5 Completely Epic DIY Fidget Spinners To Make Today

If you’re a parent of a school-aged kid I’m sure you’ve heard of fidget spinners by now.  They are the craze that everbody HAS TO have!  For those of you who aren’t sure what it is, a fidget spinner is simply a tiny handheld toy usually made with bearings in it’s center that spins.

They were originally created to help people with ADHD, autism, and anxiety (as well as other similar or related disorders).  The idea is that by “fidgeting” with the toy, it actually helps the individual focus better on the task at hand.  They do often work, and they are also ridiculously fun and entertaining.  There is a lot of controversy about them and they are usually banned for use in classrooms without a note; but they are still a super fun and helpful toy/tool out there right now!

But they are definitely pricey for a small spinning device made from a few pieces you could pick up at The Home Depot.  So many people have taken to making their own!  Sometimes with ball bearings and sometimes with something as simple as Legos!  You definitely don’t have to fork over the change to buy a fidget spinner, just make your own!  It’s a great craft to get the kids into and I know they’ll adore the final product.  I’ve rounded up some great DIY instructions for making your very own fidget spinner at home today!


1. DIY Fidget Spinners – How To Make Metal Fidget Spinner Toys

Follow the link in this pin to find a great tutorial on YouTube and brought to you by Brain Ideas.  The video is a great tutorial to make a couple different metal fidget spinner toys.  They have a really neat look to them and all materials are listed clearly in the description for you.


2. DIY Fidget Spinner Toy

Allison Waken over at Allfortheboys.com has provided us with a really simple DIY fidget spinner held together with super glue!  It has the nice look of the metal bearings but it is way simple to put together.

3. Fidget Spinner DIY

This has got to be the absolute easiest and most affordable option out there!  This very clever gal, Maggie, over at Redtedalert.com has created fidget spinners out of cardboard and pennies!  This one is a must-try for sure!


4. Epic DIY Lego Fidget Cube

Dayna, of lemonlimeadventures.com has laid out very detailed instructions of how to make your own fidget cube out of Legos that you probably already own!  Putting them together seems a little complicated but to put it frankly, I suck at Legos.  It’s a really cool creation you should definitely give a try.


5. Lego Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner diy

Lego Fidget Spinner Instructions

This one looks really easy to build (even if you have no Lego skills like me).  Frugalfunforboys.com has  laid out an awesome tutorial with super pictures to have you playing with your very own Lego spinner toy in no time!


fidget spinner

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These are so popular for now with boys and girls, kids and teens (and adults) alike so I know you’re kids will completely love making their very own fidget toy!  They’ll be able to have fun and keep some focus.  And you get to save some coin!  These 5 completely epic DIY fidget spinners are a win all around.  Have fun and let me know in the comments below which toy you ended up making.  Are there any other DIY, toy, or craft roundups you’d love to see?  Just tell me!

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