DIY Farmhouse Decor to Add A Bit Of Whimsy This Season

An extremely popular, super cute, and so easy to DIY decorating fad is farmhouse decor. For those of you who love the character in something worn: I’ve got a great DIY roundup in store for you!

Farmhouse sweet farmhouse.

diy farmhouse decor

With fall underway, the air getting crisp, and the days getting much shorter my attention has turned away from soaking up every last ray of sunshine to:

school, board games, and crafting. A lot of our pieces are in need of a repainting if not a total overhaul.  I love redoing and redesigning things myself.

I adore garage sales and thrift shops.

If I had the time and space I have a dream of making refurbishing old worm out furniture into beautiful unique pieces a business in my older age.

Tweet: Fall makes me think of all things harvest and farms. I love classic pieces and a little rustic charm.

So while on the hunt for some amazing ideas, I created an epic DIY farmhouse décor roundup of inexpensive and easy (Ok mostly easy. The chunky table is a total project but too beautiful to not include!) Crafts you can definitely create for your home this fall!

I haven’t done any farmhouse decor of my own yet, though I’ll be sure to direct you there when I do! By the way if you’re looking for the free printables feel free to scroll down to number 11 and 12!

12 DIY Farmhouse Décor Ideas:

plus free printables!


1. DIY Cotton Branches

diy farmhouse decor

From: Prodigal Pieces

These are so creative, easy and cheap. I’ll be making these soon with my girls. They love this one! Super a simple craft and so rustic.


2. DIY Wood box Centerpiece

diy farmhouse decor

From: Love Grows Wild

This one totally makes me think of my old soapmaking days. I used a box I created just like this for my mold. Unique and cute idea; and the handles bring it all together.


3. Spray Paint Thrift Store Finds

diy farmhouse decor

From: Sincerely Sarah D

Never thought of this. And it completely doesn’t help my addiction to buying beautiful unique glass pieces at the Goodwill outlet. They are $.39 cents a pound! How could I not buy a few extras to try this out?


4. DIY Painted Canvas Farmhouse Sign

diy farmhouse decor

From: Unoriginal Mom

I have a newly blank canvas on my back patio now screaming for farmhouse lettering. The Unoriginal Mom did a great job showing how to create a beautiful custom sign, thank you!


5. Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table

diy farmhouse decor

From: Handmade Haven

This is that gorgeous chunky table I referred to before. I haven’t yet tried my hand at making furniture but the directions are perfectly laid out, is live to try with a piece so beautiful.

6. Farmhouse Style Windmill Décor

diy farmhouse decor

From: Sadie Seasongoods

I adore all things upcycling. I like to feel I’m helping the planet the best I can. Because what what one person does matters; because a lot of “one person’s” adds up fast. This craft is frugal and an upcycle! Learn to turn old fan blades into windmill decor! Brilliant.


7. DIY Barn Wood Shutters

diy farmhouse decor

From: The Frugal Homemaker

I love the look of wood shutters, always have. This post shows you how to make the cute shuttters as well as the creatively brilliant pumpkin planters for fall!


8. DIY Farmhouse Produce Rack

diy farmhouse decor

From: Addicted To DIY

This is actually one of my favorites. I think it’s absolutely adorable! If I can find wall space in my tiny kitchen I’ll be making this soon and on the cheap from thrift stores!


9. Thrifty Farmhouse Transformations

diy farmhouse decor

From: Simply Beautiful By Angela

Even more creative ideas than just day painting glasses. (Which is already brilliant.) Angela gives us a handful of creative thrifty store upcycles that turn out beautiful from what originally looks like a pile of junk.

10. Dollar Store DIY: Aged Galvanized Planter

diy farmhouse decor

From: Little House of Four

This is a great tutorial for taking a Dollar Tree item we can all find, and making it look like a classy one of a kind piece. One of the simplest farmhouse DIYs I found.


11. Free Printable Letters to Make a Farmhouse Sign

diy farmhouse decor

From: The Painted Hinge

Now that we’ve got handfuls of cheap, gorgeous, DIY farmhouse decor to go make:

how about one with a free printable?

You can use the lettering on an old piece of wood as they did or anything even more creative. Maybe print them small and use on one of the projects we already covered?


12. Free Farmhouse Printables

diy farmhouse decor

From: Sweet Maple Lane

I couldn’t end the roundup without including a few more cute free farmhouse printables for you; knowing how much is available if you dig. I want you to have to best start creating your cute diy farmhouse room or house with my help!

Tweet: Frugal + DIY + Farmhouse = Awesome House

I’ve never done a craft roundup. I’m actually super crafty and LOVE bringing unique ideas. BUT I honestly can’t compare to the amount of brilliant and frugal Farmhouse Deco ideas that are out there. Since I’m looking for a bit of an update myself I wanted to share my absolute favorites from the other brilliant and creative bloggers out there.

I hope you LOVE love LOVED this roundup and I want to know what you want to see next?

Which is your favorite craft? Are you tackling it alone or with the kids? What do you want to see next? Join our e-mail list NOW for all the future roundups, fitness and health, and blogging tips sent straight to your inbox!


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  1. This is making me feel really crafty!! I especially love the farmhouse sign. That is my favorite saying. I really like the centerpiece table. But with my energetic 3 yrs old it wouldn’t stand a chance in the living room. I’m going to make the sign and hang it up in my room and I’ll also make one for the living room. Thanks fo sharing these cute DIYs

  2. These ideas are all so pretty. I especially like the concept of buying old pottery/dishes and painting white. I never thought of doing this. The good box centre piece is great too!

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