10 Epic Baby Food Jar Upcycles

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Are You Ready For 10 Epic Baby Food Jar Upcycles?

baby food jar upcycles

There are sooo many reasons that you absolutely need to be saving all those tiny baby food jars!  I literally filled up one shelf and had to move to another cabinet (you know that annoying one above the stove) to continue my well worth while hoarding of these tiny jars.  They come in three different sizes and two different shapes!  Plus who doesn’t like jars these days?  They are so in vogue and they should be!  With all the harmful chemicals we now know about in plastics (think BPAs) many people have taken it upon themselves to switch back to glass jars for many things.

Plus they make super-cute crafts!  I, myself use them for everything.  They make a perfect reusable Dixie cup replacement on the bathroom sink,  they are the exact size that I’d like to house my beauty DIYs like LIP SCRUBS they are a great size for keeping fun KIDS BATH PAINT LINK in, we’ve made tiny sensory jars, beautiful little candleholders, cocoa filled snowmen we gave away as Christmas gifts, the list could definitely go on but that is quite enough.  And these are just my own ideas! Well except the cocoa snowmen… thank you Pinterest!  I’ve got a completely magnificent roundup here for you of some amazing crafts you can make with your surplus of baby food jars!


 baby food jar upcycles


What a cute idea from DIYready.com For any Dispicable Me fan this is sooo cute!  What adorable party favors they would make!  This is a craft you can easily do with the littles and have a great time.


baby food jar upcycles

Ok these desserts from The Inspired Home look absolutely mouthwatering.  What a wonderful idea to make teeny tiny desserts.  These would be beautiful incorporated into a rustic wedding… or any time!  Follow the link for a whole bunch of gooey sweet tiny ideas.


 baby food jar upcycles


Now if you want to get really crafty you can even make tiny candles in them!  I’ve done this but not so nicely as Mommy In Sports did here!  I have a bunch of pre-dipped wicks, stuck one inside and filled it up with beeswax beads for a quick ambiance.  These are absolutely adorable and I LOVE the photo where the wicks are being held up with little hair clips!  Adorable motherhood moment.  These candles would be great to have in an emergency, make cute gifts, or favors!


baby food jar upcycles

We actually made this amazing craft last year and it turned out wonderfully!  We used the small meat baby food jars, the large vegetable ones, as well as those beautifully shaped Beechnut jars!  Using fabric leaves and Mod Podge this craft from Coco29 is so easy you can do it from the pin photo alone!


baby food jar upcycles

These are those cute little guys I was talking about in the beginning!  Thanks to Hip to Save it’s sooo easy to make the cutest holiday gift!  I did find the jars a bit difficult to keep glued together but just use lots and lots of glue!


baby food jar upcycles

This creative idea comes to us from Melissa at Bless This Mess.  I soooo want to make this!  It makes me think of my mom who is an amazing seamstress and I’ll totally make her one someday. It probably wouldn’t be the best for the kiddos to do with me but it is just so clever I can’t wait to give it a try!  You could totally come up with other tiny gift in a jar ideas too.


baby food jar upcycles

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this!  It reminds me of the fall leaf candle holders we made last year.  Hmmm… what else can I Mod Podge on those jars?  This is a great easy craft that even the baby can enjoy.  This is so happening.  Thanks to Muy Ingenioso for this idea, the website is in Spanish but have no fear! The long but super clear picture tutorial explains it perfectly.


baby food jar upcycles

What a great way to spice up a small kitchen!  I would LOVE to make this! I think the idea of planting herbs in these tiny jars is brilliance, but any small plant will do.  Maybe little flowers?  I know my kids love sprouting seeds of any type!  Babble brought us this crafty idea.


I found this idea done many ways but sometimes simple is best.  Baby food jars make great little spice jars!  Perfect if you love buying from bulk bins!  Tara over at Unsophisticook brought us this wonderful organizational hack! Some other alternatives were magnetizing them to the fridge or drilling the lids under the cabinets to attach there!  I actually think that is a bit brilliant also.


baby food jar upcycles

So I clearly really love using these jars for candles!  Now we can even make them into mini lanterns thanks to this great tutorial from Hometalk!  There are endless options of how to customize the design.  Now I’m dying to make a bunch and hang them all over the patio!

That’s the roundup for today!  Please pin this for later. 🙂 Ten brilliant ideas of how to reuse those perfectly portioned little jars we often find ourselves with hundreds of!  I’ve got a couple of my own DIY recipes for you to make to put into those upcycled baby food jars as well! Head over to THIS POST for five simple recipes for DIY bath paints sure to turn bath time into a blast!  And OVER HERE I’ve got a delicious recipe for DIY lip scrubs for you just begging to be stored in an upcycled baby food jar along with four other amazing DIY summer beauty hacks you can’t live without!

What was your favorite idea?  Have you made any of these?  Do you have any more great things you use your old baby food jars for?  Let me know in the comments below.

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