DIY Milk Bath Photography for Maternity

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If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to capture your maternity photos, milk bath photography is a great option! Milk bath photography for maternity is a type of portraiture that involves bathing in milk and capturing the moment using either a DSLR camera or smartphone. Learn all the tips and tricks you need to DIY milk bath photography for your maternity photo shoot like the pros.

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how to do a pregnancy milk bath photoshoot yourself

Why Try Milk Bath Photography?

There are many benefits to DIY milk bath photography, including the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Plus, the results can be absolutely stunning!

Milk bath photography is a great way to capture the beauty of motherhood and your baby bump in a unique and artistic way.

What You Need for Milk Bath Photography

The good news is that you probably have most, if not all, of the supplies you need for milk bath photography right in your own kitchen! All you need is:

-Milk (any type will do)

-A bowl or tub

-flowers and leaves (optional)

-A tripod or friend

-A camera or smartphone

-Your special outfit

how to diy maternity milk bath photography

How to Set Up Your Milk Bath Photography Shoot

Setting up your milk bath photography shoot is quick and easy! Simply fill your bowl or tub about halfway with warm water. Then add a gallon or two of milk. Any type will do but I recommend whole because you should need less as it isn’t as watered down.

I had assumed that I would need one gallon but ended up using a second. As a result one was whole while the other was 2% because that’s what we had on hand. But using those two gallons I was able to get the effect I wanted where the bath was no longer clear at all.

So always make sure you have more milk on hand than you think you will need just in case!

Some people like a milky water look that is more transparent while others prefer it milkier where you can’t see through the milk water at all.

milk bath for maternity photography with lemons cranberries and rosemary in it

After adding the milk then add in any flowers or leaves you would like to use as props. If you are having your partner or friend help you take the photographs, they can place them around youonce you descend into the tub. (It’s actually easier that way.)

You could get spendy and fancy and purchase bouquets at the store for a certain desired look. Or you could be more frugal and earthy and just go harvest from your yard. (Which is the option I chose.)

supplies for diy milk bath photography maternity

I used ferns, leaves from our china berry tree, roses, and a few other types of flowers. I really loved the fresh spring effect it gave me. It want perfectly with my lacy mint dress.

How to Set Up the Camera for Your Milk Bath Maternity Photo Shoot

A DSLR camera is always the best option for photography as you can best adjust the settings such as aperture. However, some smartphone cameras are getting pretty high-tech these days. But if possible, use a DSLR.

If you’re using a DSLR camera or even a cell phone be sure to set it up on a tripod before getting into the milk. If you can manage, I highly recommend having someone take the photos for you.

Most milk bath photography is shot from directly above or at the foot of the tub, not an easy feat to achieve by yourself even with a tripod. And even then, I wouldn’t trust the tripod not to slip into the milk.

maternity milk bath photography at home

I had my daughter take my maternity milk bath photos, and they turned out great. Your photographer can stand on a step stool, the toilet, or even straddle the tub (just watch for feet in the photo) to get the right angles.

If you DO have to use a tripod, set it to the highest setting and be sure that your camera is secure and that the tripod is well-balanced.

woman in a milk bath with flowers for a maternity photo shoot

If you’re using your smartphone, use your phone’s timer or better yet, a camera shutter remote control. Just be sure to turn your hand so that it isn’t visible in the shots. that will allow you to set up a self-timer so you can get into position and capture the perfect photo!

All the Best Tips for a DIY Maternity Milk Bath Photography Photo Shoot

Now that you know how to set up your milk bath photography maternity photo shoot, here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot:

When to Take Maternity Photos

You want to aim for doing your maternity photo shoots around 26-36 weeks. You will hear some people suggest earlier so that you are not uncomfortable and so that you don’t risk going into labor before your photo shoot! (While in labor last time… cringe, actually I forgot I did this with the LAST baby too, I remembered this one cute belly shot I had wanted to take. So had my kids paint my belly while in labor for one last photo shoot! Don’t worry, I did hypnobirthing that time so labor and delivery was a breeze.)

I don’t really show until late in pregnancy so do my maternity photos at 37 weeks, but if your belly goes straight out by all means, take them earlier! Mine always goes up until pressing on my ribs before going out.

maternity milk bath photography with pregnant woman in the bath

How to Get Different Milk Effects

Try using different types of milk for different looks. Whole milk will give you a creamier look while skim milk will be more transparent. Clearly, you would start by adding a bit of milk first and taking your shots, then adding more milk before taking more. It’s nice to try different looks.

Tips for the Flowers and Leaves

Pick a color palate for your flowers and leaves. A spring theme, roses and lilies, different shades of pink flowers, green and purple, etc.

The flowers and leaves will begin to sink with time. Take them out, shake them off, and replace them in the milk bath as needed.

Many women choose to wear a flower wreath on their head for milk bath maternity photography. Just another beautiful idea to consider. You can actually get some gorgeous ones pretty cheap on Amazon.

What to Wear for a Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

The most in vogue style of outfit for a milk bath maternity photo shoot is something lacy. Whether it be a lacy robe and bra or a lacy maternity dress. They make specific belly showing dresses for maternity photo shoots.

If you make the bath creamy enough you cannot see the body parts under the water. Meaning you can even go bottomless. Some women even use a long satin scarf only! You just want to be sure that beautiful belly can be pulled out in the photo. I opted for a lacy button down dress and no bottoms.

General Photography Tips

If you want to add a bit of drama, try using black and white photography or even shooting in black and white with colored flowers. This can create some stunning results!

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

You can use milk bath photography to capture all sorts of different looks. Maternity photos are just one example. Lots of people do baby milk bath photography often using a bucket. While others do boudoir photography in a milk bath. I invited one of my girls into the bath with me for some shots, both of my girls for others, and then took photos of them in the milk bath after my maternity photography was done.

mother and daughter in milk bath maternity photo shoot at home

Lighting is the most important aspect that dictates the quality of your photos when you are indoors. Bring in a giant ring light, a small ring light if that’s all you have, a photography lighting kit, or even a floor lamp or two if you have to. Lighting is key!

The Ultimate Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot Tip

Have fun and relax! This is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience so make sure you enjoy it!

Wrapping Up DIY Milk Bath Photography for Maternity

Milk bath photography is a fun and unique way to capture maternity photos. You can do it yourself with a few simple tips, or hire a professional photographer. The best part is that you can be creative and choose your own color palate and theme. Have fun with it!

I hope you get some beautiful memories capturing this special time in your life to cherish forever.

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