3 Unbelievably Fast Ways to Lose Weight and Inches

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3 tricks to lose weight in 7 days without exercise at home. You can literally lose inches overnight and lose up to 10 pounds in 1 week naturally.

Ready for three mind blowingly fast ways to lose inches and weight beyond quick?!

lose weight


Let’s talk weight loss. Almost everyone either has or is thinking about it… OR has or is attempting to attain it. I have 3 ways guaranteed to help you lose weight and inches fast!  Like overnight fast!

We live in an overly sedentary society, fueled by expectations of immediate gratification, saturated with an abundance of readily available overly processed foods. No wonder our society is overwhelmed with so many struggling with being overweight, obese, or generally unhealthy.

Not everyone can hit the gym all the time.

Most jobs don’t promote activity on the daily and often trap you indoors in mostly one position for hours on end. Time seems to go faster and faster as technology rapidly progresses. So to keep up I have three beyond awesome proven and self tested ways to lose weight and inches in from as little as one night to the longest topping off at one week!

Now these aren’t miracle cures for weight loss. But if you’ve hit a plateau or are looking to feel fab for a day at the beach or just HAVE to fit into that bridesmaids’ gown this weekend I’ve got you covered! These are all methods I’ve used multiple times with repeated success. So are you ready to lose that water weight OVER NIGHT?! Read on. Oh and by the way, these are all super affordable.



lose weight fast

There’s a million different ways to do this, everyone seems to have their own take, from wrapping in saran wrap for an hour to purchasing the uber expensive “that crazy wrap thing.” But here’s what works for me.



-coffee grounds
NOW Peppermint Essential Oil (this is the one I’ve been using for years and am really happy with it. It is really strong and goes a LONG way, like for years long)
-saran wrap
-a lot of ace bandage wrap
(I just found this amazing 6″ Cotton Elastic Bandage on Amazon and REALLY wish I had tried a large bandage like this instead of the frustration that I caused myself trying to link together a bunch of tiny ones from the Dollar Tree! I’m definitely picking this one up for next time!)
-if you have a girdle or waist cincher it’s really helpful, not necessary but nice


Mix 1 cup of lotion of your choice with 2 tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds and 5 drops of peppermint essential oil. Rub this all over your belly and around the back and love handles area too. It’s messy and you will feel completely ridiculous… you will also lose inches and the appearance of cellulite overnight so you choose!

Wrap yourself in saran wrap (secure and tight, but not ridiculously tight) a good bit past the lotion mix in either direction twice. It will slide some so that’s why you wrap twice and go past the messy mix. It should be quite a bit tingly from the peppermint. Now wrap the entire area pretty darn tight with ace bandage. I picked up four from the dollar tree, they’re cheap but short. It’s really not that comfortable, you feel like a mummy and it’s really best to go straight to bed at this point or the wraps move all around.

I found an old waist cincher once (you know the ones that smooth you out under that fancy dress?) and that helped hold things in place a lot. Another time when I was first trying this and super committed I busted out some duct tape and made that freaking thing stay put! I do not recommend that though. Ah, us women have ridiculous moments sometimes.

When you get up in the morning unwrap and wash off in the shower. Your waist will be smaller and skin will be smoother, cellulite (if you have any there) will be diminished. OVERNIGHT?! How awesome is that?! It is water weight and will return but it’s still super rockin. It should work well on thighs too but I haven’t tried myself.



lose weight fast


Here’s thewhoot.com.au ‘s pin about this mind-blowingly effective diet. Also called the cabbage soup diet. FOLLOW LINK HERE.

I don’t know where it originated but this soup works great. I actually got the recipe on Dr. Oz like a million years ago. It totally works and flushes out your body for LOTS of weight loss but does take one week. ONE WEEK… that is soooooo short! I’ve done the whole diet, which is kind of a fun challenge and really amps up the water weight loss. I’ve also just replaced two meals a day and kept the other meal (breakfast for me) healthy and low-cal and had great results too!! This soup has sooo few calories and tastes so good.



lose weight

This is a hardcore detox fasting. It’s recommended between three days and two weeks. TWO WEEKS OF EATING NOTHING? Ya, I’ve never done that, I go three days. All fasting is super hard and I’ve never done it specifically for weight loss but for cleansing my clogged up insides with weight loss as a result. This stuff cleans the backed up nast out of your colon super effectively. I mean, that’s completely disgusting… but you know what’s more disgusting? Living with that built up nast inside you and just leaving it there another day!


-lemon juice
-cayenne pepper
-ginger root

You will want to have A LOT of this. Mix 1 gallon of water with the juice of two large or 3 small fresh lemons. Extract the juice from a ginger root the size of the palm of your hand. Add as much cayanne as you can tolerate… feel free to mix it into each glass, sometimes that’s easier as your tolerance will go up. To juice the ginger you can either use a juicer, use an awesome garlic grater, or slice it really thin and boil it (then use that water to add the other ingredients to.).

You drink this all day, nothing else but water. There are other variations that include drinking salt water, etc. in addition but I’ve never personally tried them. You’ll want to drink at least a gallon of the Master Cleanse a day, but that is super easy because once you commit to not eating you have to fill up with something and STAY HYDRATED!

Any time I do a cleanse I seem to be so set on not putting things in my mouth I forget to drink enough, DO NOT make that mistake. Even one day will help clean you out a bit but you really need three for your body to dig deep into what’s stuck in there. Always break the fast with an easy healthy choice… I usually go for an egg and a banana.


Which of these rockin’ weight-loss hacks are you psyched to try?! Have fun with this, and stay healthy! Check out An All Encompassing Beginners Guide To Healthy Living for some tips to help maintain the results.

lose weight

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