Ibotta: The Best App to Make Extra Money

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Make Extra Money Doing What You Already Do.

My absolute favorite app right now for earning a little extra money is called Ibotta. Have you heard of it? There are so many money making apps available but most require quite a bit of extra time that I really don’t have as a full time mother.

You can complete surveys, complete tasks, and even be a mystery shopper. I’ve tried quite a few with just about no success except for Ibotta: the best app to make extra money. Especially as a stay at home mom.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is basically a couponing app with less hassle and more benefits! You can literally make money with only a few extra minutes here and there because it’s literally getting paid to do what you are already doing, shopping! Mainly for food.

There are even rebates available to try other apps like Uber and Groupon if you spend money in places like that. I don’t though, and I still am able to make plenty of extra money on food shopping alone. About $30 a month.

Considering the very little time and hassle involved it’s definitely a come up for me!

How To Use Ibotta.

First you will need to install the app. If you sign up through my special link here you will get an amazing $10 sign up bonus when you complete your first rebate.

Literally, you will get $10 just for shopping at your favorite local stores and scanning in your receipt and an item or two!

(The link should automatically enter the referral code for the bonus but just in case it doesn’t your referral code from me for this great sign in bonus is “xrritsu”. And I get a little bonus for referring you too when you collect your first rebate so thank you so much in advance!)


How Do I Start Saving Right Now?

Once you are registered and the app is installed it is going to prompt you to choose your favorite local stores, easy! Mine are Walmart, Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Target.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite stores you will be brought to your home screen where you can either click on a store or search for a store or specific item you are going to buy.

I choose the store I know I will be shopping at and browse all the available rebates. It’s like couponing with so much less effort.

Ibotta is couponing without the effort.

I used to coupon about six years ago, you know just before the Extreme Couponing shows came out. It is great fun and you can save so much and even get free items often without being Extreme… but it does take a huge level of organization.

Ibotta fits my life so much better right now. There is no newspapers (scrounging through the recyclables to find tossed coupons… ok so most don’t do that but I did!), clipping, sorting, or stacking involved. Just your phone and a few clicks and you still save PLENTY to be worth your time.

How To Load Rebates Into My App

When browsing the available rebates if you find one you are interested in just click it and to load it onto your shopping app you will usually have to answer a one question survey or watch a super short video. There are even “any brand” rebates for $.25 often available for things you will definitely be picking up anyway. Think milk, eggs, or bread. I’ll take an extra quarter back for buying my staple items!

What to do once rebates are all loaded up!

Once you’ve added the rebates, when you go to the store you can review them in the “my rebates” section. Ibotta has added a bunch of cool features they’ve added in the last year including the ability to scan the item before purchase to make sure it matches the rules on the rebate.

However if your phone is anything like mine it often fails to access the web in stores. For that exact reason I handwrite a really detailed list before shopping. It should include the item, size, type required (if there is a requirement), amount available for refund, and the amount you’ll receive.

Many items you can get more than one refund on now!

Another great new feature is that you can usually redeem each item twice per receipt! (Some items up to five! I literally bought 10 boxes of pasta tonight. I know we’ll use them in our house! AND after the rebate they only cost about $.30 each… for the whole wheat varieties!)

This is so great when you find something you really like! (Like Tillamook yogurt for us.) Just be careful when trying to reach bonuses in this manner because multiple duplicate items only count as 1 towards your goal. Keep reading for more details about bonuses. (If you missed the link before and you can’t wait another second to sign up with Ibotta… click HERE!)


So now you’ve loaded some rebates, gone to the store and purchased, SAVED YOUR RECEIPT!!, and are ready to redeem that money! Great!

You will either need to photograph your entire receipt or scan the QR code. (If you have huge shopping trips like us and taking photos of the entire receipt is too daunting I recommend shopping at Walmart. You simply scan the little square code at the bottom and the entire receipt is automatically uploaded.)

Once your receipt is loaded in you choose the rebates that you purchased and scan the barcode on each one. The scanner is great and works really quickly unless it’s a frozen item. Just wipe it off first in that case.

Then click the “collect purchases” button and the money should be added into your account in about 24 hours. They will notify you by email that it went through.

How Do I Cash Out at Ibotta?

This great money saving app has tons of awesome ways to cash out! And the amount you need to reach is totally attainable, usually $20.

When you sign up and redeem through my special link HERE you’re more than half way there! You can either purchase a gift card for somewhere you shop (they even have Walmart and Amazon available) or have the money transferred to your PayPal account. (My favorite.)

That’s it! You just made money with literally only minutes spent.


What are Bonuses All About?

So not ONLY will you be saving money by collecting rebates, but Ibotta also offers additional money back bonuses all throughout the month.

There are different level bonuses for each month that are really easy to achieve. They usually read something like this: July Level 1 Bonus; collect 10 rebates and $10 to earn an additional $1.

The levels continue to increase as long as you keep collecting. I reached level 3 this month. That’s $6 for doing nothing extra at all!

Every couple weeks there are usually $5 bonuses for collecting a few extra rebates. Read the rules carefully, “any brand” rebates don’t count toward bonuses and duplicate items don’t usually either.

Ibotta: The Best App To Earn Extra Money

Are you ready to try out Ibotta yet? Click HERE to sign up and receive a $10 sign up bonus you can collect after your first time using the app!

There are so many other features too! You can build a team by linking accounts with your friends via Facebook etc. to help each other reach the monthly bonuses! I haven’t tried this yet and still make plenty! There’s also this cool new rebate almost always available where you can earn $.25 or $.50 just for claiming a receipt. There’s not even a specific item to score that.

I really can’t say enough great things about this app!

I DO sometimes buy things I wouldn’t have otherwise, but I never buy anything I don’t KNOW my family will eat. There are often great rebates available for new products that make them free after rebate.

We tried a bunch of new cereals this month, and my Ibotta account paid me almost $10 to do it! There are tons of rebates available that I pass over because they just don’t apply to our diet or tastes… and I make plenty anyways! Doing nothing I wouldn’t normally be doing except scanning some items when I finish shopping.

You must redeem within 7 days of purchase but I usually find it best to do the day of… or I find things are already eaten and tossed.

So try out Ibotta today through my special link right HERE and get a great $10 sign up bonus! (My referral code should automatically pop in through that link but just in case it doesn’t it is: xirrtsu.)



Did you sign up? Maybe you want to link accounts and become a team to earn even more with me? Just let me know! I’d be more than happy to join your team and beyond pleased if you’d pin this for all your frugal friends!

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