Healthy DIY Mocktail Bar

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Party bars are all the rage. But not the traditional line of booze (I mean there is a time and place of course) but more creative options that are kid-friendly too like hot cocoa bars, candy bars, and s’mores bars! But this time for your party, instead of cocktails, you’re ready to try a DIY mocktail bar! Whether you’re avoiding alcohol or just looking for delicious non-alcoholic drink options, this is the perfect party idea for you. Come thirsty and ready to mix up something refreshing!

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how to make a mocktail bar for your party that's healthy

What is a Mocktail Bar?

So clearly the term bar has us all thinking of a dark place with a high counter you stumble up to and order your booze. Nothing wrong with enjoying your bar time or having a traditional bar at your wedding or birthday party.

But maybe you are looking for those fun en vogue party bars instead? Looking back on my days working at Party City many many years ago, I think the trend originally began with candy bars. With a table set up with all kinds of cute colored dishes in different shapes and sizes, color-coordinated candies, and matching scoopers to boot.

But nowadays the party bar trend has gone far beyond candy bars like hot cocoa bars and more!

But today we are blending the popular party bars with your traditional bar and making a diy mocktail bar!

Enjoying all the fancy splashes, twists, bubbles, and garnishes of typical mixed drinks sans alcohol. A diy mocktail bar is perfect for if you are sober, looking to get a bit healthier and cut back on alcohol, making a family-friendly party, etc.

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How to Make a Healthy DIY Mocktail bar

First, begin with a folding table (or two) and fancy bar tablecloths for them. At the start of the table place lots of various types of plastic mixed drink cups. Think martini glasses, cocktail glasses, etc. They can be completely clear or lightly colored. I know off-hand Party City carries tons of stuff like this, but you can also get them delivered from Amazon.

Start with Ingredients to Muddle

When setting up your table, after the glasses put your ingredients to muddle. Many mixed drinks begin with muddling herbs, fruits, or spices at the bottom of the glass first. Place a few muddlers at the table for your guests to use and get these containers to place your muddling ingredients in next. I suggest using mini plastic tongs for these because scooping out mint and basil leaves would be almost impossible.

This section of your table should have all the fun things on it. Think mint, cucumbers, basil, rosemary, cranberries, blackberries, really any berries, lemons & limes (add oranges or grapefruit if you can find them), as well as some other fruits of your choice.

The continuation of that station should have slightly different containers like these that contain ingredients you COULD muddle but you would more expect your guests to stir in. Think stevia packets, agave syrup, raw cane sugar, small candies, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, etc.

Next in Line at the Mocktail Bar: Your Liquids

Choose a selection of fruit juices, fresh lemon and lime juices (trust me, it’s way better that way), bubbly waters like La Croix, club soda, non alcoholic ginger beer, and Zevia sodas for a healthy mix of delicious drinks that you think will work well together.

Creating the perfect mix of juices, fresh lemon juice, possibly mixers (fyi mixers aren’t typically healthy but it’s up to you if you want to include them), and sodas is a science, but don’t worry – you don’t need to be a chemist to host a great mocktail bar! I’ll have links to my most delicious mocktail recipes coming up to give you ideas.

Start with muddling some herbs or fruit at the bottom of your glass then add in a splash of something sweet like pineapple juice or tart, like lemon juice, and then combine it with something sparkling like lemon-lime bubbly water. If you want your drink sweet add in some stevia or agave syrup for a healthy mocktail or use a Zevia soda for a base.

Many party bars have cute little standing mini chalkboards like these and some small label ones like this telling guests what to add, recipes, or directions.

Next Comes Ice

This is an important part of your healthy diy mocktail bar so be sure to consider where you place it. Like, next to the pool in direct sun during summer is probably not the best idea.

Fill either a large plastic bowl like this clear one or even a tin bucket for a cute look with ice and don’t forget the ice tongs!

Man who knew managing a Party City store would pay off so well for blogging a decade down the road.

After That Have a Section for Garnishes

When it comes to dreaming up the perfect mocktail, garnishes are one of the most important elements. These tasty additions can take a mundane drink and turn it into an extraordinary experience.

Of course, there needs to be meticulous planning in order to make sure no flavor is overlooked. Do you want something fresh and zesty? Go with some lemons and limes! Looking for a richer palette? Try a sprig of mint or a chunk of mango.

If you’re feeling truly daring, why not sprinkle on some sea salt for a surprising twist? With so many garnishing options out there, thinking outside the box is key when creating your own fantastic mocktail!

A great way to display your mocktail garnishes is on a serving platter laid out nicely, sort of like a charcuterie board. Place a couple plastic condiment bowls on it with raw sugar, stevia (in packets so as to avoid confusion with sugar or salt), and margarita salt with tiny serving spoons in each.

Last Station of the Healthy Mocktail Bar

Lastly, place some straws (plastic straws or paper straws depending on your desired aesthetic) and some stir sticks as well. You can display these in cups or a utensil caddy. It’s all about the presentation when it comes to party bars, even mocktail ones!

How Does a Healthy DIY Mocktail Bar Work?

Now that you know how to set up your mocktail bar from start to finish and exactly how to display everything so it is the most visually pleasing, you might be wondering how exactly the mocktail bar even works.

Ideally, the guests will be serving themselves. That’s why you typically add those plaques and labels to things with either recipe ideas, directions, or for simply labeling items. Like, “Pick your ingredients to muddle,” “Pick your juice base,” “Now add some fizz,” etc.

But if it were MY healthy mocktail bar, I would have some ready-made options for them as well. Maybe on a separate table next to this one. Here are some great recipes to get you started:

Wrapping Up Healthy DIY Healthy Mocktail Bar

Setting up a DIY mocktail bar at your next party is sure to be the life of it! Your guests will get creative with all of the available ingredients, mixing and matching unique flavors for the tastiest concoctions.

And if they’re feeling uninspired? No worries – you are prepared to provide some ready-made options that are bound to hit the spot.

So next time you want to treat your friends to something special, break out that mocktail bar, as nothing is better than actually remembering all the fun memories you create at your party!

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