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I’m so glad you’ve chosen to come check out our health programs here at Vigor it Out. We have a lot of offerings but my specialty and greatest passions are prenatal through postpartum fitness and nutrition. I have been helping women regain strength and lose the baby weight postpartum for over a decade, and have been specializing in prenatal nutrition and fitness for the past 3 years.

But health is more than just being at a healthy weight. Overall health includes, diet, moving your body regularly, happiness, and mental health. So here at Vigor it Out we have programs and ebooks to address all aspects of health!

vigor it out the milky mama's postpartum diet and exercise plan
The Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan: Diet and Exercise to Bounce Back After Baby.

The most effective diet and exercise plan for breastfeeding mothers. Learn how to lose the baby weight while breastfeeding while increasing your milk supply in a healthy way. A detailed 28 day program with over 56 delicious recipes, videos teaching you about nutrition, and all video format workouts with a 28 day progressive workout plan.

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan: Diet and Exercise for Optimal Fetal Growth and Development

The only prenatal diet and exercise plan designed around the most up to date findings in prenatal nutrition related to epigenetics during pregnancy. The most revolutionary prenatal plan on the market and the only one that teaches you exactly how to eat and exercise for a healthier child and more comfortable pregnancy.

milky mama's mini challenge bundle
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Breastfeeding + Weight Loss Nutrition Resources
 Slimming and Milk Boosting Recipes eBook
 Nutrition Printables
Breastfeeding + Weight Loss Fitness Resources
 Your Best Body 21 Day Challenge
 30 Day Health and Happiness Challenge

A gentle and sustainable way to break your sugar addiction. My 21 day sugar detox plan will give you a lot more tips and tricks to ensure your success, as well as exactly how to approach your sugar detox for the best results! Think of it as a sustainable lifestyle shift instead of a quick fix cleanse.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the overwhelm and caring for everyone else. Between diapers, cooking, cleaning, work, school, fixing boo boo, and everything else you have to do every single day!
Use this quick 3 day self love challenge as a reset for your self care routine. Mindset matters, use this boost to be a happier mom fast.
When we are worried, busy, overtired, or stressed, it can be difficult to calm our minds. If you find yourself ruminating on your worries, journaling it out helps. Using this simple but remarkably effective daily journal you can drastically improve you mood, mindset, and outlook in only 3 weeks. Give this powerful product a try!

One on One Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

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