Activia Challenge 2018 to Boost Health with Probiotics

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The Activia Challenge 2018 is a wonderful simple step toward healthy living. Add 2 Activia Dailies Probiotics Drinks into your diet to improve gut health with active live cultures in a delicious drink.

activia challenge 2018

This post is sponsored by Activia but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Boosting and Balancing Health with the Activia Challenge 2018

I am always on a  quest to improve my health, wellness, and happiness through diet and exercise. I am  always striving to improve. However, I am constantly needing to change things up because of symptoms from a chronic disease I suffer from.

What changes primarily as a result of living with a well managed chronic disease are my diet and exercise routines. I suffer from frequent and recurring gut health issues and joint weakness and subsequent injuries.

Lately (like for months) I’ve been dealing with a lot of gut health issues which have caused me to change my diet around a lot. I’ve tried Keto, intermittent fasting, protein shakes, and more. All at an attempt tor to eliminate daily bloating and pain.

Some changes have been a flop for me personally. Some have been amazing. Others were a great learning experience that I’m grateful to have had.

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How to Balance Health With Probiotics and the Activia Challenge 2018

activia challenge 2018

My life has gotten ridiculously busy this summer with wrapping up homeschooling, working from home, writing a book, traveling, and a huge long move. Needless to say, though my diet and health are important, they did slide to the back burner.

So to balance my system out again after traveling and moving I decided to try the Activia Challenge 2018 in which you drink two small probiotic yogurt drinks a day to balance your gut health with natural live probiotic cultures. Billions of them!

I usually am creating homemade kombucha or sauerkraut for natural probiotics but there’s no way that is fitting into my busy schedule right now! Washing my face in the morning had been enough of a challenge!

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Activia Dailies are a Perfect Probiotic Supplement for Busy Moms

I chose to supplement with a much more readily available option by picking up some Activia Dailies Probiotic Drinks to give the Activia Challenge 2018 a try. I love that these little yogurt drinks are small, sweet, and easy to remember.

It takes less than a minute to sip down a little bottle loaded with billions of natural probiotics twice a day. Plus I get the probiotic boost I always try to include that really helps balance my digestive system.

I am so psyched that even while life has gotten completely unbalanced this month, I was able to keep balance in my digestive tract with very little effort.

These Probiotic Drinks Come in Many Yummy Flavors

activia challenge 2018

I picked up Activia Dailies Probiotic Drinks at my local Walmart in vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry so I could try all the delicious flavor options. I love them all but vanilla was definitely my favorite.

There’s also an unbelievable deal going on through Ibotta right now so that you can get cashback for trying out the Activia Challenge 2018 yourself!

I LOVE Ibotta! It is my absolute favorite cashback app to make money as a stay at home mom doing exactly what I already do, shopping for food. In this post here, I detail in depth how to make money with Ibotta fast and easy.

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activia challenge 2018

So head on over and learn exactly how to use the app, then click here to save $1.00 on either Activia yogurt or the new drinkable Activia Dailies Probiotic Drinks. (Or even multiple packs of both. Totally allowed in Ibotta!)

Boost your gut health with the tasty Activia Challenge 2018. Try it for 2 weeks risk free and see how you feel after taking a simple step toward health and balance.

What is your favorite way to get probiotics into your diet?


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