How to Make Money with a Mom Blog: Blog Income Report May 2018

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Many blogs post income reports and occasionally I do as well to share with you what is or is not working for me in hopes that it may inspire you to make money with a mom blog. This income report is for May 2018 from my mom blog- Vigor it Out.

make money with a mom blog

Can You Make Money with a Mom Blog?

Yes you definitely can make real money blogging! It seems everyone has started a blog these days and you should too! But not everyone is going to make a viable income from it and no one will right away.

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. It is a lot of hard work, lonely hours, and confusing terminology (unless you are already a total techy… I’m NOT.)

However, it is an amazing way that you can make money at home:

on your own time table, while being a stay at home mom, to teach and talk about whatever you want, plus inspire and help people! No wonder everyone is jumping on the blog bandwagon.

But before make money with a mom blog, you need do ask yourself these questions.

1. Am I a self starter?

There will be no boss there to give you deadlines. There will be no teacher telling you when a paper is due. Are you ok with that? Or maybe, could you really thrive in those conditions?

2. Can you commit to giving time to blogging consistently for a year without ever making a penny?

That doesn’t HAVE to be the case. I was making about $250 a month after 3 months. But considering the hours I was putting that is literally like getting paid pennies per hour. Are you ok with dedicating your time and money for a year with no payout in order to build a business that might set you up for all your dreams of a side income on your terms?

3. Can you spend hours online a day?

Some people love sitting at digital devices, others do not. Some people cannot get up early. Other people cannot stay up late. Some moms will not get a babysitter. You’re going to have to do one of these things to run your blog. (Unless you have school aged kids in public school.)

Me? I home school a 7 and 2 year old and am a very active stay at home mom who stays up until the wee hours most morning to get my blogging done. I’m a night owl anyway and that’s what works for me.

4. Can I stay focused, working, and committed even when results aren’t coming?

The internet is always changing. The amount to learn about blogging is endless. Your stats will rise and drop and you might not even know why. Algorithms are changing every day on social media. Fortunately the blogging community is REALLY helpful.

So many people are willing to help you and guide you all the time. But you do need to stay committed to the timeline and hours you promised yourself, even when the results aren’t what you were hoping for.

Can You Answer YES to These 4 Mom Blog Questions?

Then you can definitely make money with a mom blog! If you can answer yes to these 4 things there is a good chance blogging is a great match for you!

So what are you waiting for?

You can sign up RIGHT HERE right now! I can promise that if you are thinking about it and wait:

then in a month you will have wished you’ve started today! Remember it’s a business that takes time to build up, take that time now before you lose another month of contemplating.

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I host through Bluehost and am so happy with their price and support! They are awesome for beginners and you own your domain through Bluehost which is important for monetizing your blog in the future.

You can read more about exactly why I love them in “How to Start a Blog Like a Rock Star!”

This is only my second blog income report.

I don’t see the need to share them every month while I’m still starting out and it’s really not all that much income I’m earning. I DO make money every single month. However I gave myself a year (as is suggested by all the big time bloggers… you know those earning 10K a month… to expect seeing a dime.)

But my 10th month of blogging was a huge boost for me!

It was my first month passing 100,000 pageviews and also my first month making over $1,000! So It begs to be shared.

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How I Make Money With a Mom Blog in Month 10 of Blogging

Ad Networks: $1,759.79

  • Mediavine

Affiliates: $116.72

  • Pinteresting Strategies
  • Amazon

My eBook: $30

TOTAL: $1906.51

That is totally amazing for me! There are a few things that I credit that huge leap in success to and I’m going to share them all with you today!

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Pinterest marketing Strategy Book Bundle for bloggers for the pin cycle strategy

Check out The Pin Cycle Strategy book series to have all your questions answered!

What I Directly Credit my Success This Month To:

how to make money with a mom blog

Traffic Transformations

I haven’t bought too many eBooks for growing my blog but I have purchased 2 that are my absolute favorites! I picked up Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott in January and it has been absolutely amazing for growing my blog!

This book opened my eyes to looking at marketing my own content within my site in ways that I didn’t even see. Looking back now the tips seem simple, but she broke things down in a way that made perfect sense and was easily applicable. It really did as the book promised:

Transformed my traffic!

When I bought the Traffic Transformation Guide I had 15,000 pageviews that month and I felt stuck. I hadn’t been growing much at all after the first 3 months as far as traffic was concerned. After buying her book my traffic has skyrocketed to being at 110,000 views for May!

Take a minute to analyze that. 15K to 110K… that is growth of 95,000 in 4 months! As I said, traffic transformed.

I’m just blown away at what a huge difference the Traffic Transformation Guide made for my website and I’d recommend it to anyone searching for a boost in traffic.


Pinteresting Strategies

My other favorite eBook is an absolute steal at only $32 and is called Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. I rave about this book all the time and how it changed my Pinterest game early on and has taught me how to create viral pins since only my second month blogging!

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I bought this book in only my second month of blogging and it has been my favorite resource for learning how to master the ultimate way to drive traffic to your blog STILL as of 2018: Pinterest. It’s what I attribute to the early boost to that makes my Pinterest game so strong. I get about 99% of my views through Pinterest alone, have a reach of over 3.3 million on Pinterest, and all with only 1,200 followers.

If those stats don’t speak to the power of this manual pinning method I don’t know what will!

There has been a lot of discrepancies lately about utilizing google analytics for pinning, pinning manually, and much more after a recent interview that was aired between Pinterest and Tailwind.

Despite anything that might negate the power of manual pinning I have continued to test this method with phenomenal results.

Thus I STILL recommend Pinteresting Strategies to all of my friends!

I recommend Pinteresting Strategies to anyone looking to understand Pinterest at a deeper level for blogging. It is a manual pinning strategy that is very time consuming, but helps you to understand the monster (in a good and bad way) that Pinterest really is with a proven successful hands on approach.


Switching Ad Companies

Last month I officially switched ad companies and that skyrocketed the amount of money I am able to make with my mom blog.

I was running ads through Google AdSense and Gourmet Ads previously. My site was a bit bogged down with ads by going through 2 companies, and I really wasn’t loving the appearance. However, I did need to make revenue for my hours and hours spent and that is what I had to do.

If any of you already are blogging and are not with Mediavine I HIGHLY recommend you switch as soon as possible! They are friendly, helpful, and thorough. They placed all the ads for me (score!) and pay about 10x+ what Google AdSense does.

You can make money with your mom blog through ads.

The requirements for applying to Mediavine  are 25K sessions in a 30 day period. It doesn’t matter if it’s the 1st through 30th or the 12th through 9th. Sessions are different than pageviews and you can find them both in your Google analytics. It converts to about 30K pageviews.


That is How to Make Money with a Mom Blog

And exactly how I was ALMOST be able to say: “How I made my first $2000 Blogging!” Oh well, maybe next month. If this inspired you and you are now thinking, “Yes! I CAN totally do this!” I really recommend starting up with Bluehost now, they’ve got everything you need to start your own mom blog at a great deal.

I’m really hoping you found all these tips and resources helpful! If you have any questions or comments about any of the programs, books, or anything I said please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments below!

I am so passionate about Pinterest for blogging and have had such success with it:

  • a reach of 4.4 million on Pinterest
  • 170,000 page views from Pinterest last month

that I created a book series to share my knowledge. I was sharing tips with blog friends, selling services on fivver, and doing Pinterest coaching so I combined all that into a 3 part book series.

Pinterest Strategy Book how to pin and where

You can check it out now for s solid step-by-step guide to a successful pinning strategy!

Get The Pin Cycle Strategy NOW!

More Blogging Resources from Vigor it Out:


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