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Fitness in Motherhood

One great way to stay healthy, lose the baby weight, remain energized, and rock motherhood is to lead an active lifestyle!

From the prenatal period, through postpartum, through all the stages of motherhood getting in regular exercise and physical activity on a regular basis is so important!

Our lives become more and more sedentary as the years pass (which is no one’s fault, it’s just the direction the advancements in society are driving us). Without being cognizant of getting in that workout, getting outside more, and being more active it is much to easy too move less and less.

Physical activity goes far beyond slimming your waistline (but coupled with nutrition it is a great way to stay at a healthy weight).

  • Being active and getting in regular exercise helps keep numerous diseases at bay,
  • gives you the energy to make it through motherhood,
  • fills you with endorphins that improve your mood and make dealing with tough kid days easier,
  • helps you sleep,
  • improves your confidence,
  • and makes you feel proud,

Plus it is setting a great example for you kids of the importance of prioritizing your health. It also teaches them that mommy matters too!

how to exercise during pregnancy

Exercising once you become pregnant and have kids can be a struggle to say the least. The lack of energy and complete lack of time alone are reasons that most moms stop exercising once they become a mother.

But Vigor it Out is here to help you find the time to exercise postpartum! To help you learn to involve your kids in your workouts. And to learn how exercising even as a mom can be easier than you think.

As a certified online health coach and personal fitness trainer specializing in prenatal and postpartum workouts, I’m here to help guide you through all the stages of fitness in motherhood so you can rock motherhood full of energy, proud of yourself, and feeling amazing!

If you are working on losing the excess weight after having your baby (even if it was a while ago), you should check out the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan, it’s built just for you!

If you are considering having another baby, or are pregnant already, check out the Perfect Pregnancy Plan for a more comfortable pregnancy and a healthier baby.

the milky mama's postpartum plan breastfeeding diet and exercise plan

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