Traveler Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Anyone With Wanderlust

Are you a traveler? If you have anyone in your life who loves to travel we have the best gift guide for you this holiday season. Your perfect travelers gift guide is right here!

Gifts For The Travelers in Your Life.

traveler gift guide

Halloween has passed. Do you know what that means? Christmas is on it’s way! I’m serious, it’s right around the corner, are you ready?

I’m sure as heck not. Usually I’ve spent the entire year buying up all the perfect gifts for everyone on our list when ever I come across them at a great deal. This year:

the gift closet is nearly empty. GULP!

Today was our first snow. My seven year old begged to put up the Christmas tree. How did this sneak up on me? (There’s a good chance we’ll have the tree up this year before Thanksgiving!)

Time to find those perfect gifts!

I might search a bit more online than usual this year. I find it so easy to shop for baby or toddler as that’s what my world is consumed by: the grown ups are a bit more tricky. I’ve got the techy, the health nut, the fitness buff, the traveler, and more to come up with.

I’ve rounded up an amazing list with a huge price range from $5 and way up for the travelers in my life. You know, those who love the long flights and long nights with the excitement that exploration of a new place offers. The family and friends bitten by the wanderlust bug. This list has the best and most useful ideas for long flights, out of country stays, and more!

**This guide was inspired by my oldest friend… not the OLDEST, longest friend. 25 years now. Wow, thanks girl!**

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The Best Travelers Gift Guide

  1. Blanket Scarf

For long chilly flights, layovers, and comfort every lady should travel with a blanket scarf. It’s so versatile and unbelievably useful while traveling! I can’t believe the price of this blanket scarf by Bess Bridal; AND there are 13 different ones to choose from! They are so cute, this is definitely making my list!

I love these so much I had to include another of my favorite blanket scarfs for travel with this one from Steve Madden!


2. An Awesome Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is lightweight, provides great support, is machine washable, and has great reviews! It’s definitely an affordable yet priceless gift for the travelers in your life.

This travel pillow by BCOZZY is an equally GREAT option as well that comes in 7 colors, adult as well as child size, and with added chin support.


3. RFDI Travel Wallet

A travel wallet and document organizer is handy for any flight or trip. The HUGE and so important benefit of this one is that it is comes with built in RFDI blocking protect. That protects you and all your credit cards from skimming. The machines that someone can simply swipe by your side and get all your credit card information! (Been there a couple times, it sucks… not happening again with this!) It comes in 4 choices of colors.

My other favorite RFDI travel wallet and document organizer. Leather, RFID blocking capability, PLUS available in 21 different colors for literally EVERYONE on your list!


4. Electronics Organizer

You wouldn’t believe how handy an electronics organizer is for travel by plane or even just a camping trip! We all have so many devices these days and I don’t know about you, but I always have at least one cable I just CAN’T FIND! With this handy organizer you have a place for everything of every size and shape.


5. Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is a wonderful device that enables you to continue accessing the internet overseas and other places you normally wouldn’t be able to. Purchase the device for a one time fee and with minimal monthly fees ($5-$10) you are able to use wifi and 4g where you normally wouldn’t. The device is specific to which carrier you have but still a viable resource for any traveler! (This one is awesome for AT&T!.)


6. Mineral Water Facial Spray

After a long flight or night of camping there is nothing better to refresh your face than this Evian natural mineral water facial spray. It gives your skin a boost of hydration and cleansing that is without comparison.


7. Cozy Socks

When on a long trip or cold airport it’s amazing the difference having an adorable pair of cozy socks will make. Keep your friends warm and happy with this cute set of wool blend socks for a steal!


Plus I HAD to include this pair of slipper socks for a solid piece of cozy. After moving somewhere immensely colder than where I’m from (SoCal), I have grown to love slipper socks. (I’m wearing them right now!) They are the perfect gift for the traveler and will keep your feet warm and snuggled with 5 different color choices.


8. Global SIM Card

With a global SIM card your traveler is set to chat free and without any limits with WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, LINE, QQ and all other instant messaging Apps in over 150 different countries! A priceless piece of travel gear.

traveler gift guide

And now every traveler, camper, and those bitten by the wanderlust bug in your life are completely set! I hope this list gave you some new amazing ideas for this Christmas.


I’ll be working on a series of Christmas List Roundups for everyone on your list this season and this is the second.


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