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new years resolutions

Are you ready for 2018?

Do you have New Years Resolutions for your health, wellness, and fitness goals?

Then you’ve landed in the right place!

Every year is a fresh start. A wonderful time to reflect and set goals. Many of us strive to be healthier and happier in each new year. As you should! You have the power to create your reality.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, eat right, or exercise daily I have found amazing resources from wonderful bloggers around the web that are being offered right now to you for FREE!

You read that right.

Absolutely FREE resources to jump start your life and goals this year. It cannot get any better.

This collection includes eBooks, calendars, and other phenomenal resources that you won’t believe don’t cost you a dime!

Here’s to sticking with all your goals in the new year!


Rock Your New Years Resolutions Bundle:

new years resolutions


30 Day Overall Health Calendar:

Easily Attainable Goals To Benefit Your Mind and Body

new years resolutions promo

From: Allie at Vigor It Out

This wonderful 30-day calendar has been put together by a certified personal fitness trainer, mom, and health nut and is filled with simple and realistic yet amazingly helpful goals to conquer every day to benefit your body and mind.

  • Quick self-care ideas
  • exercise
  • healthy eating
  • meditation
  • enjoyment
  • and appreciation goals:

are all included to get you happier and healthier in only 1 month!

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Healthy Detox and Cooking Book Bundle

new years resolution promo

From: Milica at Mind Body and Spirit Wellbeing

  • 10 Powerful Immune Boosting Recipes
  • 12 Healthy  Dessert   Recipes
  • 15 Delicious   and Healthy   Smoothies
  • The   Complete Ayurveda   Detox
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How To Make the Transition To a Healthy Lifestyle eBook

new years resolutionsFrom: Holly at Pink Fortitude

How to Make the Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle consists of the techniques cancer survivor Holly Bertone used to transition her home to be gluten-free, sugar free, vegan, toxic free, and organic. She walks you through the steps of how she transitioned her family’s food, personal care, and cleaning products from normal every-day chemical-laden items to an all-natural and organic home.

In addition to walking you through the process, she provides resources and printables and some easy DIY’s you can make yourself, along with a shopping list of her favorite products and stores. Regardless of what changes you are making, and whether they are for yourself or your family, the concepts provided in this book are universal.

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Keto Quickstart:

A complete guide to Keto + 30 Day Meal Plan

new years resolutions

From: Gretchen at Fit Mom Journey

Teach Your Body To Burn Fat!

Updated with more resources than ever before, Keto Quickstart is bursting with the information, strategies, and ridiculously easy high-fat, low-carb, delicious recipes that I used to turn my body into a fat-burning machine by switching it into nutritional ketosis – a natural state where my body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Just beginning Keto? Then start here….
Comes with a 30-Day Meal Plan, Shopping Lists, and Recipes + The Intro to Keto that everyone should read.

Keto Quickstart will allow you to eat real foods you actual like that allow your body to reach nutritional ketosis and…

  • Reach the weight you’ve been wishing for without feeling deprived.
  • Achieve food freedom by ridding yourself of food guilt, planning, or preparation.
  • Maintain not only steadier energy levels, but higher energy levels than you have before.
  • Stop the cycle of self-hate and love your body!

You are SO ready for this!

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Essential Oils For Emotional Wellness eBook

new years resolutions

From: Heather at Heather LeGuilloux

Feeling down or unmotivated?
Need help relaxing or getting to sleep at night?

This completely free 25-page eBook will help you understand the power behind essential oils ability to help with emotional wellness.

What’s included?

  • definition and methods of use
  • history of aromatherapy
  • exploration of essential oils and the brain
  • support for emotional wellness using essential oils
  • aromatherapy exercise… and much more!
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28 Day Health and Happiness Challenge For Busy Moms

new years resolutions

From: Lauren at Simply Well Balanced

The Health & Happiness Challenge for Busy Moms is a free 28 day printable full of tips to make 2018 your best year ever! 

The challenge is broken down into four focus areas including FAMILY, FITNESS, FINANCE & FOOD. During the 28 days we will walk you through SIMPLE activities for each category for a full week so that you are able to dive in and see results quickly.

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Essential Oils For Weight Loss

new years resolutions

From: Stacey at A Less Toxic Life

Get your  “easy to print” guide to discover the amazing power of essential oils for weight loss and detox.

You will learn:

  • Why Essential Oils Can Help Speed Up Your Weight Loss
  • How To Harness The Power Of Essential Oils
  • 14 Of The Most Effective Essential Oils For Weight Loss and How To Use Them
  • 4 DIY Blends To Try
  • Where To Buy Essential Oils At Affordable Prices
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30 Minute Total Body Toning Home Workout

new years resolutions

Today I am outlining the ultimate total body toning workout routine that will target every single muscle in your body in 30 minutes or less. This total body workout focuses on moves that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously for the ultimate calorie burn. This strength training circuit will also get your heart rate up to double as a cardio workout! This is always a plus for me because I can’t stand spending hours on a machine at the gym, so boring! This total body workout is designed to be performed at home but can also be done in the gym if you prefer!

What you will get with this total body toning home workout:

  • A total body workout that can be performed at home or at the gym in 30 minutes!
  • Strengthening exercises that will target the entire body for a total body workout
  • A total body workout that will double as cardio!
  • The ultimate guide: step by step instructions with pictures to ensure proper form
  • Modifications!
  • Minimal equipment required: just a set of dumbbells and optional yoga mat
  • A workout that you can stick with and when performed 3x a week combined with a healthy diet will give you results in 4-6 weeks!
  • Free email follow up consultation with me to answer any of your questions!
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The Busy Mom’s Snack Guide

new years resolutions

From: Shelby at Fit as a Mama Bear

These snacks help you…
> Boost energy and keep you out of a midday funk
> Are full of healthy ingredients to keep your system fueled
> Are quick to make and portable
> Are perfect for mamas and kids alike who need a little bit of a boost

This e-book is made with busy moms in mind. If you’re chasing toddlers around all day, tired from lack of sleep, or generally exhausted trying to do it all, these recipes are for you!

Included in the e-book are:
> 21 “No bake” recipes (to keep it simple!)
> 22 Gluten Free Recipes
> 17 Vegan Recipes
> 30 Recipes Total – mom and toddler approved!

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Stop The Stress: 10 Day Challenge

new years resolutions

From: Patricia at Patricia Eales

  • Is your To-Do List starting to feel like the longest novel ever written?
  • Do you find yourself reacting like a volcano exploding over even the smallest things?
  • When you put your head on the pillow at the end of the day, does your brain keep running over EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL?
  • Are you finding that it is harder and harder to lose weight, while constantly gaining?
  • Is your body continuously sore, do your muscles ache or cramp, or do you have constant headaches?How do you survive the day when you just feel like crawling back under the covers?

I’ve put together a 10 day Stop the Stress challenge that will help you not just get through the 10 days of the challenge, but help you manage EVERY day and recapture the excitement, joy and happiness that you used to feel.

Each day over the 10 days, I will be sending you an email that will give you small challenges, goals, recipes, tips and techniques to help you to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

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…And that wraps up the Rock Your New Years Resolutions Bundle! I hope you find tons of resources here that are of value to you and grab them all while they’re being offered for free!

Let’s jumpstart this year in the right direction!

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