Tantalizing Vanilla Whey Shakeology Recipes

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There are lots of simple delicious vanilla Shakeology recipes and these ones are the best! Enjoy these Shakeology smoothie, baking, and more recipes to get in your daily dose of dense nutrition.

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Vanilla Whey Shakeology is the Best

Vanilla whey Shakeology is absolutely my favorite flavor. It is also my favorite protein powder I am an complete protein powder junkie.

I have tried them all! I frequently review them and I know the best of the best.

Vanilla Whey Shakeology is the best of the best.

This superfood protein powder is far more than just a protein shake, hence the high price point. For years I really found that a deterrent… But I was also dirt broke. Once I took the plunge and bought myself a month supply of Shakeology I have not been able to go back.

Why is Whey Shakeology More Than a Protein Powder

Shakeology has tons of nutritional benefits beyond being a super clean protein powder. It is loaded with:

  • superfoods
  • adaptogens
  • greens
  • prebiotics
  • probiotics
  • digestive enzymes
  • and much more.

In fact Shakeology was able to replace so many of my supplements that I’m actually saving money by buying it this $100 bag of protein powder! Your jaw dropped right?

By drinking Shakeology I was replacing $172 of supplements that I was taking on a monthly basis.

Read more about all the benefits of Shakeology and exactly how I’m saving money by buying it in this post here.

And of course you will want to know all my best tricks to save big on your Shakeology too! You can save up to $50 using my tips.

If you don’t have any of my favorite superfood protein powder you can get some Shakeology right now and give these recipes a try!

Why is Whey Vanilla a Great Protein Powder Choice?

Vanilla Shakeology is my favorite flavor because it is the easiest to blend with everything. The chocolate whey Shakeology is probably the most delicious but not quite as versatile. But don’t worry I’m making a roundup of the best chocolate whey Shakeology recipes next month!

Whey is very important, especially for women looking to gain muscle.

There is no better protein powder than whey for women for regaining muscle mass. The only time you would want something different is if you have severe lactose intolerance.

If you still want all the nutritional benefits of the Shakeology protein powder though, there is a vegan option as well. I don’t think it’s quite as tasty and the nutritional content– while very close– is not quite as high as the whey variety. But if you can’t tolerate the whey then it is a wonderful alternative.

The Best Whey Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

These recipes are going to be broken up by category beginning with smoothie recipes:

which is typically how you’re going to be having a Shakeology.

But what about when that gets boring? Are there other ways to have your vanilla whey Shakeology and still get your daily dose of dense nutrition?

Absolutely! It is very good when baked into bread or mixed into energy balls so you’ll find those recipes here as well.

Most of these are categorized as “whey” recipes but you could also substitute vegan Shakeology and it would still be super delicious!  The difference between these recipes and my Vanilla Vegan Shakeology recipes is that the vegan recipes are guaranteed to be vegan ingredients in addition to vegan Shakeology.

And without further adieu let’s get into those delicious recipes.

The Best Vanilla Whey Shakeology Smoothie Recipes

vanilla whey shakeology smoothie recipes

  1. Very Berry Delight from Beachbody on Demand

  2. Vanilla Dreamsicle Shake from My Heavenly Recipes

  3. Snickerdoodle Shakeology from Fit Mom Angela D

  4. Peanut Butter Cookie Shakeology from Beachbody on Demand

  5. Lemon Bar Shakeology from BOD

  6. Horchata Shakeology from Beachbody on Demand

  7. Irresistible Double Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie Recipe from Vigor it Out

Vanilla Shakeology Energy Balls Recipes

vanilla whey shakeology energy ball recipe

7. Coconut Vanilla Shakeology Balls from The Delicious Spoon

8. Cookie Dough Energy Balls from BOD

9. Shakeology Peanut Butter Protein Bites from Fit Mom Angela D

10. Vanilla Shakeology Protein Balls from Sorey Fitness

Other Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

11. 21 Day Fix French Toast with Vanilla Shakeology from My Crazy Good Life

12. Healthy Zucchini Bread 21 Day Fix Approved from Adventures of a Shrinking Princess

13. Quick Clean Shakeology Banana Bread from I’m More Than a Mom

Wrapping Up The Best Whey Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

I hope you found your new favorite recipe here. If you need to grab another bag of Shakeology to make sure you don’t ever run out, you can get some right here!

Shakeology is my favorite in a smoothie, but it is so versatile and blends so well in such a variety of recipes! I love Shakeology in energy balls and bread but don’t let this list limit your imagination!

Vanilla Shakeology is also great in overnight oats, can e mixed into cookies, and more!

What is your favorite way to eat your Shakeo when you’re looking for a treat?

More about Shakeology from Vigor it Out

The Best Whey Vanilla Shakeology Recipes Ever

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