5 Benefits of Hiring a Keto Coach

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If you’ve been considering trying a Keto Diet you will find immensely more success by using a keto coach and here’s why. A Ketogenic diet is so much more than just a change to what you eat. It is a paradigm shift in lifestyle.

It isn’t something you go on for a few weeks and then revert back to your older style of
eating. Keto is a way of life.

why you need a keto coach

What is Keto, and how is it different from other diets?

In a nutshell, a keto diet is a high on fat, low on carbohydrates diet. The aim of this diet is to make your body start breaking down your body fat into ketones, which then become your body’s main source of energy.

A keto diet alters the way your body functions. Instead of carbohydrates being
your main source of energy, as is the case with almost everyone, going on a keto diet basically makes the body burn fat for fuel.

It’s actually quite a misnomer to label this a “diet” since it’s a change to how your body functions. With other diets, you restrict certain foods, you add some, you get your cheat days, and you sneak in some chocolate every chance you get.

What kind of results you get depends on your body, your level of discipline, how your body reacts to some foods, etc.

With keto, you need to alter your approach to health and food. Once that is done, the results are guaranteed. Since keto is a paradigm shift for you and your body, it is always best to work in tandem with a keto coach specializing in ketogenic lifestyle coaching.

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How a keto coach can help you on your ketogenic journey

A keto coach can be the difference between a beautiful, positive change to your body and a half-attempt that leaves you confused and stressed. Here are some of the major reasons why keto coaches are real value additions to your weight loss journey on the ketogenic diet.

A Keto Coach Understands the Science of Ketosis.

Keto coaches are experienced, qualified, and have a deep understanding of the science behind keto. Once you decide to go on the ketogenic diet, all the information you find on the internet can be quite intimidating. There are thousands of keto modifications and step-by-step “guides.”

So which one should you pick?

What really works?

How do you know the diet is working?

There is no one better than a ketogenic lifestyle coach to guide you on this journey. You can rely on your coach to get you out of the (dis)information overload.

A Keto Coach knows how to put health first.

A lot of people are at a desperate point when they choose a diet, any diet, and they can get very tunnel-visioned about weight loss.

It is important to keep your health and body’s nutritional needs above everything else, and a coach will ensure that. A keto diet plan that is monitored closely by your keto coach will ensure that at no point is your health compromised just for the sake of weight loss.

After all, the ideal reason to lose weight is to increase health. The coach will also keep a strict eye on your overall health and monitor your weight loss journey.

Your Keto Coach will guide you through the keto flu.

Oh, that tiring but beautiful thing called the keto flu. To put it simply, when you go on the keto diet, you are essentially altering what your body is burning as its fuel source. This is a major change, especially if you are someone who has always relied on a carbohydrate-heavy diet.

The change in diet can lead to a temporary feeling of weakness and nausea. This is commonly referred to as the keto flu.

Other symptoms include:

  • headache
  • constipation
  • and difficulty sleeping.

The great thing is that the keto flu lasts just a few days to a week and is a sign the diet is working, and that you are on the right path.

Now without a specialized keto coach to guide you through this, the keto flu can be a little tough to deal with. You might even be tempted to go back to your old diet.

But an experienced keto coach will know what is happening, will explain the science to you, and guide you through it. And you will emerge stronger on the other side.

A Keto Coach will hold you accountable

The difference between life without a coach and with a coach is the accountability and discipline a coach brings to your diet and your life.

Experienced keto coaches know how hard sticking to a diet is. And since they understand keto well, they know how challenging changing your approach to food can be.

With this understanding, they can help bring discipline to your life. A coach will also help customize your keto plan to your lifestyle and help you stick to your targets. We have all started a diet and stopped and promised ourselves, “we will do it tomorrow,” haven’t we?

With professional keto coaching, you can finally make the change to your lifestyle and your health that you have always wanted to.

Keto isn’t just a diet plan

With most diets, the nutritionist or dietician will just draw up a plan, write out what you should have for your meals and snacks, and be done with it. With keto, things aren’t that simple, and that is a good thing!

Taking into account the functioning of each individual’s body, and meeting their nutritional needs is a big part of it too. Monitoring by an experienced ketogenic lifestyle coach can help you understand and incorporate the keto way in a way that is both suitable and sustainable.

A keto coach will also counsel you on supplementary things that are just as important as your keto diet. These include training, fitness, and changes in lifestyle.

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Wrapping Up 5 Benefits of Hiring a Keto Coach

As you can see, a keto coach can be a vital addition to your fitness journey. Contact us for more about the ketogenic diet and the ketogenic life. If you are looking for a keto coach in Houston or are looking for keto coaching online, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place.

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