The Art of Epoxy Charcuterie Board: to Make or Buy

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Charcuterie boards have taken the world by storm! They are at every party and are so aesthetically pleasing and tasty. If you are looking for anflashy charcuterie board you can use time and time again and really get your guests talking, try an epoxy charcuterie board! Today we will dive into: what charcuterie is, how to make your own epoxy charcuterie board, and the best beautiful epoxy charcuterie boards you can buy today.

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epoxy charcuterie boards how to make and where to buy the best

What is Charcuterie?

Charcuterie is a French term that directly means cured meat, loosely translated. But nowadays it has skyrocketed to worldwide popularity and you can find charcuterie at almost any event you attend.

Charcuterie now refers to:

  • the cured meats themselves
  • the boards used to serve charcuterie
  • the accompaniments that often go with charcuterie meats
  • the delicatessens where you can purchase charcuterie and its accompaniments

Why Use Epoxy Charcuterie Boards?

Charcuterie has become a party staple in America over the last decade. People have grown to love the beautiful presentation of charcuterie boards and have taken so many spins off the traditional fixings of meats and cheeses and still refer to them as charcuterie.

Check out these total twists on charcuterie boards!

  1. Movie night candy charcuterie
  2. Dessert charcuterie board
  3. Taco charcuterie board
  4. Pretzel charcuterie board

As you can see… charcuterie has taken the world by storm and has adapted to fit any group or any party from its original French roots. (Honestly, I still prefer the cured meats, cheeses, and their pairings over anything else, but it can be fun to mix it up.)

You can create a charcuterie board for every gathering you have so it is a great idea to invest in an epoxy charcuterie board that will impress your guests. Trust me it will get tons of use!

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Should You Make or Buy an Epoxy Charcuterie Board?

Whether you choose to make or buy your beautiful and impressive charcuterie board is entirely up to you. They aren’t that expensive to buy considering how gorgeous they are, how durable they are, and how much use they actually get. But if you are crafty you might like to make a custom epoxy charcuterie board yourself.

Epoxy is messy to work with but creates beautiful results that are each unique so you can really customize your board if you decide to make one yourself.

Whether you choose to make or buy or epoxy charcuterie board I’ve got you covered in this post!

First, let’s detail how to make your own epoxy charcuterie board and if that just is not your jam at all I’ll show you where you can buy some stunning ones as well!

DIY: How to Make an Epoxy Charcuterie Board

Epoxy is a type of resin material that hardens into a durable and glossy finish, making it perfect for coating surfaces. Although epoxy is often used for industrial purposes, it has become popular in the crafting world, especially for making charcuterie boards. Epoxy not only creates a stunning and unique look, but it also seals the board and makes it food safe.

Before you start, you will need to gather several supplies such as a wooden board, epoxy resin, a mixing cup, a stirring stick, safety gear, and a heat gun or torch. The wooden board needs to be sanded and cleaned thoroughly before applying epoxy. You also need to determine the appropriate amount of epoxy resin to use based on the size of your board.


To make an epoxy charcuterie board, you need to mix equal parts of epoxy resin and hardener in a mixing cup. Stir the mixture thoroughly for at least 2 minutes until it becomes a clear solution.

Once the mixture is ready, pour a thin layer of the epoxy onto the wooden board and spread it evenly using a spoon or spatula. Remove any bubbles that may form using a heat gun or torch.

Allow the layer to cure for at least 24 hours before adding another layer. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired thickness and finish.

There is no limit to the designs and colors you can add to your own epoxy charcuterie board… but I highly recommend watching some Youtube videos like the one I embedded above before giving it a try if you are new to working with resin.

Buy an Awesome Epoxy Charcuterie Board

You don’t have to make your own epoxy resin board to get a really unique show-stopping charcuterie board. You can buy stunning epoxy charcuterie boards from various online marketplaces or specialty stores. And honestly, making them costs as much as buying one unless you are making them in bulk and selling them yourself.

The easiest place to pick up a very affordable epoxy resin charcuterie board that is sure to get your guests talking as they eat up your snacks and reveal the board underneath is Amazon.

Check out these absolutely breathtaking options in various colors.

You can also pick up some beautiful epoxy charcuterie boards on Etsy as well! (I just can’t feature the images here as I’m not affiliated with them but click that link to see some beautiful choices.

Wrapping Up Epoxy Charcuterie Boards

A charcuterie board is a beautiful and delicious way to entertain guests, and an epoxy charcuterie board really takes it to the next level. With its glossy finish and durability, it’s a stunning addition to any table setting.

Making an epoxy charcuterie board can be a fun and creative DIY project but requires proper safety gear and techniques, as well as some time and patience. But if you are ready to take on that type of crafty project, it can be super impressive!

If you love the look of epoxy cutting boards but aren’t looking to undertake making one yourself, you can still purchase unique and beautiful ones online.

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