Positive Night Affirmations to Say Before Bed for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Positive Affirmations for Before Sleep

Having a good, peaceful sleep is wonderful and relaxing. It is the perfect recharge your body needs to reset itself. We all know eight hours of sleep is suggested for a healthy lifestyle. But let’s be real, that’s hard to come by! These awesome sleep affirmations can help you get closer to that suggested sleep range.

Today let’s talk about how to get a goodnight sleep using the power of positive affirmations. Not only sleep, but you can also use your bedtime affirmations to manifest abundance, joy, serenity and so much more!

positive affirmations for before bed

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What Are Positive Affirmations for Before Bed?

Your words hold enormous power, much more than you can ever imagine. You can use it as a key to unlock your desire and true potential. Affirming positive words to yourself before bed helps to rewire your mind.

Remember the last time someone complimented you? You felt good. Somewhat, affirmations work similarly. They’re compliments from you to yourself.

Positive affirmations before bedtime play a crucial role in restructuring your mindset and help to build positive thinking.


How Can Saying Positive Affirmations Before Bed Help with a Good Night’s Sleep?

Repeating positive affirmations before sleeping is wonderful. They reinforce a sense of positivity and belief in yourself.

Positive affirmations before bed help you to trust yourself and your words. Your words manifest to reality and help you achieve your wishes and dreams. This includes peaceful sleep.

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How to Use Affirmations for Sleep

Now you know what they are and how they are useful. So the question arises on how to use them the correct way for your benefit.

To use affirmation for a good sleep, follow these steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable position in your bed. You can even lie down, whatever suits you. You need to relax and your body must not be stiff. 
  • Gently breathe in and out. Five times does it well. Your mind needs to be free. Don’t think about tomorrow’s breakfast! Or about that expected paycheck!
  • Getting yourself relaxed and being in peace with your mind is essential. It gets you in the right energy for affirming.
  • You can speak positive affirmations now. Speak slowly, clearly, no hurry. You can write down your positive affirmations for sleep and chant out loudly.


If you can’t speak out loud, you can do what’s possible for you. But speaking loudly helps. Again if that’s not happening, no worries. You can also listen to them before bedtime. You can record your own audio too.


  • Finally, close your eyes, thinking about your positive affirmations. Even better if you believe they have turned to reality. (It is known as visualizing your manifestations, but that’s another story.)



Simply put, you should believe what you speak. Your subconscious mind must believe what you speak. It is all about the faith you have in yourself.

While starting, you may find it overwhelming, but that’s alright. Rome was not built in a day. These affirmations need consistency and commitment. As you continue keeping up with the positive affirmations, you gradually make noticeable progress.

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17 Positive Night Affirmations for Bedtime

Here are some of the Best Positive Affirmations Before Bed. You can write it down or record it. 


I sleep well knowing tomorrow is another blessed day.

Use this to gain a good bedtime without worrying about what the future holds as tomorrow is another blessed day.


I’m protected and guided.

If you feel insecure or fearful, then affirming this would help. This makes you feel protected and safe.


I love, respect, and honor my body.

Your physical body needs and deserves love & care. If you find yourself not being happy with your body, this affirmation helps you to drop that negative thought.


I turn my dreams into reality.

Bring your dreams to life by following a strategic plan and routine. This affirmation emphasizes your success vision.


I’m worth it.

Self-sabotage hindering the flow of positivity? Not anymore! Because you are worth the opportunity, you don’t let it slide by.


I break free from toxic cycles and release negativity.

Affirm this to achieve the breakthrough, from the repetitive cycles of toxicity. Be it your pleasure overindulgence or belittling yourself. Breathe out the pessimism.


My mind, body, and soul work together in harmony to help me achieve my highest good.

If you have got these three in alignment, you attain inner peace, healthy life, and serenity. This affirmation guides you towards your life purpose and keeps you in sync with the Universe.


I’m powerful, strong, and courageous.

Attract power, strength, and bravery in your life. Whenever in doubt or when life throws a lemon at you, be prepared from within.


I deserve all the happiness and bliss.

Sometimes, one can get used to the downfalls. Yes, it happens. You need to remind yourself up and down is a part and parcel of life. Just because you were down, it does not mean you won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


I am calm, relaxed and tension is washing away as I breathe.

This helps to fall asleep quickly. Saying these words loudly will make you relax and sleep well.


I’m in alignment with my life’s true purpose.

Being in sync with your life purpose is so crucial, can’t even stress this enough. It’s like the secret sauce to your perfect dish, here the dish being your life.


I’m grateful for today.

Use this to show gratitude for today. Thank the Universe for making you see another day. How was your day today? Had your meal? Breathing fine? Looks like a nice day!


I am worthy of all the opportunities coming my way.

Want that raise, don’t you? But maybe you aren’t deserving. Maybe your coworker will get it. Breakaway from this series of self-negative talk and tell your mind you’re worth it and much more. You’ll get the raise!


I am triumphant in my endeavors.

Manifest success in your life with this positive affirmation. Whatever your next venture be, you gain traction.


My thoughts and feelings are well balanced.

Achieve goals in your life by balancing your mind and heart. When they both work together, you’ve mastered yourself.


I attract abundance, opportunities, and prosperity in my life.

Be a magnet for abundance, and prosperity by using this affirmation. Manifest success in your business, work, and life.


I attract sleep whenever I want to.

Sleeping whenever you want to! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? This affirmation attracts sleep whenever you want to. Saying this before bed will make you fall asleep on time.


Wrapping Up Night Positive Affirmations for Sleep

Positive affirmations before sleep can do wonders for you. It rewires your mind and makes you feel better both inside and out. Affirming is a great practice and must be done consistently for an effective result.

Time to put your powerful words aka positive affirmations to work! What do you want to manifest? Start simple, and move up the ladder. Share your views in the comments below.


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  1. Positive night affirmations help you to stay positive and do well for anyone. This will cheer up your mind and you always be happy.

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