Shakeology Price Options

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Shakeology Price Options: Sample Pack, Subscription, vs. Coach Discount

shakeology price pack options

I’m so glad you’re considering picking up my favorite protein powder! I personally had a lot of questions about Shakeology before picking it up myself so as one carrying multiple certifications in nutrition you bet your bottom I have done extensive research on Shakeology before I started driving it every single day! And in case you have a few more questions here a couple posts that might help answer them for you.

  1. Everything you want to know about Shakeology superfood protein powder, and why it’s worth the price point!
  2. Everything you want to know about the SUGARS in Shakeology
  3. Shakeology during pregnancy, all the pros and cons
With that out of the way… there are definitely a few different ways to save you a ton on your new Shakeology order.
On this pretty brief page I will be breaking down the different flavor options you have, the different sizes of packaging you can get, as well as the different price points that you can get it at.

Why You Want to Drink Shakeology

For so many years I’ve been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. (Cringing as I date myself… but I got my original cert 12 years ago!)

More recently I’ve expanded my certifications and knowledge to postpartum recovery and weight loss as well as prenatal nutrition and care. Pretty sure one of my posts about prenatal or postpartum health directed you here.

And I’m sooo glad you landed on this special page I built! (Because this is my brand new secret discount page that can save you around $30+ on things you are already buying.)

You know why I’m REALLY happy you found your way here? Shakeology is going to give you the nutrition and results you are looking for regardless of it’s price, but by finding your way to THIS special page, you will learn my secrets yo save A TON OF $$ on your superfood loaded protein powder!!

If you are here I’m assuming you are already sold on giving my absolute favorite protein powder a try… and just looking to save some dough. No worries mama, that’s why I’m here!

I want to guide you to the absolute most nutritionally dense supplements that enhance your prenatal and postpartum journey! I want to save you the most time and coin as is possible… AND I want to offer you any additional support you need! (spoiler alert: of course at a super discount! Because that’s what this secret page is all about! You’ll be getting my exclusive coupons and discounts I normally reserve for my team!)

What Does Shakeology Cost NORMALLY?

A Normal Month Supply of Shakeology

A 30-day supply costs $143 (on average) straight out with none of the savings. This would be for a single bag not on a subscription and not with a discount.
I believe there is a bit of shipping cost on top of that but that might be including shipping, I’m not sure. (I see a lot of orders go though my account for around $154 including tax and shipping.)
how to save money on shakeology

A Monthly Subscription Supply of Shakeology

The next option would be subscribe and save.
If you subscribe to Shakeology you are going to get super discount shipping! So instead of at least $15 to ship it out you will pay only $2 in shipping for a bag. (Can you say no brainer?)
Plus, you can go in at any time and cancel your subscription or slow your subscription by 2 weeks or even change the flavor. I change my flavor almost every month. I always come back to the vanilla whey Shakeology though because I love to make smoothies and it’s the most versatile.
But in all honesty…the chocolate is the most amazing. I always go back to my favorite which is: vanilla Shakeology but I really think chocolate is the most delicious.  The Chocolate Whey Shakeology can be stirred up with just water and taste amazing. Or with some almond milk and half a banana to be completely devine.
When I’m really indecisive or feel like mixing it up I get the barista sample packet, which comes with vanilla, chocolate, and café latte!
There is also a Neapolitan sample pack where you can get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. (I’m not the biggest fan of the strawberry. But I know a few people who adore it so if you are considering that flavor I highly recommend going with the Neopolitan sample pack!)
The only downside of the single serving packets is you get 4 servings less. But I actually really love the versatility of having a sample pack on hand too (beyond my bag of vanilla Shakeo, for when I feel like mixing it up.)
So you will be getting 26 servings in the multi flavor packs instead of 30. But sometimes for the versatility and simplicity of just grabbing those packets on the go it’s worth it.
So right off the bat subscription is going to save you money!
But I can save you even two more ways.

What is a Shakeology Discount Coach?

First super savings route:
Beachbody has something called a Discount Coach offer. You get 25% off of your Shakeology every single month and 25% off anything else you want to purchase… and they have a lot of really great stuff! I could not live without the Energize and Hydrate to keep up with my kids and keep my milk supply high.
So if you go the super discount coach route I personally have to generate you a custom link for your order (which I am 100% happy to do for you) and you can reach out to me at
Simply tell me which item(s) you’re looking at getting and we will get the ball rolling today!
THIS is how I get my Shakeology for $115 a month! That is a huge savings off the $150 that you will be paying without the discount coach or subscription options.
Once again, if you decide it’s not for you, or you want to change flavors, or you want to snooze your order for a couple weeks:
you can do that at any time!
Even when going the super discounted route! It’s really a no-brainer.
how to drink shakeology at a discount

So How Can I Get a Discount on Shakeology Today?

So in your email to reach out to me @ just title it “I want a discount shake!”
  • And then be sure to put your first and last name
  • the email you would like to subscribe
  • the flavor or flavors you are looking to get
  • and whether you would like whey or vegan

I will hop right in to my coach office and generate you a link and send it back so that you can get a discount every single month!

discount prices on shakeology superfood protein powder

How to Get A Discounted Total Health Package

And my last way to save you a ton of dough would be going that aforementioned Discount Coach route, but just in case you’re looking at getting more than just a shake…
  • Maybe you’re looking to lose weight?
  • Maybe you’re looking to get more active and healthy in your life?
  • Maybe you’re looking for some accountability
  • Or maybe you need some help in the mindset department?

Either way, I run open virtual fit clubs month after month and I can get you into that as well as getting you set up with a workout program and nutrition help to achieve all of your health goals! The reason that I mentioned this with the Shakeology is because upgrading to get the total package doesn’t usually cost that much more than buying the shake.

The all-inclusive health packages discounts everything so substantially it’s about $160 for most of these all-inclusive packages!

So once again… to get this discount you don’t have to google anything, you don’t have to jump through any hoops… there is one simple step to reaping a huge amount of savings AND taking control of your health:

And that is simply to reach out to me at

There are a couple huge benefits to taking that step.

  2. Gaining an amazing support group.

how to save money on shakeology

Once again you can reach out through email at and I’ll talk about all your options including these deals and any other special promos going on this month. **spoiler alert… there’s almost always a special promo I’m running too!**


that way you’d be joining my team (which is the most energetic, positive, amazing group of ladies I know of in 2021. Something we ALL need a little more of right now!)

Wrapping Up How to Get Shakeology Super Discounted:

Let’s be real… you’ve seen the prices broken down multiple times in this post but I’m going to point them out one more time:
1. You can purchase a sample pack of Shakeology for around $35 to see how you feel about the flavors (Feeling the nutritional benefits takes 2-4 weeks)
2. You can purchase a month supply of Shakeology (in whey or vegan varieties and in vanilla, chocolate, coffee, or strawberry flavors… or a mix of them.)
3. You can subscribe to monthly shipments of Shakeology to save an additional $15 a month in shipping costs, no strings attached, and snooze or cancel any time.
4. You can email me directly at to sign up as a discount coach and save $30 + shipping! (Just on the Shakeology alone.)
5. You can reach out to me directly at about your 25% off Shakeology OR hundreds of dollars off a total package deal (with basically paying the same price as Shakeology order.

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