Easy Christmas Popcorn Recipe

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Ready for a fun and festive Christmas dessert to make with your kids that everyone will enjoy? Try this easy Christmas popcorn recipe today.

easy christmas popcorn recipe

How I Started Making This Christmas Popcorn Dessert

One year, as the holiday season approached, I found myself in a predicament. With Christmas looming and my kids eagerly anticipating our annual festive snack-making tradition, I realized I had forgotten to stock up on our usual ingredients for Christmas cookies.

Not ready to give up on the sweet dessert-making tradition before turning on a holiday movie (I push for Home Alone every year but the kids just don’t share in my sentiment).

In a pinch, I rummaged through the pantry and discovered an abundance of popcorn kernels and an array of random toppings. With a shrug and a grin, I declared it the year of “Fancy but Easy Christmas Popcorn.”

My kids, actually like my other “fancy popcorn” recipes like Italian popcorn and healthy kettle corn with stevia so although they were a little disappointed, they were still curious about the prospect of a new fancy popcorn recipe.

Everyone was soon laughing as we experimented with flavor combinations and Christmas-colored decorations. From chocolate drizzles to sprinkles, from savory seasonings to sweet surprises, our kitchen became a mess of sprinkles and more.

The end result? A whimsical mishmash of flavors and a newfound tradition that we still laugh about every holiday season.

Step-By-Step How To Make Your Own Christmas Popcorn Dessert

easy christmas popcorn recipe

First off this recipe is super duper easy but looks so festive. It’s perfect for a holiday movie night any time in December. First make some microwave or stovetop popcorn.

Then, on a baking tray, lay out the popped popcorn. 

christmas popcorn dessert recipe

Then spread around the pretzels over the popcorn. Really, the pretzels are an optional ingredient. If your kids dig chocolate-covered pretzels I’d definitely include them, otherwise, you can leave them out.

christmas popcorn dessert recipe

Spread out the red and green M&Ms over the popcorn.

christmas popcorn recipes

Melt candy wafers in the microwave in increments of 30 seconds, until it’s melted and liquid. Make sure not to overcook until it’s bubb;ling, it can get a weird texture if you get distracted and overheat it. Not that I’ve done that a million times or anything.

Spread the melted candy wafers over the popcorn mix.

christmas popcorn recipes

Then add the sprinkles to the popcorn mix and toss everything to make sure the ingredients stick to each other. Sometimes I place the pan in the sink to let the kids add the sprinkles. It really helps at least 80% of them not bounce all over the kitchen.

christmas popcorn recipes dessert

And that’s it! Allow to cool and enjoy this treat while watching your favorite Christmas movie.

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