How to Recover Faster Postpartum

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Having a baby is an amazing experience, but the postpartum period can be overwhelming and challenging. Any new mother will tell you that it takes time to adjust to life with a newborn, both physically and mentally. Postpartum recovery can take a long time, but as a certified health coach and mother of three I’m ready to help you learn how to recover faster postpartum.

While your body needs time to heal after giving birth, there are some things you can do to help speed up recovery. From eating right and getting enough sleep to exercising safely and seeking support from family and friends, there are many practical steps you can take for a faster postpartum recovery I’ll share with you here today.

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how to heal faster postpartum recovery

Can You Really Learn How to Recover Faster Postpartum?

Your body just underwent some massive changes over the past 9+ months!

  • Every organ shifted around
  • Your blood volume almost doubled.
  • You gained weight.
  • Your body composition changed.
  • You lost muscle mass.
  • You grew a freaking human inside you.
  • Then you probably incurred some damage getting that little human out of you!

Realistically, there are some aspects of postpartum recovery that can take up to a year before they are fully recovered. You will find certain vigorous activities as well as some daily activities just don’t feel the same.

Regaining strength and repairing your pelvic floor and core can be a slow process. The process of your skin shrinking back up can take a while. You didn’t get to where you are overnight. You should allow yourself just as much time as it took to make that little human to allow yourself to recover from it.

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That aside, you can absolutely take some steps to help yourself physically and mentally recover faster postpartum.

So Let’s See Tips on How to Recover Faster Postpartum

Lean into An Awesome Support System

Find a good support system and talk to friends, family, or professionals about how you’re feeling. If you feel off, get a good friend or therapist you can chat with.

Your hormones are bonkers right now, and you are probably tired and overwhelmed. Find a solid support system you can open up to. It’s important!

Rest as Much as Possible

I know this is SO much easier said than done! But TRY to get plenty of rest and sleep so you can recover faster and regain your energy.

Sleep= physical recovery time. You need it.

Nap when baby naps, try some Melatonin, ask your partner for help, etc.

Use Padsicles

I would never do a postpartum recovery without Padsicles after using them! These liquid soaked and frozen maxi pads are cold and soothing, but also loaded with healing herbs and oils. Here is my personal padsicle recipe.

Take Postpartum Sitz Baths

To speed your postpartum recovery take postpartum sitz baths as often as possible. (They are recommended two to four times a day for 10-15 minutes each.) There are so many healing herbs you can put into your postpartum sitz baths. Learn why you should take postpartum sitz baths and find tons of great recipes for them here.

Eat for Nutrition

Eat healthy meals that provide essential vitamins and minerals for postpartum healing. Your body gets the tools to heal itself from rest and your diet. Eat as close to nature as possible.

Also add in as many different types of whole foods to get the most different types of nutrients.

I’ve got an amazing 1 Week Diet for Building Milk Supply (and helping you lose the extra pregnancy weight too) that you can get here.

During this time don’t count calories, count nutrients! Slow cooked meats are great right now along with healthy fats and lots of vegetables and fruits.

Move Your Body

Incorporate light exercises such as walking or yoga into your daily routine. Don’t do too much too soon!

Deep core exercises to help strengthen your core and pelvic floor are a great place to start. Walk a lot. Stretching and light yoga are helpful too.

And don’t forget to tighten your core and practice good positioning with everything you are doing right now.

  • Getting up and down from a sitting position
  • Bending over to change your baby
  • Breastfeeding! All the positions.

Good posture and bracing by tightening your core first are so important right now.

postnatal diet and exercise for breastfeeding moms

Let Other People Help!

Accept help from those around you – let them take over some of the daily tasks and errands. Let family watch the baby so you can nap. Accept those meals people offer. Even if you struggle here like I do… TAKE THE HELP!

Wrapping Up How to Recover Faster Postpartum

The postpartum period is a time of great physical and emotional change, but it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems. By leaning into an awesome support system, getting plenty of rest, using padsicles, taking sitz baths with healing herbs, eating for nutrition, and incorporating light exercises such as walking and yoga into your daily routine – you can speed up the recovery process so you feel more like yourself again in no time.

Don’t forget to accept help from those around you – let them take over some of the tasks to give yourself extra breathing room during this special transition period. You got this mama!

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