Easy Healthy Pregnant Lunch Ideas for On the Go

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These easy healthy pregnant lunch ideas are perfect for any day on the go. Focusing on pregnancy nutrition is easy when you’ve got these recipes picked by a certified prenatal nutrition specialist… and mom of 3 so they’re easy and tasty too!

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easy healthy pregnant lunch ideas for work

Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas for Pregnancy While On the Go

Most of us busy women these days have to work all the way through our gestation! That can be exhausting and tough. But we do it.

So first off, let me congratulate you on your pregnancy and mention how amazing and strong you are for planning to work while pregnant! Whether you’re just working for a bit or for as long as you can, you are one tough mama-to-be.

This list of easy and healthy lunch ideas for your pregnancy can be used for any time you are on the go actually. Doctors appointments, a day at the park, traveling, etc.

No matter where you are going to, these healthy packed lunches for pregnancy will keep you full and fueled to make it through the day!

Healthy packed pregnant lunch

Eating healthy during your pregnancy is more important than we ever knew. In fact through the study of epigenetics we now know that what you eat while pregnant has the ability to actually change the genetic makeup of your child.

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is the only prenatal nutrition program that explains all of that and more in an easy to understand and easy to apply format. 

Can you believe that we now know which nutrients you should eat and at which point during your gestation to make your baby more genetically predispositioned to health and longevity?

There’s a lot of amazing information out there these days about prenatal nutrition that just isn’t shared by most prenatal doctors at all. It’s not the expecting moms nor the doctors’ fault. A lot of them don’t even know this information yet, though it is published and shared in the most recent prenatal nutrition courses.

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan has been getting a rave reviews from both mothers and doctors alike. It walks you through exactly the nutrients are going to need for pregnancy, tells you how to source them and also explains exactly why you need them and how they’re going to benefit your baby. 

the perfect pregnancy plan reviews

Not to mention it comes with over 80 amazing and easy recipes that help you source these nutrients to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. And lots of them are great for batch meals and easy to take to work!

Easy and Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exhausting. The first trimester is the worst but really it’s tiring all the way through. That makes focusing on nutrition a little bit harder especially when you feel as hungry as you do during pregnancy.

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Having a solid idea of the nutrients that you need to grow a healthy baby while pregnant and having a lot of great easy recipes on hand make a world of difference.

There are a lot of tricks that made eating healthy while working and pregnant a lot easier for me such as:

  • Batch prepping my meals.
  • Using a slow cooker at home to batch create healthy options (that are then ready to heat up at work. Just don’t do it on plastic because it leaches chemicals into your food.)
  • Prepping bags of cut up fruits and vegetables in bulk and having them ready to go in the fridge at all times.
  • Having healthy desserts like energy balls ready and on hand at all times.
  • Having healthy and delicious dips on hand for those fresh fruits and veggies
  • And having a lot of high protein prepackaged snacks like hard boiled eggs, string cheese, and nuts.

Why these are great easy lunch ideas for work while pregnant

All the lunch ideas on this list are void from the foods that you want to be avoiding during pregnancy, which actually might not be the ones that you’re used to hearing. And full of the top foods that you want to be adding into your prenatal diet regularly.

On top of that, all these rest lunch ideas for on the go are fast and easy to create and also work well with batch prepping. 

A few tricks that help you create batch meals for your pregnancy at work are as follows:

  • First, do not fully prepare any sandwiches or wraps until the morning of (ideally) or the night before if necessary. Bread especially is not very forgiving with moisture. So instead prep everything you’re going to need for the sandwiches and wraps by either layering the ingredients as necessary or mixing up the center of it and leaving it in tupperware so that it only takes you a few seconds the morning of to slap some of that between bread and stick it in a reusable BPA free lunch bag for your work lunch.
  • Another hack is subbing out breads or tortillas for a vegetable like lettuce, chard, or kale. This will actually increase the nutritional density of your wrap AND let you prep it further in advance. While pregnant you should be focusing on increasing the nutritional density of every meal beside pregnancy requires a huge increase in nutrients with only a slight increase in calories.

Also I am breaking up these recipes by cold packed ideas for work and hot packed lunch ideas for work.

Reason being is not everyone has access to a microwave at their job. Most of us do, but just in case you work outside you might only want to pay attention to the cold pregnancy lunch ideas for work below. Unless you’re weird like me and don’t mind cold soup.

Also always remember to pack extra during your pregnancy for your lunch at work. I found that a lot of times, especially early on in my pregnancy, I misjudged what my appetite would be. This left me running next door to Walmart during my break to grab anything as quickly as I could to munch on; and that is when you end up filling up with empty calories, overeating and becoming nauseous, or just not making the best choices overall.

Do not be afraid to pack too much food. This is when those healthy protein-filled snack ideas come into play. Think hard boiled eggs, nuts, healthy energy bars, your favorite pregnancy safe protein powder, or some string cheese.

The best hot easy packed lunch ideas for pregnant women

1. Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

2. Gluten Free Beef Stew

3. Ground Turkey Vegetable Soup

4. Easy Fish Tacos

5. Healthy Crockpot Pulled Pork

6. Gluten Free Eggplant Parmesan

7. Sweet Potato Zoodles with Garlic and Kale

8. Chicken Fajitas

The Best Healthy Cold Packed Lunch Ideas for Pregnant Women

1. Easy Chopped Salmon Salad

2. Easy Salmon Salad Recipe #2

3. Best Cobb Salad Recipe

4. Thai Zoodle Salad

5. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

6. Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

7. Healthy Egg Salad

8. Healthy Vegetable Frittata Recipe

9. Rainbow Buddha Bowl

Wrapping Up the Best Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas for Pregnancy

Which of these is your favorite idea for your packed lunches? Rest assured these meals are filling and loaded with the nutrients you and your growing baby need for a healthy pregnancy!

Want some more amazing healthy lunch ideas (and other meals) for pregnancy? Check out:


Easy Healthy Pregnancy Lunch Ideas for On the Go

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