The 18 Most Fun Ways To Stay Cool In The Dog Days of Summer

Summer days can be blazing hot. There are lots of fun and creative water and ice play activities and snacks to keep you cool all summer! These 18 ideas for how to stay cool are fun and delicious.

How to keep kids cool in the dog days of summer.

Here comes August! I can’t believe its already the eighth month of the year. That means the hottest days are upon us and it’s time for fun ideas to stay cool. It means I’ll have a seven year old in about a month. It means I’ll be thirty (gulp… You read that right thirty) in exactly one month. Excuse me while I get over myself and bring you back to those long hot summer days before us. We currently live in Washington state… Where to be honest it’s not that hot compared to southern California where we’re from… But after two years of adjusting to short cold winter days, this month will be a shocker for us.

No matter where you live this will be one hot month with a few if not a ton of days trying to keep the kiddos entertained and cool at the same time. With the awesome abilities of technology these days we have the blessing of knowing about a week in advance to moderate accuracy when the hot days are coming. What a great advantage to surf the web, or favorite blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest to find tons of great ways to stay cool.

How to have fun and stay cool this summer.

I’ve put together an awesome roundup for you full of great activities to stay cool and ultimately enjoy the last of your summer days with your kids. Some are my own stay cool plans we’re using this week and most are great ideas from Pinterest and my fellow bloggers.

Here are eighteen amazing ideas to keep you and your kids cool, happy, and satisfied in even the hottest of days!


1. Water Blob

stay cool

Bobbie at
So I haven’t made one of these but I’ve seen a million pins about them and they look absolutely amazing! How awesome to be able to sit on a giant blob of cool water without even getting wet. It sounds like the perfect fit for toddlers. Please please make this and let me know how it goes!


2. Mini water blobs

stay cool

I’m so now we know water blobs sound super cool… Let’s make one for every kid in the family with the help of hello!

3. Frozen Dino eggs

stay cool
One of my go to for years on hot days has been frozen dinosaur eggs. It’s really easy and lots of fun.  You don’t even have to fill them with dinosaurs. You can fill them with any small character. Princess eggs? Farm animal eggs? Stuff a deflated balloon with some creatures, drop in a bit of food coloring, fill with water, and freeze! Add them to a kiddie pool, the bath, or just play in the grass!

4. Ice block excavating

Fill a Tupperware with toys, food coloring optional, add water and freeze. Take outside our even into the bath and either let it melt or break out the prizes with a hammer or rock!


5. Pool noodle sprinkler

stay cool

I haven’t tried this yet tried this yesterday and it worked GREAT and was so simple! I poked holes in a pool noodle with a screwdriver then stuffed it in the other end of the noodle to plug the large hole in it already and shoved the hose in the other end. DONE! I hung it from a tree for part of the time (which resulted in great mud play too) and used the screwdriver as a stake for the rest of the time! Thanks for this great idea Ziggy zoom!


6. Water bottle sprinkler

stay cool

This is an amazing upcycle I super love from that works really great! Attach an old soda bottle with a lot of holes to the hose with tons of duct tape. Couldn’t be easier and more fun.


7. Make Homemade Ice Cream

stay cool

I was taught twenty years ago that you needed special ice and special salt to make ice cream. False! Ice from your regular ice cube trays, as well as regular cheapo salt will do the trick! What flavors did you come up with?  Pennies Into Pearls helped us out here with a great tutorial! We’re making chocolate tomorrow.


8. Peanut Butter Banana “Ice Cream”

stay cool

Do you SEE this picture from The Healthy Maven? I don’t think I even need to say anything more but I will! From the first time I tried banana “ice cream” I was totally hooked. Bananas take on a sweeter flavor when frozen and are the ultimate substitute for healthy ice cream. By adding peanut butter and chocolate, it’ll please even the pickiest of kids.


9. Ice Chalk Paint

stay cool

I got super into making our own sidewalk chalk paint this year. What a wonderful idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose to freeze sidewalk chalk paint for hot days!


10. Erupting Ice Chalk Paint

stay cool

Haven’t done this yet but I know even the name stands out to kids! Who doesn’t want frozen sidewalk chalk paint on a hot summer day? No one. Thanks to Learn Play Imagine for this perfect “stay cool” activity!


11. Make Sponge Bombs

stay cool

Kids love crafting and DIY (and so do I!). How simple does Inner Child Fun make it for you tp make your own splash bombs with sponges!? So simple yet my mind was blown.


12. Make Your Own Air Conditioner

stay cool

We actually did this this year. It is actually really effective, especially in a small room. This pin from is a little more detailed and costly than our DIY air conditioner. We took a Styrofoam cooler and cut two holes in the side above the future water level and put a small fan in the top. For ice we use a giant tub that was once vanilla ice cream. It cost next to nothing and is really effective at cooling a room.


13. Make Your Own Popsicles

stay cool

If you don’t have your own popsicles molds you should. The options are endless, healthy, yummy, and cooling. has tons of beautiful and delicious recipes here but if you don’t want to get super fancy just throw in yogurt, water and fruit, or juice for healthy easy popsicles.


14. Frozen Grapes

My favorite hot day snack from childhood. Just throw grapes in the freezer. They taste sweeter and get a really cool texture. One if the best hot day treats in my opinion.


15. Watermelon Popsicles

When Jade was little she loved frozen watermelon. It’s the easiest popsicles you can make. You have to do nothing but slice watermelon into a popsicle shaped rectangle and stick in a skewer and freeze. Instant delicious and healthy popsicles.


16. Have a Squirt Gun Fight

When is the last time you had a squirt gun or water fight with your kids? Fill up buckets, get the squirt guns and splash bombs and get to it!


17. Solar Oven S’mores

stay cool

I really wish my kids would eat s’mores so we could try this great idea from Desert Chicka! I love the idea of harnessing the power of the sun to cook something so fun!


18. Play With Water Balloons

stay cool

There are a million games to play with water balloons. Chicka Bug describes 10 great games to play with them here! Heck I used to have my little one help me wash the car with them! Pick up a pack at the dollar tree and have fun!


Get wet, stay cool, and have fun!

Air conditioners are great but they just aren’t in my life. The best things to do are get wet, eat and drink yummy cold things, stay hydrated, and have fun! I hope you enjoy even the hottest of days the rest of this summer with these fun ideas and your wonderful kids!

Let me know what your favorite activity was!

If you’re looking for crafts in to do indoors you should definitely check out five activities to do with only four dollars at the dollar tree. And don’t forget to make some AMAZING bath paints for another fun way to stay cool!



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