How to Make DIY Kinetic Sand: Moon Sand 4 Ways

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You will learn how to make moon sand (diy kinetic sand) four scented and colored ways. Learn the differences between kinetic sand and moon sand and why moon sand with flour is the perfect nontoxic and frugal alternative to Kinetic sand.

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Homemade Nontoxic DIY Kinetic Sand = Moon Sand.

moon sand

Ready for FOUR amazingly scented, seasonal, moon sand recipes? I absolutely love doing healthy nontoxic sensory craft play like moon sand with my kids.

I strive to constantly find new ways to live more healthy and natural for my family. When I can create an amazing sensory play activity that is completely non toxic I am ecstatic!

Moon Sand = DIY Kinetic Sand… But Much Better!

Do you remember a few years ago around Christmas time when this super cool, sometimes colorful, amazing new textured play thing came out called Kinetic sand?  It was everywhere!  In every store, with tons of different kits, colors, and brands.  Kinetic sand was where it was at.

So of course my little princess received multiple packages of Kinetic sand that holiday from her adoring family.  Kinetic sand is really quite fun.  It has an amazing texture and is just wonderful for building sand castles and the like.  When packed together firmly Kinetic sand is able to hold it’s shape and after a while (or if not packed super tight):

It crumbles down in slow motion.  That is my favorite part.

The slow soothing crumbling action of Kinetic sand is absolutely mesmerizing.  Kinetic sand does cost a pretty penny though.  The kits range from $10 (for way too little sand to really use as the “cheap” box was really only to supplement the kits) to around $40 to get all the bells and whistles.

Tools, different colors of kinetic sand, molds, and a convenient play tray to keep the mess in one place.  Which by the way DOES NOT keep the mess anywhere near one place, but it far beats playing with it without a tray.

The Downfalls of Kinetic Sand:

  • After one use I realized this was definitely an outdoor activity.
  • The Kinetic sand gets everywhere, it’s kind of sticky so terrible in carpet, and you really lose a lot each play session.
  • Kinetic sand is expensive.
  • I also noticed the colored options, while looking super-cool, emitted a very strong chemical scent.  While kinetic sand claims to be composed of 98% sand and 2% silicon oil I’m not so sure. The colored versions emit an intense chemical odor that really concerned me for my toddler.

Needless to say I knew there had to be a better option than refilling her Kinetic sand kit with the highly expensive, seemingly toxic,  store bought options.

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Moon Sand Can Even Be Scented and Colored All Natural!

Enter the healthiest DIY kinetic sand:

Moon sand!

Moon sand is every frugal mom and creative mom’s dream. These recipes are far healthier (so much in fact that they are actually edible!  Gross, but edible nonetheless) than Kinetic sand. This diy kinetic sand also happens to be ridiculously cheap!

There are other recipes for DIY kinetic sand around the internet but they always include dish soap. When searching for a completely natural and fully nontoxic option, moon sand is the only toddler and baby safe diy kinetic sand recipe.

You can make five pounds of this magic mixture for only a couple bucks.

There are only two ingredients: flour and oil.

The texture and behavior of the moon sand with flour and oil is so similar to kinetic sand it’s striking.



  • wheat flour
  • vegetable oil


  1. Combine 4 cups of wheat flour to 5/8 c. vegetable oil.  Any oil (and many flours for that matter) really will do but I’m sure you have vegetable oil on hand.
  2. Mix well and play away!

(I actually use sweet almond oil because a couple years ago I bought 50 pounds (yes you read that right) of oil for a soap making venture and somehow still have an awful lot of sweet almond oil. It may not be the freshest anymore; perfect for crafts though!)




  1. Combine 4 cups of wheat flour with 5/8 c. vegetable oil.
  2. Add in five drops of lavender essential oil and 1/8 c. lavender flowers.  The flowers can be dried or fresh, we have a huge plant that happens to be flowering right now so fresh it is!
  3. An optional ingredient is 1 tsp  beet root powder to get the purple color.

Add in the powder with the flour and mix before adding the oil.  It will stain though so if you use the color please play outside!  Mix all ingredients well and enjoy the soothing relaxing play this provides.


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moon sand


  1. Combine 4 cups of wheat flour with 5/8 cup coconut oil. (You know, the kind that oozes that amazing coconut smell)
  2. Add in 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon spice.
  3. An optional ingredient is turmeric to get that fun summery color we made this into! If using, add it now.
  4. Add in the coconut and essential oils and mix well.

TIP: Add the turmeric to the flour and cinnamon and mix up before adding in the oils.About 1 tsp should do the trick but warning… it stains so please use outside!  Mix all ingredients well and take this fun recipe outdoors for invigorating play.



  • wheat flour
  • vegetable oil
  • cinnamon
  • clove
  • nutmeg
  • allspice


  1. Combine 4 cups of wheat flour with 1/2 cup vegetable oil.
  2. Add in 1/8 teaspoon each of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice.  (Pumpkin spice would be another completely viable alternative, we simply don’t keep it on hand and make our own.)
  3. Mix all ingredients well and try not to eat it!  Wonderful for setting the mood on a crisp fall day.


All these moon sand recipes keep extremely well too.  Just store in an airtight container.  Even a ziplock bag has worked well for me for about a year!  Moon sand is also far easier to clean up than Kinetic sand.

That’s all the wonderful moon sand fun I have for you today!  I really hope you love the recipes and scents and have as much fun as your kids squishing, building, and creating.




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