Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes and DIY Solutions with Essential Oils

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With homemade cloth baby wipes and DIY wipes solution you can save hundreds of dollars every year! Learn the best fabric for cloth baby wipes, how to make cloth wipes without sewing, and the best homemade cloth wipes solutions. Go green and save green.


diy wipes

So you’re interested in finding another way to save tons of money in the first few years with a new baby?  Good for you!  I have a brilliant hack for DIY homemade cloth baby wipes that can save you hundreds of dollars, it has for me!  DIY wipes and baby wipe spray solutions.

Another added benefit to saving literally hundreds of dollars is that these are completely clean and green! You know EXACTLY what you are wiping down that precious sensitive skin with. There are no harsh chemicals, fragrances, or additives.

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes + Solution = A-Mazing

With baby number one I was super into couponing and price matching and the sort to save a lot of money.  That trickled down to my spending on the necessary diapers and wipes but I still spent about $25 a month on diapers and $12 a month on wipes… for two years!  I fell in love with always having baby wipes with me, and using them for absolutely everything.  I even used them for dusting my baseboards!

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You’re Going To Need Wipes Longer Than You Think

I misguidedly thought after potty training at two, my need for wipes would disappear; sooo not true.  Little kids continue to be messy and little hands and the stroller and other baby devices still needed a constant wipe down.

The second time around as a mom I’d become way more crunchy and dove in headfirst with reusable diapers.  I was scared to death.  I did so much research on how to keep those suckers clean.  I read everything.

At some point I recall reading, if you’re going as far as reusable diapers when we clearly have simpler options, which add so much crap (pun intended) to our landfills, why not go all the way and use reusable wipes?  I thought it was brilliant.

Oh and for those of you considering reusable diapers, do it.  It’s really not that bad and they are so adorable these days.  Here are the ones most of our diaper stash consists of.

They are made by BabyGoal and the price is unbeatable! I know every babies body is different but for day time use we picked up four sets of these. You get six pocket diapers, 6 really high quality liners, AND a small wet bag… for $27.99!

I highly recommend trying these diapers. You can’t beat the price and they have so many different prints too. They are the cutest thing ever! PLUS Amazon is super great with returns and I know if they don’t work out for whatever reason you can definitely return them.

Yes, this time around I’ve been peed on countless times and touched poop probably just as many but I totally got over it.  That’s why we have soap and running water.  To be honest I couldn’t have handled reusable diapers with baby number 1, I might have either screamed or vomited.  But five years later as a mom it was no big deal.

Where To Get Reusable Wipes

Reusable wipes can be purchased (click RIGHT HERE for the best deal on Amazon with the most stars) or you can make your own for free like I did!  I have three of my favorite recipes for you for “butt wipe sprays” as well.

If you’re cloth diapering homemade cloth baby wipes are seriously no more trouble than what your already doing.

You just spray the wipe, clean the rump, and fold it into the diaper and toss it in with the diaper dirties!  In addition to saving money and helping out the planet I love knowing exactly what I’m putting on my baby.  Essential oils and all natural soap.  Not something pre-packaged with who knows what chemicals hiding in there.

You can purchase reusable wipes RIGHT HERE on Amazon.com if you like.  They look really nice and it’s really easy to just click and buy.  You are STILL going green and STILL saving a ton of money when compared to buying a giant box of wipes every month.

The other option which is still holding up well for me a year and a half in, is to make your own!

The best material to use is old t-shirts.

No joke. Cut them into wipe sized squares and you’re good to go.  Mind blowing, right? I  saved a couple plastic wipes boxes for storage and always had two full boxes worth of reusable DIY wipes on hand.


Now on to wipe spray solutions.  This is the most important thing to keeping those babies nice and clean.  It’s also the hardest part of this entire transition to all natural reusable DIY wipes. And it’s not hard at all.

There were multiple times when I’d run out of spray and be in the middle of yet ANOTHER diaper change and could easily make more on the spot.  It takes maybe one or two minutes if you have the ingredients on hand.


My favorite formula I settled on for homemade cloth wipes solution is as follows:


diy wipes

– water
tear free baby body wash
Tea Tree Oil
Lavendar Essential Oil

DIRECTIONS:  I picked up a large empty spray bottle from the dollar store to use.  Fill the bottle 2/3 full of water.  Distilled is best but in all honesty I only used that a few times and I’ve never had a problem. Add in 1 tablespoon of baby body wash or shampoo. Next add 20 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 of tea tree essential oil.  Shake the bottle and you’re done!  In addition to adding a nice scent, tea tree and lavender oils are also antibacterial and antimicrobial.


diy wipes

-coconut oil
tear free baby body wash
Tea Tree Oil

DIRECTIONS: Fill a large spray bottle 2/3 with water.  Add in 1 tablespoon of baby body wash or shampoo.  Next a 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil.  Add in 10 drops of tea tree essential oil last.  Shake well.  This was the first recipe I tried but I wasn’t a fan of the coconut oil.  I’m sure if I was in a warm climate where your coconut oil remains liquid (over 76 degrees) it’d work great.  But my baby was born in winter in Washington State… even with vigorous shaking the coconut oil was always floating around hardened.

Give it a try for me elsewhere and let me know how it works in the comments below!


diy wipes


tear free baby body wash

-olive oil

Lavendar Essential Oil

DIRECTIONS:  Fill a large spray bottle 2/3 full of water.  Add in 1 tablespoon of baby body wash.  Next add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  Lastly, add in twenty drops of lavender oil and shake well.  This one is great for leaving baby’s bum nice and moisturized.  However, it’s also not my favorite because it does require quite a bit of shaking before use because of course the oils and water will separate.

The best, tear free, most natural, and also most popular baby shampoo and body wash I use and recommend is below. In the photos you’re seeing Mommy’s Bliss 3 in 1 which is now discontinued and about $100 to try to find. CRAZY! It WAS about the same price as my new replacement which works wonderfully for all these recipes. You can pick it up right here!

Remember before spraying each of these solutions to give the bottle a good shake to mix in the essential oils which have a tendency to float to the top.

I hope that you love using these simple cloth wipes solutions and get to making or buying some reusable wipes!  Also the soap I always used was called Mommy’s Bliss and is available on Amazon.  It’s a lot more natural than Johnson’s but the price has gone up a lot since then.  Nothing tear-free is completely all natural but this was the best one I could find.

Thanks for reading, now go green and keep those adorable little tushies clean!  So you know, every single link in this post is ONLY for a product I either currently use or have used and LOVE!

Which wipe spray do you like the best?  Are there any other baby products you’d like to know how to make yourself?  We DIY so many baby products and you can too! Let me know!  I’ll write a post about it for you. 🙂

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