.


10. Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

valentine's day crafts

From: Wine and Glue

I’m definitely trying this homemade Valentine’s Day craft out this year! We live in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of the city and the forest and blue jays and song birds abound! Plus these make a really unique and special Valentine’s Day gift as well.



11. Bouquet of Hearts Card

valentine's day crafts

From: Make and Takes

I’ve made this craft many times and it is always special. I created some as a kid and my daughter made one for me when she was so small all she could really do was glue on the hearts. I cherish it nonetheless. Make these cards this year for all the special women in your life.


I hope you gathered some inspiration to make this Valentine’s Day super special and fun this year!

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